Software Packages in "experimental", Subsection doc

adacontrol-doc (1.21r6b-1)
Ada rules controller (documentation)
apt-doc (1.9.4)
documentation for APT
asis-doc (2019-1)
Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) documentation
bind-doc (1:9.13.3-1)
Documentation for BIND
blends-doc (0.7.3)
Debian Pure Blends documentation
brz-doc (3.1.0~bzr7295-1)
easy to use distributed version control system (documentation)
check-mk-doc (1.4.0p9-1)
general purpose monitoring plugin for retrieving data (documentation)
chezscheme9.5.2-doc (9.5.2+dfsg-1)
Reliable, high performance Scheme compiler (documentation)
clang-10-doc (1:10~+201911120943210600592dd459242-1~exp1)
C, C++ and Objective-C compiler - Documentation
clang-10-examples (1:10~+201911120943210600592dd459242-1~exp1 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, ppc64, ppc64el, s390x], 1:10~svn375339-1~exp1 [mips64el, mipsel, sparc64])
Clang examples
coccinelle-doc (1.0.7.deb-1)
documentation for coccinelle
connman-doc (1.37+repack-1)
ConnMan documentation
dbus-1-doc (1.13.12-2)
simple interprocess messaging system (documentation)
default-jdk-doc (2:1.12-72+exp1 [alpha, amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, m68k, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64, ppc64el, riscv64, s390x, sparc64, x32], 2:1.11-72+exp1 [sh4], 2:1.5-72+exp1 [hppa])
Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit (documentation)
doxygen-doc (1.8.16-1~exp3)
Documentation for doxygen
dvdisaster-doc (0.79.6-5)
data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media (documentation)
efl-doc (1.23.2-1)
Documentation for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
ghc-doc (8.8.1+dfsg2-1~exp1)
Documentation for the Glasgow Haskell Compilation system
git-doc (1:2.24.0+next.20191110-1)
fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (documentation)
git-man (1:2.24.0+next.20191110-1)
fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (manual pages)
gxemul-doc (0.6.2-1)
gxemul documentation
icinga2-doc (2.11.1-2~exp1)
host and network monitoring system - documentation
icu-doc (65.1-1)
API documentation for ICU classes and functions
kdepim-doc (4:19.08.2-1)
transitional package for kmail
kdoctools (4:4.14.38-4~exp1) [debports]
various tools for accessing application documentation
libahven-doc (2.7-3)
Unit test library for Ada (documentation)
libapt-pkg-doc (1.9.4)
documentation for APT development
libatk1.0-doc (2.35.1-1)
Documentation files for the ATK toolkit
libaws-doc (20.0-1)
Ada Web Server documentation
libbotan-2-doc (2.12.1-1)
multiplatform crypto library (2.x version)
libcdk5-doc (5.0.20190303-1)
C-based curses widget library (examples and demos)
libcrypto++-doc (8.2.0-2)
General purpose cryptographic library - documentation
libctl-doc (4.3.0-2)
library for flexible control files, documentation
libcubew-doc (4.4~rc2-1)
CUBE high-performance writer library (documentation)
libcupti-doc (10.1.168-1) [non-free]
NVIDIA CUDA Profiler Tools Interface documentation
libetpan-doc (1.9.4-1)
mail handling library - API documentation
libexiv2-doc (0.27.2-3)
EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata manipulation library - HTML documentation
libflatpak-doc (1.5.0-1)
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (documentation)
libgdal-doc (3.0.2+dfsg-1~exp1)
Documentation for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
libgdal-perl-doc (3.0.2+dfsg-1~exp1)
Documentation for the GDAL Perl bindings
libglib2.0-doc (2.63.1-2)
Documentation files for the GLib library
libgnatcoll-doc (19-1)
GNATColl, general purpose Ada library (documentation)
libgssdp-doc (1.2.1-2)
GObject-based library for SSDP (documentation)
libgtk-4-doc (3.96.0-2)
documentation for the GTK graphical user interface library
libgtkada-doc (19-3)
Ada binding for the GTK+ GUI (documentation)
libgupnp-doc (1.2.1-1)
GObject-based library for UPnP (documentation)
libgupnp-igd-1.0-doc (0.2.5-4)
library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping - documentation
libhdf5-doc (1.10.5+repack-1~exp8)
HDF5 - Documentation
libhwloc-doc (2.1.0+dfsg-1)
Hierarchical view of the machine - documentation
libixion-doc (0.15.0-1)
general purpose formula parser & interpreter library -- documentation
libjsoncpp-doc (1.8.4-1)
API documentation for libjsoncpp-dev
libkf5syndication-doc (1:5.62.0-1)
parser library for RSS and Atom feeds - documentation
libmdds-doc (1.5.0-1)
Multi Dimension Data structure library -- documentation
libmediainfo-doc (19.04+dfsg-1)
library for reading metadata from media files -- documentation
libnetcdff-doc (4.5.2+ds-1~exp1)
NetCDF Fortran documentation
libnfft3-doc (3.4.0~rc2-1)
documentation for the NFFT library
libomp-10-doc (1:10~+201911120943210600592dd459242-1~exp1)
LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation
libopenvdb-doc (6.2.1-3)
Sparse Volume Processing toolkit - doc
libopenzwave-doc (1.6+ds-1)
documentation for the openzwave library
liborcus-doc (0.15.3-1)
library for processing spreadsheet documents - documentation
libpango1.0-doc (1.44.7-1)
Documentation files for the Pango
libpeas-doc (1.24.0-2)
Application plugin library (documentation)
libpoppler-glib-doc (0.81.0-1)
PDF rendering library -- documentation for the GLib interface
libqalculate-doc (3.3.0-1)
Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - documentation
libqscintilla2-doc (2.11.2+dfsg-2)
API documentation for QScintilla 2
libreoffice-dev-doc (1:6.4.0~beta1-0reprotest1)
office productivity suite -- SDK documentation
libreoffice-help-de (1:6.4.0~beta1-0reprotest1)
office productivity suite -- German help
libreoffice-help-en-us (1:6.4.0~beta1-0reprotest1)
office productivity suite -- English_american help
libreoffice-help-ja (1:6.4.0~beta1-0reprotest1)
office productivity suite -- Japanese help
librhash-cil-doc (1.2.10-1)
documentation for the CLI bindings of LibRHash
librhash-java-doc (1.2.10-1)
documentation for librhash Java bindings
libsidplayfp-doc (2.0.1-1)
library to play Commodore 64 music based on libsidplay2 (documentation)
libsoup2.4-doc (2.68.2-2)
HTTP library implementation in C -- API Reference
libtemplates-parser-doc (20-1)
Ada library to parse files and replace variables (documentation)
libtracker-control-doc (2.3.0-1)
library to control/monitor tracker miners - API documentation
libtracker-miner-doc (2.3.0-1)
tracker data miner library - API documentation
libtracker-sparql-doc (2.3.0-1)
metadata database, indexer and search tool - API documentation
libvigraimpex-doc (1.11.1+dfsg-2)
Documentation for the C++ computer vision library
libwebkit2gtk-4.0-doc (2.27.2-1)
Web content engine library for GTK - documentation
libwpewebkit-1.0-doc (2.26.2-1)
Web content engine for embedded devices - documentation
libxapian-java-doc (1.4.12-3)
Xapian search engine interface for Java (documentation)
libxml2-doc (2.9.9+dfsg1-1~exp1)
Documentation for the GNOME XML library
libxmlada-doc (19-1)
XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (documentation)
lilypond-doc (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond Documentation in info format (and metapackage)
lilypond-doc-html (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation
lilypond-doc-html-ca (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in Catalan
lilypond-doc-html-cs (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in Czech
lilypond-doc-html-de (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in German
lilypond-doc-html-es (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in Spanish
lilypond-doc-html-fr (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in French
lilypond-doc-html-hu (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in Hungarian
lilypond-doc-html-it (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in Italian
lilypond-doc-html-ja (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in Japanese
lilypond-doc-html-nl (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in Dutch
lilypond-doc-html-zh (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond HTML Documentation in Chinese
lilypond-doc-pdf (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond PDF Documentation
lilypond-doc-pdf-ca (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond PDF Documentation in Catalan
lilypond-doc-pdf-de (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond PDF Documentation in German
lilypond-doc-pdf-es (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond PDF Documentation in Spanish
lilypond-doc-pdf-fr (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond PDF Documentation in French
lilypond-doc-pdf-hu (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond PDF Documentation in Hungarian
lilypond-doc-pdf-it (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond PDF Documentation in Italian
lilypond-doc-pdf-nl (2.19.83-1~exp1)
LilyPond PDF Documentation in Dutch
llvm-10-doc (1:10~+201911120943210600592dd459242-1~exp1)
Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, documentation
llvm-10-examples (1:10~+201911120943210600592dd459242-1~exp1)
Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, examples
mediagoblin-doc (0.9.0~dfsg-1~exp4)
web application for publishing all kinds of media - documentation
mini-buildd-doc (1.1.18)
minimal build daemon - manual
monodoc-gudev-manual (3.0.0-1)
compiled XML documentation for gudev-sharp
monodoc-rhash-manual (1.2.10-1)
monodoc manual for the CLI bindings of LibRHash
mpb-doc (1.9.0-1)
MIT Photonic-Bands documentation
mpich-doc (3.3.1-2)
Documentation for MPICH
munin-doc (2.999.14-1)
network-wide graphing framework (documentation)
netcdf-doc (1:
Documentation for NetCDF
nginx-doc (1.16.1-3~exp2)
small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server - documentation
nodejs-doc (12.13.0~dfsg-1)
API documentation for Node.js, the javascript platform
nvidia-cuda-doc (10.1.168-1) [non-free]
NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL documentation
openjdk-14-doc (14~18-1)
OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation
openmpi-doc (4.0.2-1)
high performance message passing library -- man pages
perl-doc (5.30.1~rc1-1)
Perl documentation
petsc3.12-doc (3.12.0+dfsg1-2)
Documentation and examples for PETSc
php-twig-doc (3.0.0-1)
Twig template engine documentation
policykit-1-doc (0.116-2)
documentation for PolicyKit-1
python-apt-doc (1.9.0)
Python interface to libapt-pkg (API documentation)
python-brian-doc (
simulator for spiking neural networks - documentation
python-cysignals-doc (1.10.2+ds-1)
interrupt and signal handling for Cython -- doc
python-django-doc (2:3.0~alpha1-1)
High-level Python web development framework (documentation)
python-gphoto2-doc (2.0.0-1)
Python interface to libgphoto2 (common documentation)
python-jsonschema-doc (3.0.2-2)
An(other) implementation of JSON Schema (Draft 3 and 4) - doc
python-m2r-doc (0.2.1-1)
Markdown and reStructuredText in a single file - documentation
python-nipype-doc (1.1.9-1)
Neuroimaging data analysis pipelines in Python -- documentation
python-nxs-doc (4.4.1-1)
NeXus scientific data file format - documentation
python-pecan-doc (1.3.3-1)
WSGI object-dispatching web framework
python-psutil-doc (5.6.1-1)
module providing convenience functions for managing processes (doc)
python-scipy-doc (1.3.1-1exp3)
scientific library for Python - documentation
python-vigra-doc (1.11.1+dfsg-2)
Documentation for Python bindings for the C++ computer vision library
python3-hug-doc (2.6.0-1)
Python3 framework for HTTP APIs - documentation
qbs-doc (1.14.1-1)
Qbs documentation
qbs-doc-html (1.14.1-1)
Qbs HTML documentation
qbs-examples (1.14.1-1)
examples for Qbs build tool
qtwebsockets5-examples (5.12.3-1) [debports]
Examples for Qt 5 Web Sockets module
rep-doc (0.92.7-1)
documentation for the lisp command interpreter
ruby-benchmark-ips-doc (2.7.2-1)
iterations per second enhancement to Benchmark (documentation)
ruby2.7-doc (2.7.0~preview2-1~exp1)
Documentation for Ruby 2.7
saods9-doc (8.1~rc+repack-3)
Image display tool for astronomy (help files/documentation)
scribus-ng-doc (1.5.5+dfsg-1) [non-free]
Open Source Desktop Page Layout - documentation - 1.5.x branch
singular-dev-doc (1:4.1.2-p1+ds-1)
Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations -- developer documentation
singular-doc (1:4.1.2-p1+ds-1)
Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations -- user documentation
slepc3.12-doc (3.12.0+dfsg1-1)
Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations
tbb-examples (2019~U5-1~exp1) [debports]
parallelism library for C++ - example files
tcl-doc (8.7.0+0~exp2)
Tool Command Language (default version) - manual pages
tcl8.7-doc (8.7.0~a1+dfsg-6)
Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.7 - manual pages
tk-doc (8.7.0+0~exp2)
Toolkit for Tcl and X11 (default version) - manual pages
tk8.7-doc (8.7.0~a1-6)
Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11 v8.7 - manual pages
tomcat8-docs (8.5.39-1)
Apache Tomcat 8 - Servlet and JSP engine -- documentation
twisted-doc (19.10.0~rc1-1)
Official documentation of Twisted
virtuoso-vad-demo (
high-performance database - demo module
virtuoso-vad-doc (
high-performance database - documentation module
virtuoso-vad-tutorial (
high-performance database - tutorial module