Software Packages in "jessie-backports", Alaosasto gnome

gnome-commander (1.4.7-1~bpo8+1)
nice and fast file manager for the GNOME desktop
gnome-commander-data (1.4.7-1~bpo8+1)
Data files for GNOME Commander
gnucash (1:2.6.11-1~bpo8+1)
personal and small-business financial-accounting software
gnucash-common (1:2.6.11-1~bpo8+1)
common files for the financial-accounting software Gnucash
gramps (4.2.5~dfsg-1~bpo8+1)
Genealogical research program
gthumb (3:
image viewer and browser
gthumb-data (3:
image viewer and browser - arch-independent files
liblibreofficekitgtk (1:5.2.7-1+deb9u4~bpo8+1)
GTK3 widget wrapping LibreOffice functionality
libreoffice-evolution (1:5.2.7-1+deb9u4~bpo8+1)
office productivity suite -- Evolution addressbook support
libreoffice-gnome (1:5.2.7-1+deb9u4~bpo8+1)
office productivity suite -- GNOME integration
libreoffice-gtk (1:5.2.7-1+deb9u4~bpo8+1)
transitional package to upgrade to libreoffice-gtk2/-systray
libreoffice-gtk2 (1:5.2.7-1+deb9u4~bpo8+1)
office productivity suite -- GTK+ 2 integration
libreoffice-gtk3 (1:5.2.7-1+deb9u4~bpo8+1)
office productivity suite -- GTK+ 3 integration
nautilus-admin (0.1.2-1~bpo8+1)
Extension for Nautilus to do administrative operations
nautilus-hide (0.1.2-1~bpo8+1)
Extension for Nautilus to hide files without renaming them
nautilus-owncloud (2.2.4+dfsg-1~bpo8+1)
ownCloud integration for Nautilus
smuxi (1.0.6-1~bpo8+1)
graphical IRC client
smuxi-engine (1.0.6-1~bpo8+1)
Engine libraries for Smuxi (IRC, Twitter, XMPP, Campfire, JabbR)
smuxi-frontend-gnome (1.0.6-1~bpo8+1)
GNOME frontend for Smuxi
smuxi-frontend-stfl (1.0.6-1~bpo8+1)
STFL frontend for Smuxi (experimental)