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Train SpamAssassin with spam/ham from user's imap mailbox(es)

sa-learn-cyrus is a perl script using sa-learn from the SpamAssassin package to train it knowing spam and ham. sa-learn-cyrus gets its spam and ham messages from Cyrus-imapd mailboxes instead of mbox files or Maildirs as sa-learn does. This is useful for Cyrus users who for example sort their missed spam into a subfolder and let sa-learn-cyrus read it out (e.g. using a cron job).

SpamAssassin is spam filter with numerous features including automatic white-listing, RBL testing, Bayesian analysis, header and body text analysis.

Cyrus is a fully-featured IMAP daemon.

Tagit: Implemented in: Perl, User Interface: Command Line, Electronic Mail: mail::filters, role::plugin, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Works with: Email

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