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Paketti: freefem++ (3.61.1+dfsg1-4)

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Provides the binaries of the FreeFem++ FE suite

FreeFem++ is an implementation of a language dedicated to the finite element method. It enables you to solve Partial Differential Equations (PDE) easily.

Problems involving PDE from several branches of physics such as fluid-structure interactions require interpolations of data on several meshes and their manipulation within one program. FreeFem++ includes a fast quadtree-based interpolation algorithm and a language for the manipulation of these data on multiple meshes. It contains also a powerful mesh generation and adaption tool integrated seamlessly in FreeFem++ called bamg.

FreeFem++ is written in C++ and the FreeFem++ language is a C++ idiom allowing for a smooth learning curve.

This package contains the executables of FreeFem++.

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