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Paketti: debiandoc-sgml (1.2.29-1)

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DebianDoc SGML DTD and formatting tools

This is an SGML-based documentation formatting package used for the Debian manuals. It reads markup files and produces HTML, LaTeX, DVI (via LaTeX), PostScript (via LaTeX/DVI), PDF (via LaTeX), Texinfo, Info (via Texinfo), DebianDoc SGML, DocBook XML, plain text (with overstrikes a la troff as well as without) files.

The LaTeX based output needs the texlive, texlive-latex-extra and texlive-lang-all packages. In addition to this, Chinese and Japanese need latex-cjk-all and corresponding font packages.

The Texinfo based output needs the texinfo package.

Tagit: User Interface: Command Line, Made Of: HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, Role: Program, Scope: scope::utility, suite::debian, Purpose: Data Conversion, Editing, use::text-formatting, works-with-format::docbook, Supports Format: works-with-format::html, works-with-format::pdf, works-with-format::postscript, works-with-format::sgml, works-with-format::tex, works-with-format::xml, Works with: Text

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