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Paketti: dwarves (1.10-2)

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set of advanced DWARF utilities

This package contains tools that use the DWARF debugging information inserted in ELF binaries by the compiler. This information is already used by debuggers (e.g. GDB), and more recent tools such as systemtap.

Utilities in the dwarves suite include:

 - pahole: finds alignment holes in structs and classes in languages
   such as C/C++, CPU cacheline alignment. Helps repack those structures
   to achieve more cache hits.
 - codiff: a diff like tool to compare the effects changes in source
   code generate on the resulting binaries
 - pfunct: displays all sorts of information about functions, inlines, etc.
 - pdwtags: pretty-prints DWARF information
 - pglobal: lists global symbols
 - prefcnt: counts DWARF tags usage
 - syscse: system call sign extender
 - dtagnames: lists tag names

Tagit: Software Development: Debugging, Implemented in: C, Role: Program

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