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keyboard focused web browser with Emacs look and feel

Conkeror is a highly-programmable web browser based on Mozilla XULRunner which is the base of all Mozilla products including Firefox. Conkeror has a sophisticated keyboard system for running commands and interacting with web page content, modelled after Emacs and Lynx. It is self-documenting and extensible with JavaScript.

It comes with builtin support for several Web 2.0 sites like several Google services (Search, Gmail, Maps, Reader, etc.), Del.icio.us, Reddit, Last.fm and YouTube. For easier editing of form fields, it can spawn external editors. For this feature the recommended conkeror-spawn-process-helper package needs to be installed.

Despite its very similar sounding name, Conkeror is not related to the KDE web browser and file manager Konqueror in any way.

Tagit: Hardware Enablement: Keyboard, Implemented in: Ecmascript/Javascript, User Interface: interface::x11, network::client, Network Protocol: FTP, HTTP, Role: role::program, scope::application, Application Suite: Emacs, Interface Toolkit: Need an extra tag, Purpose: use::browsing, web::browser, Supports Format: HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, Works with: works-with::text, x11::application

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