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Small ERB Implementation

Erubi is a ERB template engine for ruby. It is a simplified fork of Erubis, using the same basic algorithm, with the following differences:

 * Handles postfix conditionals when using escaping (e.g. <tt><%= foo if bar
 * Supports frozen_string_literal: true in templates via :freeze option
 * Works with ruby's --enable-frozen-string-literal option
 * Automatically freezes strings for template text when ruby optimizes it (on
   ruby 2.1+)
 * Escapes ' (apostrophe) when escaping for better XSS protection
 * Has 6x faster escaping on ruby 2.3+ by using cgi/escape
 * Has 86% smaller memory footprint
 * Does no monkey patching (Erubis adds a method to Kernel)
 * Uses an immutable design (all options passed to the constructor, which
   returns a frozen object)
 * Has simpler internals (1 file, <150 lines of code)

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