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I2C-bus interaction of peripheral sensors with single-board computers (library)

This library written in Go is intended to activate and interact with the I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) bus by reading and writing data. The i2c library is a starting point to interact with various peripheral devices and sensors for use on embedded Linux devices.

Following libraries for the listed devices and sensors use this i2c library:

 * go-hd44780: Liquid-crystal display driven by Hitachi HD44780 IC
 * go-bsbmp: BMP180/BMP280/BME280 temperature and pressure sensors
 * go-aosong: DHT12/AM2320 humidity and temperature sensors
 * go-si7021: Si7021 relative humidity and temperature sensor
 * go-sht3x: SHT3x humidity and temperature sensor
 * go-vl53l0x: VL53L0X time-of-flight ranging sensor
 * go-bh1750: BH1750 ambient light sensor
 * go-mpl3115a2: MPL3115A2 pressure and temperature sensor

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