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Paketti: libgtk3-nocsd0 (3-1)

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Library to disable Gtk+ 3 client side decorations (CSD)

libgtk3-nocsd is a small LD_PRELOADable library used to disable the client side decorations (CSD) of Gtk+ 3.

Since Gtk+ 3.10, its developers added a so-called header bar or custom title bar. With this and the client-side decoration, the original title bar and window border provided by the window manager are disabled by Gtk+. This makes all Gtk+ 3 programs look like alike, but have different handling from other windows on non-GNOME desktops. Even worse, this may break some window manager or compositors.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable way of turning off CSDs in Gtk+ directly. This library makes this possible.

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