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command-line client for Duniter Ğ1 currency

Silkaj is a lightweight command-line client for the Duniter crypto-currencies Ğ1 and Ğ1-Test, providing only essential tools. The client communicates with nodes (servers) which are responsible for finding new blocks of information and storing them in the blockchain.

Silkaj allows one to:

 * consult the wallet balance,
   send transactions and certifications,
   authenticate with three methods: Scrypt, file, and WIF
 * check sent and received certifications
   and consult the membership  status of any given identity
   in the Web of Trust
 * check the present currency information stand,
   and the network view
 * explore the blockchain block by block
 * display the current Proof of Work difficulty level
   to generate the next block

Duniter is a system for cryptocurrencies which includes the concept of a Universal Dividend, the concept of a Web of Trust, and a highly energy efficient Blockchain.

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