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Experimental package

Warning: This package is from the experimental distribution. That means it is likely unstable or buggy, and it may even cause data loss. Please be sure to consult the changelog and other possible documentation before using it.

TeX Live: Graphics, pictures, diagrams

Including TikZ, pict, etc., but MetaPost and PStricks are separate.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

adigraph -- Augmenting directed graphs

aobs-tikz -- TikZ styles for creating overlaid pictures in beamer

askmaps -- Typeset American style Karnaugh maps

asyfig -- Commands for using Asymptote figures

asypictureb -- User-friendly integration of Asymptote into LaTeX

autoarea -- Automatic computation of bounding boxes with PiCTeX

bardiag -- LaTeX package for drawing bar diagrams

beamerswitch -- Convenient mode selection in Beamer documents

binarytree -- Drawing binary trees using TikZ

blochsphere -- Draw pseudo-3D diagrams of Bloch spheres

bloques -- Generate control diagrams

blox -- Draw block diagrams, using TikZ

bodegraph -- Draw Bode, Nyquist and Black plots with gnuplot and TikZ

bondgraph -- Create bond graph figures in LaTeX documents

bondgraphs -- Draws bond graphs in LaTeX, using PGF/TikZ

braids -- Draw braid diagrams with PGF/TikZ

bxeepic -- Eepic facilities using pict2e

cachepic -- Convert document fragments into graphics

callouts -- Put simple annotations and notes inside a picture

celtic -- A TikZ library for drawing celtic knots

chemfig -- Draw molecules with easy syntax

combinedgraphics -- Include graphic (EPS or PDF)/LaTeX combinations

circuitikz -- Draw electrical networks with TikZ

curve -- A class for making curriculum vitae

curve2e -- Extensions for package pict2e

curves -- Curves for LaTeX picture environment

dcpic -- Commutative diagrams in a LaTeX and TeX documents

diagmac2 -- Diagram macros, using pict2e

ditaa -- Use ditaa diagrams within LaTeX documents

doc-pictex -- A summary list of PicTeX documentation

dottex -- Use dot code in LaTeX

dot2texi -- Create graphs within LaTeX using the dot2tex tool

dratex -- General drawing macros

drs -- Typeset Discourse Representation Structures (DRS)

duotenzor -- Drawing package for circuit and duotensor diagrams

dynkin-diagrams -- Draw Dynkin, Coxeter, and Satake diagrams using TikZ

ecgdraw -- Draws electrocardiograms (ECG)

eepic -- Extensions to epic and the LaTeX drawing tools

ellipse -- Draw ellipses and elliptical arcs using the standard LaTeX2e picture environment

endofproofwd -- An "end of proof" sign

epspdf -- Converter for PostScript, EPS and PDF

epspdfconversion -- On-the-fly conversion of EPS to PDF

esk -- Package to encapsulate Sketch files in LaTeX sources

euflag -- A command to reproduce the flag of the European Union

fast-diagram -- Easy generation of FAST diagrams

fig4latex -- Management of figures for large LaTeX documents

fitbox -- Fit graphics on a page

flowchart -- Shapes for drawing flowcharts, using TikZ

forest -- Drawing (linguistic) trees

genealogytree -- Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams

getmap -- Download OpenStreetMap maps for use in documents

gincltex -- Include TeX files as graphics (.tex support for \includegraphics)

gnuplottex -- Embed Gnuplot commands in LaTeX documents

gradientframe -- Simple gradient frames around objects

grafcet -- Draw Grafcet/SFC with TikZ

graph35 -- Draw keys and screen items of several Casio calculators

graphicxpsd -- Adobe Photoshop Data format (PSD) support for graphicx package

graphviz -- Write graphviz (dot+neato) inline in LaTeX documents

gtrlib-largetrees -- Library for genealogytree aiming at large trees

harveyballs -- Create Harvey Balls using TikZ

here -- Emulation of obsolete package for "here" floats

hf-tikz -- A simple way to highlight formulas and formula parts

hobby -- An implementation of Hobby's algorithm for PGF/TikZ

hvfloat -- Rotating caption and object of floats independently

istgame -- Draw Game Trees with TikZ

knitting -- Produce knitting charts, in Plain TeX or LaTeX

knittingpattern -- Create knitting patterns

ladder -- Draw simple ladder diagrams using TikZ

lapdf -- PDF drawing directly in TeX documents

latex-make -- Easy compiling of complex (and simple) LaTeX documents

lpic -- Put LaTeX material over included graphics

lroundrect -- LaTeX macros for utilizing the roundrect MetaPost routines

luamesh -- Computes and draws 2D Delaunay triangulation

luasseq -- Drawing spectral sequences in LuaLaTeX

maker -- Include Arduino or Processing code in LaTeX documents

makeshape -- Declare new PGF shapes

mathspic -- A Perl filter program for use with PiCTeX

milsymb -- LaTeX package for TikZ based drawing of military symbols as per NATO APP-6(C)

miniplot -- A package for easy figure arrangement

mkpic -- Perl interface to mfpic

modiagram -- Drawing molecular orbital diagrams

neuralnetwork -- Graph-drawing for neural networks

numericplots -- Plot numeric data (including Matlab export) using PSTricks

pb-diagram -- A commutative diagram package using LAMSTeX or Xy-pic fonts

penrose -- A TikZ library for producing Penrose tilings

petri-nets -- A set TeX/LaTeX packages for drawing Petri nets

pgf -- Create PostScript and PDF graphics in TeX

pgf-blur -- PGF/TikZ package for "blurred" shadows

pgf-cmykshadings -- Support for CMYK and grayscale shadings in PGF/TikZ

pgf-soroban -- Create images of the soroban using TikZ/PGF

pgf-spectra -- Draw continuous or discrete spectra using PGF/TikZ

pgf-umlcd -- Some LaTeX macros for UML Class Diagrams

pgf-umlsd -- Draw UML Sequence Diagrams

pgfgantt -- Draw Gantt charts with TikZ

pgfkeyx -- Extended and more robust version of pgfkeys

pgfmolbio -- Draw graphs typically found in molecular biology texts

pgfopts -- LaTeX package options with pgfkeys

pgfornament -- Drawing of Vectorian ornaments with PGF/TikZ

pgfplots -- Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions

picinpar -- Insert pictures into paragraphs

pict2e -- New implementation of picture commands

pictex -- Picture drawing macros for TeX and LaTeX

pictex2 -- Adds relative coordinates and improves the \plot command

pinlabel -- A TeX labelling package

pixelart -- A package to draw pixel-art pictures

pmgraph -- "Poor man's" graphics

postage -- stamp letters with >>Deutsche Post<<'s service >>Internetmarke<<

prerex -- Interactive editor and macro support for prerequisite charts

productbox -- Typeset a three-dimensional product box

pxpgfmark -- e-pTeX driver for PGF inter-picture connections

qcircuit -- Macros to generate quantum ciruits

quantikz -- Draw quantum circuit diagrams

qrcode -- Generate QR codes in LaTeX

randbild -- Marginal pictures

randomwalk -- Random walks using TikZ

realhats -- Put real hats on symbols instead of ^

reotex -- Draw Reo Channels and Circuits

rviewport -- Relative Viewport for Graphics Inclusion

sa-tikz -- TikZ library to draw switching architectures

schemabloc -- Draw block diagrams, using TikZ

scsnowman -- Snowman variants using TikZ

scratch -- Draw programs like "scratch"

scratch3 -- Draw programs like "scratch"

setdeck -- Typeset cards for Set

signchart -- Create beautifully typeset sign charts

smartdiagram -- Generate diagrams from lists

spath3 -- Manipulate "soft paths" in PGF

spectralsequences -- Print spectral sequence diagrams using PGF/TikZ

swimgraf -- Graphical/textual representations of swimming performances

table-fct -- Draw a variations table of functions and a convexity table of its graph

texdraw -- Graphical macros, using embedded PostScript

ticollege -- Graphical representation of keys on a standard scientific calculator

tipfr -- Produces calculator's keys with the help of TikZ

tikz-3dplot -- Coordinate transformation styles for 3d plotting in TikZ

tikz-bayesnet -- Draw Bayesian networks, graphical models and directed factor graphs

tikz-cd -- Create commutative diagrams with TikZ

tikz-dependency -- A library for drawing dependency graphs

tikz-dimline -- Technical dimension lines using PGF/TikZ

tikz-feynhand -- Feynman diagrams with TikZ

tikz-feynman -- Feynman diagrams with TikZ

tikz-imagelabels -- Put labels on images using TikZ

tikz-inet -- Draw interaction nets with TikZ

tikz-kalender -- A LaTeX based calendar using TikZ

tikz-karnaugh -- Typeset Karnaugh maps using TikZ

tikz-ladder -- Draw ladder diagrams using TikZ

tikz-layers -- TikZ provides graphical layers on TikZ: "behind", "above" and "glass"

tikz-nef -- create diagrams for neural networks constructed with the methods of the Neural Engineering Framework (NEF)

tikz-network -- Draw networks with TikZ

tikz-opm -- Typeset OPM diagrams

tikz-optics -- A library for drawing optical setups with TikZ

tikz-page -- Small macro to help building nice and complex layout materials

tikz-palattice -- Draw particle accelerator lattices with TikZ

tikz-qtree -- Use existing qtree syntax for trees in TikZ

tikz-relay -- TikZ library for typesetting electrical diagrams

tikz-sfc -- Symbols collection for typesetting Sequential Function Chart (SFC) diagrams (PLC programs)

tikz-timing -- Easy generation of timing diagrams as TikZ pictures

tikz-truchet -- Draw Truchet tiles

tikzcodeblocks -- Helps to draw codeblocks like scratch, NEPO and PXT in TikZ

tikzducks -- A little fun package for using rubber ducks in TikZ

tikzinclude -- Import TikZ images from colletions

tikzlings -- A collection of cute little animals and similar creatures

tikzmark -- Use TikZ's method of remembering a position on a page

tikzmarmots -- Drawing little marmots in TikZ

tikzorbital -- Atomic and molecular orbitals using TikZ

tikzpagenodes -- A single TikZ node for the whole page

tikzpfeile -- Draw arrows using PGF/TikZ

tikzpeople -- Draw people-shaped nodes in TikZ

tikzposter -- Create scientific posters using TikZ

tikzscale -- Resize pictures while respecting text size

tikzsymbols -- Some symbols created using TikZ

timing-diagrams -- Draw timing diagrams

tqft -- Drawing TQFT diagrams with TikZ/PGF

tkz-base -- Tools for drawing with a cartesian coordinate system

tkz-berge -- Macros for drawing graphs of graph theory

tkz-doc -- Documentation macros for the TKZ series of packages

tkz-euclide -- Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry

tkz-fct -- Tools for drawing graphs of functions

tkz-graph -- Draw graph-theory graphs

tkz-kiviat -- Draw Kiviat graphs

tkz-linknodes -- Link nodes in mathematical environments

tkz-orm -- Create Object-Role Model (ORM) diagrams

tkz-tab -- Tables of signs and variations using PGF/TikZ

tsemlines -- Support for the ancient \emline macro

tufte-latex -- Document classes inspired by the work of Edward Tufte

venndiagram -- Creating Venn diagrams with TikZ

visualpstricks -- Visual help for PSTricks based on images with minimum text

xpicture -- Extensions of LaTeX picture drawing

xypic -- Flexible diagramming macros

Tags: Made Of: TeX, LaTeX and DVI, Role: Application Data, Program, Purpose: use::printing, use::text-formatting, Typesetting, Supports Format: works-with-format::pdf, works-with-format::postscript, works-with-format::tex, works-with::image, Works with: Vector Image, Text

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