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Paketti: edlib-aligner (1.2.4-1)

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edlib sequence alignment tool using edit distance

Edlib is a lightweight and super fast C/C++ library for sequence alignment using edit distance. This package provides an aligner using this library.

Features of libedlib

 * Calculates edit distance (Levehnstein distance).
 * It can find optimal alignment path (instructions how to transform
   first sequence into the second sequence).
 * It can find just the start and/or end locations of alignment path -
   can be useful when speed is more important than having exact
   alignment path.
 * Supports multiple alignment methods: global(NW), prefix(SHW) and
   infix(HW), each of them useful for different scenarios.
 * You can extend character equality definition, enabling you to e.g.
   have wildcard characters, to have case insensitive alignment or to
   work with degenerate nucleotides.
 * It can easily handle small or very large sequences, even when finding
   alignment path, while consuming very little memory.
 * Super fast thanks to Myers's bit-vector algorithm.

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