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CPU INFOrmation library (shared object)

cpuinfo is a library to detect essential for performance optimization information about host CPU.


  - **Cross-platform** availability:
    - Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems
    - x86, x86-64, ARM, and ARM64 architectures
  - Modern **C/C++ interface**
    - Thread-safe
    - No memory allocation after initialization
    - No exceptions thrown
  - Detection of **supported instruction sets**, up to AVX512 (x86) and
    ARMv8.3 extensions
  - Detection of SoC and core information:
    - **Processor (SoC) name**
    - Integrated **GPU name** (Android/iOS only)
    - Vendor, **microarchitecture**, and ID (**MIDR** on ARM, **CPUID**
      leaf 1 EAX value on x86) for each CPU core
  - Detection of **cache information**:
    - Cache type (instruction/data/unified), size and line size
    - Cache associativity
    - Cores and logical processors (hyper-threads) sharing the cache
  - Detection of **topology information** (relative between logical
    processors, cores, and processor packages)
  - Well-tested **production-quality** code:
    - 60+ mock tests based on data from real devices
    - Includes work-arounds for common bugs in hardware and OS kernels
    - Supports systems with heterogenous cores, such as **big.LITTLE**
      and Max.Med.Min
  - Permissive **open-source** license (Simplified BSD)

This package ships with the shared object.

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