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Easy handling of NitroKey HSM USB Smard Card

HSMWiz is a frontend for OpenSC to ease handling of the NitroKey HSM USB smart card. It might work with other smart cards as well, I'm not certain. Basically, it is just boilerplate that does nothing more than what is already described in the excellent OpenSC tutorial (https://github.com/OpenSC/OpenSC/wiki/SmartCardHSM) for the Smart Card HSM. However, there's some annoying issues with that -- multiple tools are needed (pkcs11-tool, pkcs15-tool, sc-hsm-tool, OpenSSL) and output formats are sometimes not very user friendly (e.g., public keys are exported as binary DER blobs instead of PEM files). So I wrote this little frontend to encapsulate common tasks a bit. The hardware this was develped with is the NitroKey HSM, which is a quite affordable smart-card based USB HSM.

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