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Paketti: texlive-lang-french (2014.20141024-1)

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TeX Live: French

Support for French and Basque.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

aeguill -- Add several kinds of guillemets to the ae fonts.

apprends-latex -- Apprends LaTeX!

babel-basque -- Babel contributed support for Basque.

babel-french -- Babel contributed support for French.

basque-book -- Class for book-type documents written in Basque.

basque-date -- Print the date in Basque.

bib-fr -- French translation of classical BibTeX styles

bibleref-french -- French translations for bibleref.

booktabs-fr -- French translation of booktabs documentation.

droit-fr -- Document class and bibliographic style for French law.

epslatex-fr -- French version of "graphics in LaTeX".

facture -- Generate an invoice.

frenchle -- French macros, usable stand-alone or with Babel.

frletter -- Typeset letters in the French style.

hyphen-basque -- Basque hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-french -- French hyphenation patterns.

impatient-fr -- Free edition of the book "TeX for the Impatient"

impnattypo -- Support typography of l'Imprimerie Nationale FranASSaise.

l2tabu-french -- French translation of l2tabu.

lshort-french -- Short introduction to LaTeX, French translation.

mafr -- Mathematics in accord with French usage.

tabvar -- Typesetting tables showing variations of functions.

tdsfrmath -- Macros for French teachers of mathematics.

texlive-fr -- TeX Live manual (French)

translation-array-fr -- French translation of the documentation of array.

translation-dcolumn-fr -- French translation of the documentation of dcolumn.

translation-natbib-fr -- French translation of the documentation of natbib.

translation-tabbing-fr -- French translation of the documentation of Tabbing.

variations -- Typeset tables of variations of functions.

Tagit: Culture: ranska, Role: Plugin, Purpose: Typesetting, Supports Format: TeX and LaTeX

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