Software Packages in "bullseye", Subsection admin

0install (2.16-1)
cross-distribution packaging system
0install-core (2.16-1)
cross-distribution packaging system (non-GUI parts)
9mount (1.3+hg20170412-1)
Plan 9 filesystem (v9fs) user mount utilities
abootimg (0.6-1+b2)
Tool to read/write/update android boot images
accountsservice (0.6.55-3)
query and manipulate user account information
acct (6.6.4-4)
GNU Accounting utilities for process and login accounting
acorn-fdisk (3.0.6-12)
partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines
acpi-fakekey (0.143-5)
tool to generate fake key events
acpi-override-initramfs (0.1+nmu1)
initramfs-tools hook to override ACPI tables
acpi-support (0.143-5)
scripts for handling many ACPI events
acpi-support-base (0.143-5)
scripts for handling base ACPI events such as the power button
acpid (1:2.0.32-1)
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon
adcli (0.9.0-1)
Tool for performing actions on an Active Directory domain
adduser (3.118+deb11u1)
add and remove users and groups
adjtimex (1.29-11)
kernel time variables configuration utility
aide (0.17.3-4+deb11u2)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary
aide-common (0.17.3-4+deb11u2)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - Common files
aide-dynamic (0.17.3-4+deb11u2)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - dynamic binary
aide-xen (0.17.3-4+deb11u2)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - transitional package
alien (8.95.4)
convert and install rpm and other packages
amazon-ec2-utils (1.3+git20200518-2)
Utilities to manage Amazon EC2 instance storage
amd64-microcode (3.20230808.1.1~deb11u1) [non-free]
Processor microcode firmware for AMD CPUs
amiga-fdisk-cross (0.04-15+b2)
Partition editor for Amiga partitions (cross version)
anacron (2.3-30)
cron-like program that doesn't go by time
virtual package provided by systemd-cron
ansible (2.10.7+merged+base+2.10.8+dfsg-1)
Configuration management, deployment, and task execution system
aoetools (36-5)
tools to assist in using ATA over Ethernet
apachetop (0.19.7-3)
Realtime Apache monitoring tool
apcupsd (3.14.14-3.1)
APC UPS Power Management (daemon)
apg (2.2.3.dfsg.1-5+b2 [amd64], 2.2.3.dfsg.1-5+b1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Automated Password Generator - Standalone version
apparmor (2.13.6-10)
user-space parser utility for AppArmor
apparmor-easyprof (2.13.6-10)
AppArmor easyprof profiling tool
apparmor-notify (2.13.6-10)
AppArmor notification system
apparmor-profiles (2.13.6-10)
experimental profiles for AppArmor security policies
apparmor-profiles-extra (1.34)
Extra profiles for AppArmor Security policies
apparmor-utils (2.13.6-10)
utilities for controlling AppArmor
approx (5.10-2+b4)
caching proxy server for Debian archive files
appstream (0.14.4-1)
Software component metadata management
appstream-util (0.7.18-1+deb11u1)
Utility to work with AppStream metadata
apt (2.2.4)
commandline package manager
apt-cudf (6.0.1-2)
CUDF solver integration for APT
apt-dater (1.0.4-4)
terminal-based remote package update manager
apt-dater-host (1.0.1-3)
host helper application for apt-dater
apt-file (3.2.2)
search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface)
apt-forktracer (0.9)
utility for tracking non-official package versions
apt-listbugs (0.1.35)
tool which lists critical bugs before each APT installation
apt-move (4.2.27-6)
maintain Debian packages in a package pool
apt-offline (1.8.2-2)
offline APT package manager
apt-offline-gui (1.8.2-2)
offline APT package manager - GUI
apt-show-source (0.11+nmu1)
Shows source-package information
apt-show-versions (0.22.12)
lists available package versions with distribution
apt-src (0.25.3)
manage Debian source packages
apt-transport-s3 (2.0.0-2)
APT transport for privately held AWS S3 repositories
apt-transport-tor (0.5)
APT transport for anonymous package downloads via Tor
apt-utils (2.2.4)
package management related utility programs
apt-xapian-index (0.52)
maintenance and search tools for a Xapian index of Debian packages
apticron (1.2.5)
Simple tool to mail about pending package updates - cron version
apticron-systemd (1.2.5)
Simple tool to mail about pending package updates - systemd version
aptitude (0.8.13-3)
terminal-based package manager
aptitude-common (0.8.13-3)
architecture independent files for the aptitude package manager
aptitude-robot (1.5.4-1)
Automate package choice management
arch-install-scripts (23-3)
scripts aimed at automating some menial tasks
arch-test (0.17-1)
detect architectures supported by your machine/kernel
arm-trusted-firmware (2.4+dfsg-2)
"secure world" software for ARM SoCs - firmware
arm-trusted-firmware-tools (2.4+dfsg-2)
"secure world" software for ARM SoCs - tools
arp-scan (1.9.7-2)
arp scanning and fingerprinting tool
arpwatch (2.1a15-8)
Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor
array-info (0.16-4.1)
command line tool reporting RAID status for several RAID types
aspcud (1:1.9.4-3)
CUDF solver based on Answer Set Programming
asql (1.6-1.1)
Run SQL queries against apache logs
at (3.1.23-1.1)
Delayed job execution and batch processing
atop (2.6.0-2)
Monitor for system resources and process activity
audispd-plugins (1:3.0-2)
Plugins for the audit event dispatcher
auditd (1:3.0-2)
User space tools for security auditing
augeas-tools (1.12.0-2)
Augeas command line tools
autolog (0.42-1)
Log out idle users
automysqlbackup (2.6+debian.4-3+deb11u1)
daily, weekly and monthly backup for your MySQL database
autopsy (2.24-5)
graphical interface to SleuthKit
awscli (1.19.1-1)
Universal Command Line Environment for AWS
ayatana-settings (21.1.28-1)
Ayatana Indicators Settings
backup-manager (0.7.14-1.2)
command-line backup tool
backup2l (1.6-4)
low-maintenance backup/restore tool
backupninja (1.2.1-1)
lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
bacula (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - metapackage
bacula-bscan (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - bscan tool
bacula-client (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - client metapackage
bacula-common (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - common support files
bacula-common-mysql (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - MySQL common files
bacula-common-pgsql (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - PostgreSQL common files
bacula-common-sqlite3 (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - SQLite v3 common files
bacula-console (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - text console
bacula-director (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - Director daemon
bacula-director-mysql (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - MySQL storage for Director
bacula-director-pgsql (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - PostgreSQL storage for Director
bacula-director-sqlite3 (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - SQLite 3 storage for Director
bacula-fd (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - file daemon
bacula-sd (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - storage daemon
bacula-server (9.6.7-3)
network backup service - server metapackage
base-files (11.1+deb11u9)
Debian base system miscellaneous files
base-passwd (3.5.51)
Debian base system master password and group files
battery-stats (0.5.6-1.1)
collects statistics about charge of laptop batteries
bcron (0.11-9)
Bruce cron system
bdebstrap (0.2.0-1)
YAML config based multi-mirror Debian chroot creation tool
bgpdump (1.6.2-1)
Translate binary zebra/quagga/MRT files into readable output
bilibop-common (0.6.3)
shell functions for bilibop scripts
bilibop-lockfs (0.6.3)
lock filesystems and write changes into RAM
bilibop-rules (0.6.3)
device management rules for OS running from external media
bilibop-udev (0.6.3)
minimal udev rule for Debian GNU/Linux running from external media
binfmt-support (2.2.1-1+deb11u1)
Support for extra binary formats
biometric-auth (0.9.70-1)
Biometric Authentication Service
biometric-driver-community-multidevice (0.9.70-1)
Biometric Authentication Driver (community multidevice)
biometric-utils (0.9.70-1)
Biometric authentication utils
bleachbit (3.9.0-1)
delete unnecessary files from the system
blktool (4-7.1)
tune low-level block device parameters
bluetooth (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
Bluetooth support (metapackage)
bluez (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
Bluetooth tools and daemons
bluez-cups (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
Bluetooth printer driver for CUPS
bluez-hcidump (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
Analyses Bluetooth HCI packets
bluez-meshd (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
bluetooth mesh daemon
bluez-obexd (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
bluez obex daemon
bluez-source (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
Source code for the BlueZ Linux Bluetooth stack
bluez-test-scripts (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
test scripts of bluez
bluez-test-tools (5.55-3.1+deb11u1)
test tools of bluez
bolt (0.9.1-1)
system daemon to manage thunderbolt 3 devices
bolt-tests (0.9.1-1)
system daemon to manage thunderbolt 3 devices - installed tests
boot-info-script (0.78-3)
inspect boot environment
booth (1.0-237-gdd88847-2+deb11u1)
Cluster Ticket Manager
booth-pacemaker (1.0-237-gdd88847-2+deb11u1)
Resource agents to integrate booth with Pacemaker
bootlogd (2.96-7+deb11u1)
daemon to log boot messages
borgbackup (1.1.16-3)
deduplicating and compressing backup program
boxer (1.4.2-1)
system deployment ninja tricks
bpfmon (2.49-1)
traffic monitor for BPF expression/iptables rule
brltty (6.3+dfsg-1+deb11u1)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display
brltty-espeak (6.3+dfsg-1+deb11u1)
Access software for a blind person - espeak driver
brltty-flite (6.3+dfsg-1+deb11u1)
Access software for a blind person - Flite speech driver
brltty-speechd (6.3+dfsg-1+deb11u1)
Access software for a blind person - Speech Dispatcher driver
brltty-x11 (6.3+dfsg-1+deb11u1)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display - X11 drivers
broadcom-sta-common ( [non-free]
Common files for the Broadcom STA Wireless driver
broadcom-sta-source ( [non-free]
Source for the Broadcom STA Wireless driver
btrfs-compsize (1.5-1)
calculate compression ratio of a set of files on btrfs
btrfs-progs (5.10.1-2)
Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities
btrfsmaintenance (0.5-1)
automate btrfs maintenance tasks on mountpoints or directories
bubblewrap (0.4.1-3)
utility for unprivileged chroot and namespace manipulation
bup (0.32-3)
highly efficient file backup system based on git
cackey (0.7.10-2)
CAC and PIV Smartcard PKCS #11 cryptographic module
cado (0.9.5-1)
Capability Ambient DO
caja-eiciel (1.20.1-2)
Graphical editor for ACLs and xattr for MATE Desktop
calife (1:3.0.1-6)
Provides super user privileges to specific users
capistrano (3.16.0-1)
tool to execute commands in parallel on multiple servers
catatonit (0.1.5-2)
init process for containers
cciss-vol-status (1.12a-2)
HP SmartArray RAID Volume Status Checker
cdbackup (0.7.1-1+b1)
CD-R(W) backup utility
cdebconf-gtk (0.260)
Gtk+ frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebootstrap (0.7.8+b3)
Bootstrap a Debian system
cdebootstrap-static (0.7.8+b3)
Bootstrap a Debian system - static binary
cdist (6.9.4-1)
Usable Configuration Management System
cedar-backup3 (3.6.3-1)
local and remote backups to CD/DVD media or Amazon S3 storage
ceph (14.2.21-1)
distributed storage and file system
ceph-base (14.2.21-1)
common ceph daemon libraries and management tools
ceph-common (14.2.21-1)
common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph storage cluster
ceph-fuse (14.2.21-1)
FUSE-based client for the Ceph distributed file system
ceph-mds (14.2.21-1)
metadata server for the ceph distributed file system
ceph-mgr (14.2.21-1)
manager for the ceph distributed file system
ceph-mgr-dashboard (14.2.21-1)
dashboard plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-diskprediction-cloud (14.2.21-1)
diskprediction-cloud plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-diskprediction-local (14.2.21-1)
diskprediction-local plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-k8sevents (14.2.21-1)
kubernetes events plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-rook (14.2.21-1)
rook plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mgr-ssh (14.2.21-1)
ssh orchestrator plugin for ceph-mgr
ceph-mon (14.2.21-1)
monitor server for the ceph storage system
ceph-osd (14.2.21-1)
OSD server for the ceph storage system
ceph-resource-agents (14.2.21-1)
OCF-compliant resource agents for Ceph
cephfs-shell (14.2.21-1)
interactive shell for the Ceph distributed file system
cfengine3 (3.15.2-3)
tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
cgpt (0~R88-13597.B-1)
GPT manipulation tool with support for Chromium OS extensions
cgroup-tools (0.41-11)
control and monitor control groups (tools)
cgroupfs-mount (1.4)
Light-weight package to set up cgroupfs mounts
chake (0.81.1-1)
serverless configuration management tool for chef
charliecloud (0.21-1)
user-defined software stacks (UDSS) for HPC centers (metapackage)
charliecloud-builders (0.21-1)
user-defined software stacks (UDSS) for HPC centers (builders)
charliecloud-common (0.21-1)
user-defined software stacks (UDSS) for HPC centers (common files)
charliecloud-runtime (0.21-1)
user-defined software stacks (UDSS) for HPC centers (runtime tools)
charliecloud-tests (0.21-1)
user-defined software stacks (UDSS) for HPC centers (test suite)
checkinstall (1.6.2+git20170426.d24a630-2)
installation tracker
checksecurity (2.0.16+nmu2)
basic system security checks
chiark-really (6.1.2+nmu1)
really - a tool for gaining privilege (simple, realistic sudo)
chiark-scripts (6.1.2+nmu1)
chiark system administration scripts
chntpw (1.0-1.1)
NT SAM password recovery utility
chrootuid (1.3-6+b2)
Run commands in restricted environments
clinfo (
Query OpenCL system information
virtual package provided by clinfo
clonezilla (3.35.2-3)
bare metal backup and recovery of disk drives
cloud-guest-utils (0.31-2)
cloud guest utilities
cloud-image-utils (0.31-2)
cloud image management utilities
cloud-init (20.4.1-2+deb11u1)
initialization system for infrastructure cloud instances
cloud-initramfs-dyn-netconf (0.18.debian8)
write a network interface file in /run for BOOTIF
cloud-initramfs-growroot (0.18.debian8)
automatically resize the root partition on first boot
cloud-initramfs-rescuevol (0.18.debian8)
boot off a rescue volume rather than root filesystem
cloud-utils (0.31-2)
metapackage for installation of upstream cloud-utils source
clsync (0.4.5-2)
live sync tool based on inotify, written in GNU C
cluster-glue (1.0.12-20)
Reusable cluster components for Linux HA
cluster-glue-dev (1.0.12-20)
Development files for the cluster glue components
clusterssh (4.16-2)
administer multiple ssh or rsh shells simultaneously
cockpit (239-1)
Web Console for Linux servers
cockpit-bridge (239-1)
Cockpit bridge server-side component
cockpit-machines (239-1)
Cockpit user interface for virtual machines
cockpit-networkmanager (239-1)
Cockpit user interface for networking
cockpit-packagekit (239-1)
Cockpit user interface for packages
cockpit-pcp (239-1)
Cockpit PCP integration
cockpit-podman (28-1)
Cockpit component for Podman containers
cockpit-storaged (239-1)
Cockpit user interface for storage
cockpit-system (239-1)
Cockpit admin interface for a system
cockpit-tests (239-1)
Tests for Cockpit
cockpit-ws (239-1)
Cockpit Web Service
collectl (4.3.1-1)
Utility to collect Linux performance data
colplot (5.2.0-1.1)
Utility to plot performance data from collectl
command-not-found (20.10.1-1+deb11u1)
Suggest installation of packages in interactive bash sessions
compartment (1.1.0-5+b1 [i386], 1.1.0-5 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Confine services in a limited environment
configure-debian (1.0.3+nmu1)
central configuration program for packages using debconf
conmon (2.0.25+ds1-1.1+deb11u1)
OCI container runtime monitor
console-log (1.2-2.1)
Puts logfile pagers on virtual consoles
conspy (1.16-1+b1 [amd64], 1.16-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Remote control of Linux virtual consoles
containerd (1.4.13~ds1-1~deb11u4)
open and reliable container runtime
coolkey (1.1.0-16)
Smart Card PKCS #11 cryptographic module
corekeeper (1.7)
enable core files and report crashes to the sysadmin
corosync (3.1.2-2)
cluster engine daemon and utilities
corosync-notifyd (3.1.2-2)
cluster engine notification daemon
corosync-qdevice (3.0.1-1)
cluster engine quorum device daemon
corosync-qnetd (3.0.1-1)
cluster engine quorum device network daemon
corosync-vqsim (3.1.2-2)
cluster engine votequorum simulator
couriergraph (0.25-4.5)
Mail statistics RRDtool frontend for Courier-{POP,IMAP}
cpu (1.4.3-13)
console based LDAP user management tool
cpufreqd (2.4.2-2.3+b1 [ppc64el], 2.4.2-2.3 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, s390x])
fully configurable daemon for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling
cpufrequtils (008-2)
utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature
cpuid (20201006-1)
tool to dump x86 CPUID information about the CPU(s)
cpulimit (2.6-3)
tool for limiting the CPU usage of a process
cpupower-gui (0.7.2-2)
GUI utility to change the CPU frequency
cpustat (0.02.13-1)
periodic cpu utilization statistics
crack (5.0a-13)
Password guessing program (crypt() variant)
virtual package provided by crack-md5
crack-common (5.0a-13)
Password guessing program (common files of all variants)
crack-md5 (5.0a-13)
Password guessing program (MD5 variant)
cracklib-runtime (2.9.6-3.4)
runtime support for password checker library cracklib2
crmsh (4.2.1-2)
CRM shell for the pacemaker cluster manager
cron (3.0pl1-137)
process scheduling daemon
virtual package provided by bcron
cron-apt (0.13.0+nmu1)
automatic update of packages using apt-get
cronic (3-2.1)
Bash script for wrapping cron jobs to prevent excess email sending
cronutils (1.9-2)
Utilities to assist running batch processing jobs
cruft (0.9.39)
program that finds any cruft built up on your system
cruft-common (0.9.39)
information database shared by cruft & cruft-ng
cruft-ng (0.4.9)
program that finds any cruft built up on your system
crun (0.17+dfsg-1+deb11u2)
lightweight OCI runtime for running containers
cryptmount (5.3.3-1+deb11u1)
Management of encrypted file systems
cryptsetup (2:2.3.7-1+deb11u1)
disk encryption support - startup scripts
cryptsetup-bin (2:2.3.7-1+deb11u1)
disk encryption support - command line tools
cryptsetup-initramfs (2:2.3.7-1+deb11u1)
disk encryption support - initramfs integration
cryptsetup-run (2:2.3.7-1+deb11u1)
transitional dummy package for cryptsetup
csync2 (2.0-25-gc0faaf9-1)
cluster synchronization tool
cupt (2.10.4+nmu1+b1)
flexible package manager -- console interface
cvm (0.97-2)
Credential Validation Modules
cvm-mysql (0.97-2)
Credential Validation Modules (MySQL)
cvm-pgsql (0.97-2)
Credential Validation Modules (PostgreSQL)
daemonize (1.7.8-1)
tool to run a command as a daemon
daemontools (1:0.76-7)
collection of tools for managing UNIX services
daemontools-run (1:0.76-7)
daemontools service supervision
daptup (0.12.7+nmu1)
reporter of changes in list of available packages from repositories
das-watchdog (0.9.0-3.2+b3)
solves system lock-ups by making all processes non-realtime
dbconfig-common (2.0.19)
framework that helps packages to manage databases
dbconfig-mysql (2.0.19)
dbconfig-common MySQL/MariaDB support
dbconfig-no-thanks (2.0.19)
dbconfig-common bypass
dbconfig-pgsql (2.0.19)
dbconfig-common PostgreSQL support
dbconfig-sqlite3 (2.0.19)
dbconfig-common SQLite3 support
dbus (1.12.28-0+deb11u1)
simple interprocess messaging system (daemon and utilities)
dbus-broker (26-1+deb11u2)
Linux D-Bus Message Broker
dbus-user-session (1.12.28-0+deb11u1)
simple interprocess messaging system (systemd --user integration)
dcfldd (1.7-3+deb11u1)
enhanced version of dd for forensics and security
ddcci-dkms (0.3.3-1)
DDC/CI driver
ddpt (0.95-1+b1 [amd64], 0.95-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Copies disks, partitions and files.
debconf (1.5.77)
Debian configuration management system
debfoster (2.7-2.1+b2)
Install only wanted Debian packages
debian-builder (1.8.0)
Rebuild Debian packages from source code
debian-cd (3.1.35)
Tools for building (Official) Debian CD set
debian-lan-config (0.28)
FAI config space for the Debian-LAN system
debian-security-support (1:11+2024.01.30)
Debian security support coverage checker
debootstick (2.5)
Turn a chroot environment into a bootable image
debootstrap (1.0.123+deb11u2)
Bootstrap a basic Debian system
deborphan (1.7.33)
program that can find unused packages, e.g. libraries
debram (2.3.0)
ramified catalog of available commands
debram-data (2.3.0)
debram's architecture-independent data
debsecan (
Debian Security Analyzer
debsig-verify (0.23+b2)
Debian package signature verification tool
debsums (3.0.2)
tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums
debtags (2.1.5)
Debian Package Tags support tools
debuerreotype (0.10-2)
reproducible, snapshot-based Debian rootfs builder
debugedit (
tool to mangle source locations in .debug files
deets (0.3.1-1+b12)
decentralized model-based administration tool
dh-runit (2.10.3)
debhelper add-on to handle runit runscripts
dh-sysuser (
debhelper addon to handle creation of system users
dhcpdump (1.8-2.2+b1 [amd64], 1.8-2.2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Parse DHCP packets from tcpdump
dhcping (1.2-5)
DHCP Daemon Ping Program
dibbler-client (1.0.1-1.1)
portable DHCPv6 client
dibbler-relay (1.0.1-1.1)
portable DHCPv6 relay
dibbler-server (1.0.1-1.1)
portable DHCPv6 server
diffmon (20020222-7)
Tool for reporting changes in system configuration
diod (1.0.24-5)
I/O forwarding server for 9P
dirvish (1.2.1-2.1)
Filesystem based backup system using rsync
discover (2.1.2-8)
hardware identification system
dish (1.19.1-1.1)
diligence/distributed shell for parallel sysadmin
dkopp (6.5-1.1)
Full and incremental backup to DVD
dlm-controld (4.1.0-1)
Distributed Lock Manager control daemon
dlz-ldap-enum (1.1.0-1.1)
Plug-in for bind9 that uses LDAP data to fulfill ENUM requests
dmeventd (2:1.02.175-2.1)
Linux Kernel Device Mapper event daemon
dmraid (1.0.0.rc16-8+b1 [amd64], 1.0.0.rc16-8 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool
dmsetup (2:1.02.175-2.1)
Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
dnf (4.5.2-6)
Dandified Yum package manager
dnf-data (4.5.2-6)
Dandified Yum package manager (data files)
dnsvi (1.3)
edit dynamic DNS zones using vi
doas (6.8.1-2)
minimal replacement for sudo
docker-clean (2.0.4-3)
simple Shell script to clean up the Docker Daemon
docker-compose (1.25.0-1)
Punctual, lightweight development environments using Docker (20.10.5+dfsg1-1+deb11u2)
Linux container runtime
downtimed (1.0-2)
monitor of downtime, shutdown, and crashes
dpdk (20.11.10-1~deb11u1)
Data Plane Development Kit (runtime)
dphys-config (20130301~current-6)
Tool to distribute config files by fetching them
dphys-swapfile (20100506-7)
Autogenerate and use a swap file
dpkg (1.20.13)
Debian package management system
dpkg-repack (1.47)
Debian package archiving tool
dpkg-source-gitarchive (0.1.3)
dpkg source format for git repositories
dpt-i2o-raidutils (0.0.6-23)
Adaptec I2O hardware RAID management utilities
drbd-utils (9.15.0-1)
RAID 1 over TCP/IP for Linux (user utilities)
drbl (2.32.10-2)
diskless remote boot, and a disk cloning utility
driftnet (1.3.0+dfsg-2+b1)
picks out and displays images from network traffic
driverctl (0.111-1)
Device driver control utility for Linux
dselect (1.20.13)
Debian package management front-end
dstat (0.7.4-6.1)
versatile resource statistics tool
virtual package provided by pcp
duende (2.0.13-1.4+deb11u1)
logging daemonizer
duperemove (0.11.2-3)
extent-based deduplicator for file systems
dvbackup (1:0.0.4-9+b1)
backup tool using MiniDV camcorders
e2fsck-static (1.46.2-2)
statically-linked version of the ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem checker
e2fsprogs (1.46.2-2)
ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities
earlyoom (1.6.2-1)
Early OOM Daemon
edac-utils (0.18-1+b1)
report kernel-detected PCI and ECC RAM errors
efibootmgr (17-1)
Interact with the EFI Boot Manager
efitools (1.9.2-2~deb11u1)
Tools to manipulate EFI secure boot keys and signatures
efivar (37-6)
Tools to manage UEFI variables
elasticsearch-curator (5.8.1-1)
command-line tool for managing Elasticsearch time-series indices
elogind (246.9.1-1+debian1)
user, seat and session management daemon
epoptes (21.02-1)
Computer lab management tool
epoptes-client (21.02-1)
Computer lab management tool (client)
eql (1.2.ds1-5+b1 [amd64], 1.2.ds1-5 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
load balancing tool for serial network connections
equivs (2.3.1)
Circumvent Debian package dependencies
erofs-utils (1.2.1-2)
Utilities for EROFS File System
espeakup (1:0.80-20+deb11u1)
Connector between speakup kernel modules and espeak
etckeeper (1.18.16-1)
store /etc in git, mercurial, brz or darcs
etherdfs-server (0~20180203-2)
Ethernet DOS File System server
ethflop (0~20191003-2)
Ethernet DOS floppy emulator
eventstat (0.04.11-1)
kernel event states monitoring tool
ewf-tools (20140807-2+b2)
collection of tools for reading and writing EWF files
execline (
small and non-interactive scripting language
ext3grep (0.10.2-5)
tool to help recover deleted files on ext3 filesystems
extrepo (0.8)
External repository manager
f2fs-tools (1.14.0-2)
Tools for Flash-Friendly File System
facter (3.14.12-1+b2)
collect and display facts about the system
facter-dev (3.14.12-1+b2)
collect and display facts about the system -- development files
fai-client (5.10.3)
Fully Automatic Installation client package
fai-nfsroot (5.10.3)
Fully Automatic Installation nfsroot package
fai-quickstart (5.10.3)
Fully Automatic Installation quickstart package
fai-server (5.10.3)
Fully Automatic Installation server package
fai-setup-storage (5.10.3)
automatically prepare storage devices
fake (1.1.11-3+b1 [amd64], 1.1.11-3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
IP address takeover tool
fake-hwclock (0.12)
Save/restore system clock on machines without working RTC hardware
fam (2.7.0-17.3)
File Alteration Monitor
faultstat (0.01.06-1)
page fault monitoring tool
fbset (2.1-32)
framebuffer device maintenance program
fcheck (2.7.59-24)
IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker
feed2exec (0.17.1)
programmable feed reader
fence-agents (4.7.1-1)
Fence Agents for Red Hat Cluster
fence-virt (1.0.0-1)
Pluggable fencing framework for virtual machines - agent
fence-virtd (1.0.0-1)
Pluggable fencing framework for virtual machines - daemon
fenrir (1.9.5-2)
Userland console (TTY) screen reader written in python
fgetty (0.7-7)
very small, efficient, console-only getty and login
filetraq (0.3+nmu1)
Small utility to keep track of changes in config files
flamethrower (0.1.8-6)
Multicast file distribution utility
flatpak (1.10.8-0+deb11u2) [security]
Application deployment framework for desktop apps
flatpak-xdg-utils (1.0.4-1)
xdg-open and xdg-email reimplementation for containerized apps
flatpak-xdg-utils-tests (1.0.4-1)
as-installed tests for flatpak-xdg-utils
flexbackup (1.2.1-6.5)
Flexible backup tool for small to medium sized installations
foremancli (1.0-3)
commandline search interface to Foreman
foremost (1.5.7-9.1)
forensic program to recover lost files
forkstat (0.02.16-1)
process fork/exec/exit monitoring tool
francine (0.99.8+orig-2.1)
feature rich ansi console login engine
freeipmi (1.6.6-4+deb11u1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol
freeipmi-bmc-watchdog (1.6.6-4+deb11u1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - BMC watchdog
freeipmi-common (1.6.6-4+deb11u1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - common files
freeipmi-ipmidetect (1.6.6-4+deb11u1)
GNU IPMI - IPMI node detection tool
freeipmi-ipmiseld (1.6.6-4+deb11u1)
GNU IPMI - IPMI system event log daemon
freeipmi-tools (1.6.6-4+deb11u1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - tools
friendly-recovery (0.2.42)
Make recovery boot mode more user-friendly
fsarchiver (0.8.6-1)
file system archiver
fscrypt (0.2.9-1+b6)
Tool for managing Linux filesystem encryption
fstransform (0.9.4-1)
Tool for in-place filesystem conversion
fsverity (1.3-1)
Userspace utilities for fs-verity
fsvs (1.2.9-1)
Full system versioning with metadata support
ftpsync (20180513+nmu1)
Debian archive mirror tool
fuse2fs (1.46.2-2)
ext2 / ext3 / ext4 file system driver for FUSE
fuseiso (20070708-3.2+b1)
FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images
fwknop-apparmor-profile (2.6.10-12)
FireWall KNock OPerator - Apparmor profile
fwknop-client (2.6.10-12)
FireWall KNock OPerator client side - C version
fwknop-server (2.6.10-12)
FireWall KNock OPerator server side - C version
fwsnort (1.6.8-1)
Snort-to-iptables rule translator
fwupd (1.5.7-4)
Firmware update daemon
fwupd-amd64-signed (1.5.7+4)
Tools to manage UEFI firmware updates (signed)
fwupd-amd64-signed-template (1.5.7-4)
Template for signed fwupd package
fwupd-arm64-signed (1.5.7+4)
Tools to manage UEFI firmware updates (signed)
fwupd-arm64-signed-template (1.5.7-4)
Template for signed fwupd package
fwupd-armhf-signed (1.5.7+4)
Tools to manage UEFI firmware updates (signed)
fwupd-armhf-signed-template (1.5.7-4)
Template for signed fwupd package
fwupd-i386-signed (1.5.7+4)
Tools to manage UEFI firmware updates (signed)
fwupd-i386-signed-template (1.5.7-4)
Template for signed fwupd package
fwupd-tests (1.5.7-4)
Test suite for firmware update daemon
fwupdate (12-7)
Transitional package for fwupd
virtual package provided by fwupd
fxload (0.0.20081013-1+b2)
Firmware download to EZ-USB devices
gadmin-bind (0.2.5-2+b2)
GTK+ configuration tool for bind9
gadmin-openvpn-client (0.1.9-1+b2)
GTK+ configuration tool for openvpn (client)
gadmin-rsync (0.1.7-1.1)
GTK+ configuration tool for rsync
galternatives (1.0.8)
graphical setup tool for the alternatives system
gamin (0.1.10-6)
File and directory monitoring system
ganeti (3.0.2-1~deb11u1)
cluster virtualization manager
ganeti-3.0 (3.0.2-1~deb11u1)
cluster virtualization manager - Python components
ganeti-haskell-3.0 (3.0.2-1~deb11u1)
cluster virtualization manager - Haskell components
ganeti-htools (3.0.2-1~deb11u1)
cluster virtualization manager - tools (stand-alone)
virtual package provided by ganeti
ganeti-htools-3.0 (3.0.2-1~deb11u1)
cluster virtualization manager - tools for Ganeti 3.0
ganeti-instance-debootstrap (0.16-6.1)
debootstrap-based instance OS definition for ganeti
ganeti-os-noop (0.2-4)
Dummy no-op OS provider for Ganeti
ganglia-modules-linux (1.3.6-5)
Ganglia extra modules for Linux (IO, filesystems, multicpu)
gdebi (
simple tool to view and install deb files - GNOME GUI
gdebi-core (
simple tool to install deb files
gdisk (1.0.6-1.1)
GPT fdisk text-mode partitioning tool
gdu (4.6.3-1+b4)
Pretty fast disk usage analyzer
genders (1.22-1+b3)
cluster configuration management database tools
genext2fs (1.5.0-1)
ext2 filesystem generator for embedded systems
genromfs (0.5.2-4+b1 [amd64], 0.5.2-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
This is the mkfs equivalent for romfs filesystem
getty-run (2.1.2-41)
runscripts to supervise getty processes
gfs2-utils (3.3.0-2)
Global File System 2 - filesystem tools
gitlabracadabra (1.2.0)
Configure GitLab from a YAML file
gkdebconf (2.1.1)
Helper to reconfigure packages with Debconf
glusterfs-client (9.2-1)
clustered file-system (client package)
glusterfs-server (9.2-1)
clustered file-system (server package)
gnome-disk-utility (3.38.2-1)
manage and configure disk drives and media
gobi-loader (0.6-1+b2) [contrib]
Firmware loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB chipsets.
goiardi (0.11.10-1+b6)
Chef server written in Go
golang-github-containerd-containerd-dev (1.4.13~ds1-1~deb11u4)
open and reliable container runtime (development files)
golang-github-containerd-continuity-dev (0.0~git20201208.1805252-2)
Externally reusable Go packages included with Continuity
golang-github-docker-docker-dev (20.10.5+dfsg1-1+deb11u2)
reusable Go packages included with Docker
gopass (1.4.1-1+b5)
pass implementation in Go
gosu (1.12-1+b6)
Simple Go-based setuid+setgid+setgroups+exec
gpart (1:0.3-8)
Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions
gpustat (0.6.0-1) [contrib]
pretty nvidia device monitor
gradm2 (3.1~201903191516-1)
Administration program for the grsecurity2 RBAC based ACL system
grml-debootstrap (0.96)
wrapper around debootstrap for installing pure Debian
grml-rescueboot (0.5.1)
Integrates Grml ISO booting into GRUB
grml2usb (0.18.5)
install Grml system / ISO to usb device
grub-cloud-amd64 (0.0.5)
GRand Unified Bootloader (cloud setup)
grub-common (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader (common files)
grub-coreboot (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Coreboot version)
grub-coreboot-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Coreboot modules)
grub-efi (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package)
grub-efi-amd64 (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-AMD64 version)
grub-efi-amd64-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-AMD64 modules)
grub-efi-amd64-signed (1+2.06+3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (amd64 UEFI signed by Debian)
grub-efi-amd64-signed-template (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-AMD64 signing template)
grub-efi-arm (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM UEFI version)
grub-efi-arm-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM UEFI modules)
grub-efi-arm64 (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM64 UEFI version)
grub-efi-arm64-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM64 UEFI modules)
grub-efi-arm64-signed (1+2.06+3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (arm64 UEFI signed by Debian)
grub-efi-arm64-signed-template (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM64 UEFI signing template)
grub-efi-ia32 (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-IA32 version)
grub-efi-ia32-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-IA32 modules)
grub-efi-ia32-signed (1+2.06+3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (i386 UEFI signed by Debian)
grub-efi-ia32-signed-template (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-IA32 signing template)
grub-emu (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (emulated version)
grub-firmware-qemu (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRUB firmware image for QEMU
grub-ieee1275 (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Open Firmware version)
grub-ieee1275-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Open Firmware modules)
grub-imageboot (0.6+nmu1)
boot iso, harddisk and floppy images with grub2 and syslinux memdisk
grub-legacy (0.97-77)
GRand Unified Bootloader (Legacy version)
grub-linuxbios (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package)
grub-pc (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version)
grub-pc-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS modules)
grub-rescue-pc (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRUB bootable rescue images, version 2 (PC/BIOS version)
grub-splashimages (1.2.3+nmu1)
a collection of great GRUB splashimages
grub-theme-starfield (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (starfield theme)
grub-uboot (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM U-Boot version)
grub-uboot-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM U-Boot modules)
grub-xen (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Xen version)
grub-xen-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Xen modules)
grub-xen-host (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Xen host version)
grub-yeeloong (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Yeeloong version)
grub-yeeloong-bin (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Yeeloong modules)
grub2 (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package)
grub2-common (2.06-3~deb11u6)
GRand Unified Bootloader (common files for version 2)
grub2-splashimages (1.0.1+nmu2)
a collection of great GRUB2 splashimages
gsutil (3.1-4)
configure and manage Grandstream BudgeTone 100 VOIP and GX2000 phones
gtimelog (0.11.3-2)
time logging application
gufw (20.04.1-1)
graphical user interface for ufw
guix (1.2.0-4+deb11u2) [security]
GNU Guix functional package manager
haci (0.98c-2.1)
web based IP(v6) address and network administration tool
haproxyctl (1.4.3-1)
Utility to manage HAProxy
hatop (0.8.0-1.1)
interactive ncurses client for haproxy
hd-idle (1.05+ds-2)
Spin down idle [USB] hard disks
hdmi2usb-mode-switch (0.0.1-2+deb11u1)
Configuration and firmware tool for HDMI2USB devices
hdmi2usb-udev (0.0.1-2+deb11u1)
udev rules for HDMI2USB devices
hdparm (9.60+ds-1)
tune hard disk parameters for high performance
health-check (0.03.09-1)
process monitoring tool
heartbeat (1:3.0.6-11+deb11u1)
Subsystem for High-Availability Linux
hostname (3.23)
utility to set/show the host name or domain name
hostsed (0.3.0-2)
Simple CLI tool for hosts file edition
hp-search-mac (0.1.4+nmu1)
Search for a MAC address on HP switches
hwinfo (21.72-1)
Hardware identification system
hwloc (2.4.1+dfsg-1)
Hierarchical view of the machine - utilities
hwloc-nox (2.4.1+dfsg-1)
Hierarchical view of the machine - non-X version of utilities
hyperv-daemons (5.10.216-1) [security]
Support daemons for Linux running on Hyper-V
i7z (0.27.2+git2013.10.12-g5023138-7)
reporting tool for i7, i5, i3 CPUs
icinga2 (2.12.3-1)
host and network monitoring system
icinga2-bin (2.12.3-1)
host and network monitoring system - daemon
icinga2-common (2.12.3-1)
host and network monitoring system - common files
icinga2-ido-mysql (2.12.3-1)
host and network monitoring system - MySQL support
icinga2-ido-pgsql (2.12.3-1)
host and network monitoring system - PostgreSQL support
icingacli (2.8.2-2)
simple CLI tool for Icingaweb2 and its modules
icingaweb2 (2.8.2-2)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga
icingaweb2-common (2.8.2-2)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - common files
icingaweb2-module-audit (1.0.1-1)
Audit logs for Icinga Web 2
icingaweb2-module-boxydash (0.0.1+20160321-3)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - boxydash module
icingaweb2-module-businessprocess (2.3.0-2)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - businessprocess module
icingaweb2-module-cube (1.1.1-1)
simple and responsive web interface to show host statistics
icingaweb2-module-director (1.6.0-2)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - director module
icingaweb2-module-eventdb (1.3.0-2)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - eventdb module
icingaweb2-module-fileshipper (1.2.0-1.1)
This Module offers to deploy config files through the Director
icingaweb2-module-ipl (0.5.0-1)
PHP library for icingaweb2 modules
icingaweb2-module-map (1.1.0-2)
Displays host objects as markers on openstreetmap
icingaweb2-module-monitoring (2.8.2-2)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - monitoring module
icingaweb2-module-nagvis (1.1.1-2)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - nagvis module
icingaweb2-module-pdfexport (0.9.0-1.1)
Future place for the PDF export functionality for Icinga Web 2
icingaweb2-module-pnp (1.1.0-2)
view beautiful graphs in the host/service detail view
icingaweb2-module-reactbundle (0.8.0-1.1)
3rd party libraries php library for Icinga Web 2
icingaweb2-module-statusmap (20160720-2)
simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - statusmap module
idle3-tools (0.9.1-6)
change the idle3 timer of recent Western Digital Hard Disk Drives
idlestat (0.8-4)
measure CPU time in idle and operating states
ifupdown (0.8.36)
high level tools to configure network interfaces
virtual package provided by netscript-2.4, ifupdown2
ifupdown-extra (0.32)
Network scripts for ifupdown
ifupdown-multi (1.0.0)
multiple default gateway support for ifupdown
ifupdown2 (3.0.0-1)
Network Interface Management tool similar to ifupdown
iisemulator (0.95-3.3)
Emulation for the IIS web server
ikiwiki-hosting-common (0.20180719-2)
ikiwiki hosting: common files
ikiwiki-hosting-dns (0.20180719-2)
ikiwiki hosting: dns server
ikiwiki-hosting-web (0.20180719-2)
ikiwiki hosting: web server
image-factory (1.0.1-1)
Build golden Linux images
impressive-display (0.3.3-1)
Impressive based PDF display
imvirt (0.9.6-8)
detects several virtualizations
imvirt-helper (0.9.6-8)
helper programs to detect several virtualizations
init-system-helpers (1.60)
helper tools for all init systems
initscripts (2.96-7+deb11u1)
scripts for initializing and shutting down the system
ink (0.5.3-1)
tool for checking the ink level of your local printer
integrit (4.1-1.1+b12 [amd64, i386, mipsel], 4.1-1.1+b11 [arm64, armel, armhf, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
A file integrity verification program
intel-cmt-cat (4.1-1)
Intel cache monitoring and allocation technology config tool
intel-microcode (3.20231114.1~deb11u1) [non-free]
Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs
ioping (1.2-1)
Simple disk I/O latency measuring tool
iotop (0.6-24-g733f3f8-1.1)
simple top-like I/O monitor
iotop-c (1.17-1+deb11u1)
simple top-like I/O monitor (implemented in C)
ipmctl (
utility for configuring and managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules
iprutils (
userspace support for IBM Power Linux RAID SCSI driver
ips (4.0-1+b3)
Intelligent process status
ipset-persistent (1.0.15)
boot-time loader for netfilter rules, ipset plugin
iptables-persistent (1.0.15)
boot-time loader for netfilter rules, iptables plugin
iptotal (0.3.3-15)
monitor for IP traffic, not requiring SNMP
iptstate (2.2.6-1+b2)
top-like interface to your netfilter connection-tracking table
ipxe (1.0.0+git-20190125.36a4c85-5.1)
PXE boot firmware
ipxe-qemu (1.0.0+git-20190125.36a4c85-5.1)
PXE boot firmware - ROM images for qemu
isag (12.5.2-2)
Interactive System Activity Grapher for sysstat
isolinux (3:6.04~git20190206.bf6db5b4+dfsg1-3)
collection of bootloaders (ISO 9660 bootloader)
istgt (0.4~20111008-4)
iSCSI userspace target daemon for Unix-like operating systems
itop (0.1-4+b2)
simple top-like interrupt load monitor
iwatch (0.2.2-9)
realtime filesystem monitoring program using inotify
ixp4xx-microcode (2.4-3) [non-free]
Binary microcode for the IXP4xx ethernet
jenkins-debian-glue (0.21.0)
Jenkins Debian glue scripts
jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv (0.21.0)
Jenkins Debian glue scripts - dependency package
jfsutils (1.1.15-5)
utilities for managing the JFS filesystem
john (1.8.0-4)
active password cracking tool
john-data (1.8.0-4)
active password cracking tool - character sets
jxplorer (3.3.2+dfsg-6)
Java LDAP Browser
kde-config-cron (4:20.12.0-1)
program scheduler frontend
keepalived (1:2.1.5-0.2+deb11u1)
Failover and monitoring daemon for LVS clusters
kexec-tools (1:2.0.20-2.1)
tools to support fast kexec reboots
keyutils (1.6.1-2)
Linux Key Management Utilities
kmod (28-1)
tools for managing Linux kernel modules
kpartx (0.8.5-2+deb11u1)
create device mappings for partitions
ksystemlog (4:20.12.0-1)
system log viewer
kthresher (1.4.1-2)
Purge Unused Kernels
kubernetes-client (1.20.5+really1.20.2-1)
Kubernetes client binary (kubectl)
kwartz-client (1.9-2)
Configuration of a Kwartz client
lavacli (1.0-1)
LAVA XML-RPC command line interface
ldap-git-backup (1.0.8-1.1)
Back up LDAP database in an Git repository
ldap2dns (0.3.1-3.2+b1)
LDAP based DNS management system
ldapscripts (2.0.8-2)
Add and remove users and groups (stored in a LDAP directory)
ldirectord (1:4.7.0-1)
Monitors virtual services provided by LVS
ledmon (0.95-1)
Enclosure LED Utilities
libcap-ng-utils (0.7.9-2.2+b1)
Utilities for analysing and setting file capabilities
libcupt-common (2.10.4+nmu1)
flexible package manager -- runtime library (support files)
libcupt4-2-downloadmethod-curl (2.10.4+nmu1+b1)
flexible package manager -- libcurl download method
libcupt4-2-downloadmethod-wget (2.10.4+nmu1+b1)
flexible package manager -- wget download method
libguestfs-tools (1:1.44.0-2)
guest disk image management system - tools
libhwloc-contrib-plugins (2.4.1+dfsg-2) [contrib]
Hierarchical view of the machine - contrib plugins
liblognorm-utils (2.0.5-1.1)
log normalizing utilities
libmemkind-progs (1.11.0-1)
user-extensible heap manager for heterogeneous memory platforms
libnss-cache (0.18-1)
NSS module for using nsscache-generated files
libnss-db (2.2.3pre1-6+b10)
NSS module for using Berkeley Databases as a naming service
libnss-docker (0.02-1+b1)
nss module for finding Docker containers
libnss-extrausers (0.6-4+b1 [amd64], 0.6-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
nss module to have an additional passwd, shadow and group file
libnss-gw-name (0.3-2+b2)
nss module that names the current gateway’s IP address
libnss-ldap (265-6)
NSS module for using LDAP as a naming service
virtual package provided by libnss-ldapd
libnss-ldapd (0.9.11-1)
NSS module for using LDAP as a naming service
libnss-mdns (0.14.1-2)
NSS module for Multicast DNS name resolution
libnss-myhostname (247.3-7+deb11u4)
nss module providing fallback resolution for the current hostname
libnss-mymachines (247.3-7+deb11u4)
nss module to resolve hostnames for local container instances
libnss-nis (3.1-4)
NSS module for using NIS as a naming service
libnss-nisplus (1.3-4)
NSS module for using NIS+ as a naming service
libnss-pgsql2 (1.4.0debian-8+b2)
NSS module for using PostgreSQL as a naming service
libnss-resolve (247.3-7+deb11u4)
nss module to resolve names via systemd-resolved
libnss-systemd (247.3-7+deb11u4)
nss module providing dynamic user and group name resolution
libnss-unknown (0.0.2-2+b1)
nss module to handle unknown uids
libnss3-tools (2:3.61-1+deb11u3)
Network Security Service tools
libpam-abl (0.6.0-5+b1)
blocks hosts attempting a brute force attack
libpam-afs-session (2.6-2)
PAM module to set up a PAG and obtain AFS tokens
libpam-biometric (1.2.1-1)
Insertable authentication module for PAM
libpam-blue (0.9.0-3+b1)
PAM module for local authenticaction with bluetooth devices
libpam-ccreds (10-8)
Pam module to cache authentication credentials
libpam-cgfs (1:4.0.6-2+deb11u2)
PAM module for managing cgroups for LXC
libpam-cgroup (0.41-11)
control and monitor control groups (PAM)
libpam-chroot (0.9-5)
Chroot Pluggable Authentication Module for PAM
libpam-cracklib (1.4.0-9+deb11u1)
PAM module to enable cracklib support
libpam-elogind (246.9.1-1+debian1)
elogind PAM module
libpam-encfs (
PAM module to automatically mount encfs filesystems on login
libpam-fprintd (1.90.9-1)
PAM module for fingerprint authentication through fprintd
libpam-freerdp2 (2.0.0-3)
PAM Module to auth against an RDP server using FreeRDPv2
libpam-fscrypt (0.2.9-1+b6)
PAM module for Linux filesystem encryption
libpam-geoip (2.1.1-3)
PAM module checking access of source IPs with a GeoIP2 database
libpam-gnome-keyring (3.36.0-1)
PAM module to unlock the GNOME keyring upon login
libpam-google-authenticator (20191231-2)
Two-step verification
libpam-heimdal (4.9-2)
PAM module for Heimdal Kerberos
libpam-krb5 (4.9-2)
PAM module for MIT Kerberos
libpam-krb5-migrate-heimdal (0.0.11-5+b2 [amd64], 0.0.11-5+b1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
PAM module for migrating to Heimdal Kerberos
libpam-krb5-migrate-mit (0.0.11-5+b2 [amd64], 0.0.11-5+b1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
PAM module for migrating to MIT Kerberos
libpam-ldap (186-4+b1)
Pluggable Authentication Module for LDAP
virtual package provided by libpam-ldapd
libpam-ldapd (0.9.11-1)
PAM module for using LDAP as an authentication service
libpam-malcontent (0.10.0-2)
PAM module to control the time a user is spending on the computer
libpam-modules (1.4.0-9+deb11u1)
Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
libpam-modules-bin (1.4.0-9+deb11u1)
Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM - helper binaries
libpam-mount (2.18-1)
PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session
libpam-mount-bin (2.18-1)
PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session - helper
libpam-mysql (0.8.1-5)
PAM module interfacing with MySQL databases
libpam-net (0.3-1+b1 [amd64], 0.3-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
create/join network namespaces at login
libpam-oath (2.6.6-3)
OATH Toolkit libpam_oath PAM module
libpam-otpw (1.5-2+b1 [amd64], 1.5-2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Use OTPW for PAM authentication
libpam-p11 (0.3.1-1)
PAM module for using PKCS#11 smart cards
libpam-passwdqc (1.4.0-1)
PAM module for password strength policy enforcement
libpam-pkcs11 (0.6.11-4)
Fully featured PAM module for using PKCS#11 smart cards
libpam-poldi (0.4.2+git20161115.553060d-1+b1)
PAM module allowing authentication using a OpenPGP smartcard
libpam-pwdfile (1.0-1+b2)
PAM module allowing authentication via an /etc/passwd-like file
libpam-pwquality (1.4.4-1)
PAM module to check password strength
libpam-radius-auth (2.0.0-1)
PAM RADIUS authentication module
libpam-runtime (1.4.0-9+deb11u1)
Runtime support for the PAM library
libpam-script (1.1.9-5+b1 [amd64], 1.1.9-5 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
PAM module which allows executing a script
libpam-shield (0.9.6-1.3+b3 [mips64el], 0.9.6-1.3+b2 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
locks out remote attackers trying password guessing
libpam-shishi (1.0.2-10)
PAM module for Shishi Kerberos v5
libpam-slurm (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
PAM module to authenticate using the SLURM resource manager
libpam-slurm-adopt (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
PAM module to authenticate users running a SLURM job and track their processes
libpam-snapper (0.8.15-1)
PAM module for Linux filesystem snapshot management tool
libpam-ssh (2.3+ds-2)
Authenticate using SSH keys
libpam-ssh-agent-auth (0.10.3-3+b1)
PAM Authentication via forwarded ssh-agent
libpam-systemd (247.3-7+deb11u4)
system and service manager - PAM module
libpam-tmpdir (0.09+b2)
automatic per-user temporary directories
libpam-u2f (1.1.0-1.1)
universal 2nd factor (U2F) PAM module
libpam-yubico (2.26-1.1)
two-factor password and YubiKey OTP PAM module
libpam-zfs (2.0.3-9+deb11u1) [contrib]
PAM module for managing encryption keys for ZFS
libpwquality-tools (1.4.4-1)
tools for password quality checking and generation
librarian-puppet (3.0.0-2)
bundler for your puppet modules
libsecret-tools (0.20.4-2)
tool for storing and retrieving GObject passwords
libsolv-tools (0.7.17-1+deb11u1)
dependency solver using a satisfiability algorithm (command-line tools)
libudisks2-qt5-0 (5.0.5-1)
UDisks2 library with Qt5
libuser (1:0.62~dfsg-0.4)
user and group account administration library - utilities
libvirt-clients (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Programs for the libvirt library
libvirt-daemon (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon
libvirt-daemon-config-network (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Libvirt daemon configuration files (default network)
libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Libvirt daemon configuration files (default network filters)
libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon LXC connection driver
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon QEMU connection driver
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon glusterfs storage driver
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-direct (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon iSCSI (libiscsi) storage driver
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon RBD storage driver
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-zfs (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon ZFS storage driver
libvirt-daemon-driver-vbox (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon VirtualBox connection driver
libvirt-daemon-driver-xen (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Virtualization daemon Xen connection driver
libvirt-daemon-system (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Libvirt daemon configuration files
libvirt-daemon-system-systemd (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Libvirt daemon configuration files (systemd)
libvirt-daemon-system-sysv (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Libvirt daemon configuration files (sysv)
libvirt-dbus (1.4.0-2)
libvirt D-Bus API bindings
libvirt-login-shell (7.0.0-3+deb11u2)
Isolate user sessions using LXC containers
licensecheck (3.1.1-2)
simple license checker for source files
lightsquid (1.8-7)
Lite and fast log analizer for squid proxy
linux-cpupower (5.10.216-1) [security]
CPU power management tools for Linux
liquidctl (1.5.1-1)
CLI and Python drivers for AIO liquid coolers and other devices
lmbench (3.0-a9+debian.1-3) [non-free]
Utilities to benchmark UNIX systems
lnav (0.9.0-1)
ncurses-based log file viewer
loadlin (1.6f-10)
loader (running under DOS) for LINUX kernel images
local-apt-repository (0.6+nmu1)
Ready to use local apt repository
localepurge (
reclaim disk space by removing unneeded localizations
logcheck (1.3.23)
mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator
logcheck-database (1.3.23)
database of system log rules for the use of log checkers
loggedfs (0.9+ds-3)
User-controllable logging file system
login (1:4.8.1-1)
system login tools
login-duo (1.11.3-1)
login wrapper for Duo Security two-factor authentication
logrotate (3.18.0-2+deb11u2)
Log rotation utility
logsave (1.46.2-2)
save the output of a command in a log file
logtail (1.3.23)
Print log file lines that have not been read
logtools (0.13e+nmu1)
Russell's misc tools for managing log files.
logtop (0.4.3-1+b3)
real time log line rate analyzer
logwatch (7.5.5-1)
log analyser with nice output written in Perl
lphdisk (0.9.1.ds1-3+b1)
prepares hibernation partition for Phoenix NoteBIOS
lsscsi (0.31-1+b1 [amd64], 0.31-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
list all SCSI devices (or hosts) currently on system
lsyncd (2.2.3-1+b1 [amd64], 2.2.3-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
daemon to synchronize local directories using rsync
lvm2 (2.03.11-2.1)
Linux Logical Volume Manager
lvm2-dbusd (2.03.11-2.1)
LVM2 D-Bus daemon
lvm2-lockd (2.03.11-2.1)
LVM locking daemon
lwatch (0.6.2-1+b1)
Simple log colorizer
lxc (1:4.0.6-2+deb11u2)
Linux Containers userspace tools
virtual package provided by lava-lxc-mocker
lxc-templates (3.0.4-5)
Linux Containers userspace tools (templates)
lxc-tests (1:4.0.6-2+deb11u2)
Linux Containers userspace tools (test binaries)
lxcfs (4.0.7-1)
FUSE based filesystem for LXC
lxctl (0.3.1+debian-4)
Utility to manage LXC
madison-lite (0.26)
display versions of Debian packages in an archive
madwimax (0.1.1-1+b2)
user-space driver for mWiMAX equipment based on Samsung CMC-730
mailgraph (1.14-17)
RRDtool frontend for Mail statistics
makedev (2.3.1-94.1)
creates device files in /dev
makepasswd (1.10-12)
Generate and encrypt passwords
malcontent (0.10.0-2)
framework for parental control of applications
malcontent-gui (0.10.0-2)
GUI to configure malcontent
mandos (1.8.14-1)
server giving encrypted passwords to Mandos clients
mandos-client (1.8.14-1)
do unattended reboots with an encrypted root file system
mate-tweak (21.04.2-1)
MATE desktop tweak tool
mbmon (2.05-8+b1)
Hardware monitoring without kernel dependencies (text client)
mbr (1.2.1+b1 [amd64], 1.2.1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Master Boot Record for IBM-PC compatible computers.
mccs (1:1.1-9)
multi-criteria CUDF solver
mdadm (4.1-11)
Tool to administer Linux MD arrays (software RAID)
mdevctl (0.81-1)
Mediated device management utility for Linux
media-player-info (24-2)
Media player identification files
medusa (2.2-7)
fast, parallel, modular, login brute-forcer for network services
members (20080128.1+nmu1)
Shows the members of a group; by default, all members
memdump (1.01-9)
utility to dump memory contents to standard output
memlockd (1.2.1)
daemon to lock files into RAM
memstat (1.1+b1 [amd64], 1.1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Identify what's using up virtual memory
menu (2.1.48)
generates programs menu for all menu-aware applications
menu-xdg (0.6+nmu1) menu compliant window manager scripts
menulibre (2.2.1-1)
advanced compliant menu editor
mingetty (1.08-4)
Console-only getty
mini-httpd-run (1.0+nmu1)
Small HTTP server (Runit integration)
mkosi (5-1)
create legacy-free OS images
mmdebstrap (0.7.5-2.2)
create a Debian chroot
mobile-broadband-provider-info (20201225-1)
database of mobile broadband service providers
mokutil (0.6.0-2~deb11u1)
tools for manipulating machine owner keys
molly-guard (0.7.2)
protects machines from accidental shutdowns/reboots
mom (0.6.0-2)
Dynamically manage system resources on virtualization hosts
mon (1.3.5-6)
monitor hosts/services/whatever and alert about problems
mon-contrib (1.0+dfsg-4+b2 [amd64], 1.0+dfsg-4+b1 [mips64el], 1.0+dfsg-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
contributed tools, monitors and alert for mon
monit (1:5.27.2-1)
utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs
moosefs-cgi (3.0.115-1)
MooseFS - CGI monitor
moosefs-cgiserv (3.0.115-1)
simple CGI-capable HTTP server to run MooseFS CGI monitor
moosefs-chunkserver (3.0.115-1)
MooseFS - data server
moosefs-cli (3.0.115-1)
MooseFS CLI utility
moosefs-client (3.0.115-1)
MooseFS - client tools and mount utility
moosefs-common (3.0.115-1)
MooseFS - common files
moosefs-master (3.0.115-1)
MooseFS - master server
moosefs-metalogger (3.0.115-1)
MooseFS - metalogger server
moosefs-netdump (3.0.115-1)
MooseFS network packet dump utility
mount (2.36.1-8+deb11u2) [security]
tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
mpt-status (1.2.0-8+b1)
get RAID status out of mpt (and other) HW RAID controllers
mrb (0.3+nmu1)
Manage incremental data snapshots with make/rsync
msr-tools (1.3-3+b1 [amd64], 1.3-3 [i386])
Utilities for modifying MSRs from userspace
mssh (2.2-5+b1 [amd64], 2.2-5 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
tool to administrate multiple servers at once
mt-st (1.4-2)
Linux SCSI tape driver aware magnetic tape control (aka mt)
mtx (1.3.12-14)
controls autoloaders and tape libraries
multipath-tools (0.8.5-2+deb11u1)
maintain multipath block device access
multipath-tools-boot (0.8.5-2+deb11u1)
Support booting from multipath devices
multistrap (2.2.11)
multiple repository bootstrap based on apt
munge (0.5.14-4)
authentication service to create and validate credentials
mussh (1.0-1.1)
MUltihost SSH Wrapper
nagzilla (2.0-1.1)
jabber relay bot
nbd-client (1:3.21-1+deb11u1)
Network Block Device protocol - client
nbd-server (1:3.21-1+deb11u1)
Network Block Device protocol - server
nbdkit (1.24.1-2)
toolkit for creating NBD servers
nbdkit-plugin-guestfs (1.24.1-2)
libguestfs plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-plugin-libvirt (1.24.1-2)
libvirt plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-plugin-lua (1.24.1-2)
Lua plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-plugin-perl (1.24.1-2)
Perl plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-plugin-python (1.24.1-2)
Python plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-plugin-ruby (1.24.1-2)
Ruby plugin for nbdkit
nbdkit-plugin-tcl (1.24.1-2)
TCL plugin for nbdkit
ncdu (1.15.1-1)
ncurses disk usage viewer
ndctl (71.1-1)
Utility for managing the nvdimm subsystem
needrestart (3.5-4+deb11u3)
check which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades
needrestart-session (0.3-8)
check for processes need to be restarted in user sessions
netbase (6.3)
Basic TCP/IP networking system
netcf (1:0.2.8-1.1)
programs for the netcf library
netconsole (0.3.1-1)
Dynamically configure Linux netconsole
netfilter-persistent (1.0.15)
boot-time loader for netfilter configuration
nextgen-yum4 (4.5.2-6)
DNF (Dandified Yum) Yum CLI compatibility layer
nfs4-acl-tools (0.3.3-3+b1)
Commandline and GUI ACL utilities for the NFSv4 client
nfswatch (4.99.11-8)
Program to monitor NFS traffic for the console
nilfs-tools (2.2.8-1)
Continuous Snapshotting Log-structured Filesystem
nohang (0.2.0-1)
sophisticated low memory handler for Linux
nscd (2.31-13+deb11u10) [security]
GNU C Library: Name Service Cache Daemon
virtual package provided by unscd
nslcd (0.9.11-1)
daemon for NSS and PAM lookups using LDAP
nslcd-utils (0.9.11-1)
utilities for querying LDAP via nslcd
nsntrace (4-1)
perform network trace of a single process by using network namespaces
nsscache (0.42-1)
asynchronously synchronise local NSS databases with remote directory services
numactl (2.0.12-1+b1)
NUMA scheduling and memory placement tool
numad (0.5+20150602-7)
User-level daemon that monitors NUMA topology and usage
numatop (2.1-4)
NUMA runtime observation tool
nut-cgi (2.7.4-13)
network UPS tools - web interface
nut-client (2.7.4-13)
network UPS tools - clients
nut-ipmi (2.7.4-13)
network UPS tools - IPMI driver
nut-powerman-pdu (2.7.4-13)
network UPS tools - PowerMan PDU driver
nut-server (2.7.4-13)
network UPS tools - core system
nut-snmp (2.7.4-13)
network UPS tools - SNMP driver
nut-xml (2.7.4-13)
network UPS tools - XML/HTTP driver
nvme-cli (1.12-5)
userspace tooling to control NVMe drives
nvtv (0.4.7-8.1)
tool to control TV chips on NVidia cards under Linux
ocfs2-tools (1.8.6-6)
tools for managing OCFS2 cluster filesystems
oddjob (0.34.6-1)
D-Bus service which runs odd jobs -- daemon
oddjob-mkhomedir (0.34.6-1)
Oddjob helper which creates and populates home directories
ofono (1.31-3)
Mobile telephony stack (daemon)
ofono-dev (1.31-3)
Mobile telephony stack (development files)
ofono-scripts (1.31-3)
Mobile telephony stack (test and maintenance script files)
oinkmaster (2.0-4.1)
Snort rules manager
olpc-kbdshim (27-1+b2)
OLPC XO keyboard support daemon
olpc-powerd (23-2+b2)
OLPC XO power management support daemon
olpc-xo1-hw (0.4+nmu1)
Support for OLPC XO-1 hardware
oomd (0.4.0-1+b1)
userspace Out-Of-Memory (OOM) killer for Linux systems
opa-address-resolution (
Omni-Path fabric address resolution manager
opa-basic-tools (
Tools to manage an Omni-Path Architecture fabric
opa-fastfabric (
Management node tools for an Omni-Path Architecture fabric
opa-fm (
Intel Omni-Path Fabric Management Software
opal-prd (6.7.1+dfsg-1)
OPAL Processor Recovery Diagnostics daemon
opal-utils (6.7.1+dfsg-1)
OPAL firmware utilities
open-infrastructure-apache-icons (20190301-lts1-2)
Additional utilities for Apache (transitional package)
open-infrastructure-apache-tools (20190301-lts1-2)
Additional utilities for Apache
open-infrastructure-ceph-tools (20190301-lts1-2)
Additional utilities to manage Ceph
open-infrastructure-container-tools (20210101-1)
manage systemd-nspawn containers
open-infrastructure-storage-tools (20190301-lts1-2)
Additional utilities to manage Ceph (transitional package)
open-infrastructure-system-boot (20190301-lts1-2)
Boot Debian-based system images
open-infrastructure-system-build (20190301-lts1-2)
Build Debian-based system images
open-infrastructure-system-config (20190301-lts1-2)
Configure Debian-based system images
open-infrastructure-system-images (20190301-lts1-2)
Debian-based system images
open-vm-tools (2:11.2.5-2+deb11u3)
Open VMware Tools for virtual machines hosted on VMware (CLI)
open-vm-tools-desktop (2:11.2.5-2+deb11u3)
Open VMware Tools for virtual machines hosted on VMware (GUI)
open-vm-tools-sdmp (2:11.2.5-2+deb11u3)
Open VMware Tools for VMs hosted on VMware (Service Discovery Plugin)
opencryptoki (3.8.1+dfsg-3.2)
PKCS#11 implementation (daemon)
opendnssec-enforcer (1:2.1.7-2)
tool to prepare DNSSEC keys (common package)
opendnssec-enforcer-mysql (1:2.1.7-2)
tool to prepare DNSSEC keys (MySQL backend)
opendnssec-enforcer-sqlite3 (1:2.1.7-2)
tool to prepare DNSSEC keys (sqlite3 backend)
opendnssec-signer (1:2.1.7-2)
daemon to sign DNS zone files periodically
openhpi (3.8.0-2.1)
SAF's HPI: Abstracted interface for managing computer hardware
openhpi-clients (3.8.0-2.1)
OpenHPI example client programs
openhpid (3.8.0-2.1)
OpenHPI daemon, supports gathering of manageability information
openipmi (2.0.29-0.1+b1)
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (for servers)
openrc (0.42-2.1)
dependency based service manager (runlevel change mechanism)
ophcrack (3.8.0-3)
Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (gui)
ophcrack-cli (3.8.0-3)
Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (cmdline)
orphan-sysvinit-scripts (0.07)
Orphaned System-V-like init scripts
oss-preserve (1.1-6.1)
Program to save/restore OSS mixer settings
ostree (2020.8-2+deb11u1)
content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries
ostree-boot (2020.8-2+deb11u1)
libostree boot loader and initramfs integration
ostree-tests (2020.8-2+deb11u1)
content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries - tests
otpw-bin (1.5-2+b1 [amd64], 1.5-2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
OTPW programs for generating OTPW lists
pacemaker (2.0.5-2)
cluster resource manager
pacemaker-cli-utils (2.0.5-2)
cluster resource manager command line utilities
pacemaker-common (2.0.5-2)
cluster resource manager common files
pacemaker-remote (2.0.5-2)
cluster resource manager proxy daemon for remote nodes
pacemaker-resource-agents (2.0.5-2)
cluster resource manager general resource agents
packagekit (1.2.2-2)
Provides a package management service
packagesearch (2.7.11+b2 [amd64, arm64, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 2.7.11+b1 [armel, armhf])
GUI for searching packages and viewing package information
packup (0.6-3)
CUDF solver based on pseudo-Boolean constraints
pagein (0.01.05-1)
tool to force swapped out pages to be resident in memory
pagemon (0.01.21-1)
interactive memory/page monitoring tool
painintheapt (0.20181201-2)
Pester people about available package updates by email or jabber
palo (2.15)
Linux boot loader for HP PA-RISC
pamu2fcfg (1.1.0-1.1)
universal 2nd factor (U2F) PAM module command-line helper tool
pandorafms-agent (4.1-1.1)
Pandora FMS - The Flexible Monitoring System (agent)
partclone (0.3.13+dfsg-5)
Utility to clone and restore a partition
parted (3.4-1)
disk partition manipulator
partimage (0.6.9-8)
backup partitions into a compressed image file
partimage-server (0.6.9-8)
server to use partimage across a network
partitionmanager (20.12.2-2)
file, disk and partition management for KDE
pass (1.7.3-2)
lightweight directory-based password manager
pass-extension-otp (1.2.0-2)
pass extension for managing one-time-password tokens
pass-extension-tail (1.1.1-2.1)
password-store extension to avoid printing the password
pass-extension-tomb (1.1-4.1)
lightweight directory-based password manager (tomb extension)
pass-extension-tomb-basic (0.0.1+20170729+7512ad6-3.1)
lightweight directory-based password manager (tomb extension)
passwd (1:4.8.1-1)
change and administer password and group data
passwdqc (1.4.0-1)
password strength checking and policy enforcement toolset
paxctl (0.9-1+b1)
new PaX control program for using the PT_PAX_FLAGS marking
pci.ids (0.0~2021.02.08-1)
PCI ID Repository
pciutils (1:3.7.0-5)
PCI utilities
pcmciautils (018-13)
PCMCIA utilities for Linux 2.6
pcs (0.10.8-1+deb11u1)
Pacemaker Configuration System
pcs-snmp (0.10.8-1+deb11u1)
Pacemaker Configuration System SNMP agent
pff-tools (20180714-3)
utilities for MS Outlook PAB, PST and OST files
pflogsumm (1.1.5-7)
Postfix log entry summarizer
pgbadger (11.4-1)
Fast PostgreSQL log analysis report
pgreplay (1.2.0-2+b1 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 1.2.0-2 [arm64])
replay PostgreSQL log files
pid1 ( [s390x], [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el])
signal handling and orphan reaping for Unix PID1 init processes
pipemeter (1.1.5-1.1)
cli utility that shows the speed of data moving from input to output
pkgsync (1.27+nmu1)
automated package list synchronization
plaso (20201007-2)
super timeline all the things -- metapackage
pm-utils (1.4.1-19)
utilities and scripts for power management
pmailq (0.7-1)
Postfix mail queue manager
pmon-update (0.3.1+b1 [mips64el], 0.3.1 [mipsel])
pmon menu update
podman (3.0.1+dfsg1-3+deb11u5)
engine to run OCI-based containers in Pods
policy-rcd-declarative (0.6)
policy-rc.d script with declarative syntax
policy-rcd-declarative-allow-all (0.6)
Permissive default policy for policy-rcd-declarative
policy-rcd-declarative-deny-all (0.6)
Blocking default policy for policy-rcd-declarative
policykit-1 (0.105-31+deb11u1)
framework for managing administrative policies and privileges
policyrcd-script-zg2 (0.1-3)
policy-compliant interface from invoke-rc.d to local config files
pollen (4.21-5+b6)
Entropy-as-a-Service web server
pollinate (4.33-3)
seed the pseudo random number generator
portreserve (0.0.4-1+b2)
Port reservation program
power-calibrate (0.01.32-1)
processor power calibration tool
powercap-utils (0.3.1-1)
Utilities for accessing the powercap Linux kernel feature
powerman (2.3.5-1+b2)
Centralized Power Distribution Unit (PDU) management
powerstat (0.02.25-1)
laptop power measuring tool
ppp (2.4.9-1+1)
Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) - daemon
pppconfig (2.3.25)
Text menu based utility for configuring ppp
prelude-correlator (5.2.0-1)
Security Information and Events Management System [ Correlator ]
prelude-lml (5.2.0-2)
Security Information and Events Management System [ Log Agent ]
prelude-lml-rules (5.2.0-1)
Security Information and Events Management System [ LML Rules ]
prelude-manager (5.2.0-2)
Security Information and Events Management System [ Manager ]
procps (2:3.3.17-5)
/proc file system utilities
progress-linux (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - Setup
progress-linux-pgp-keys (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - PGP Keys
progress-linux-ssh-keys (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - SSH Keys
propellor (5.12-1)
property-based host configuration management in haskell
ps-watcher (1.08-10)
monitoring a system via ps-like commands
psad (2.4.3-1.2)
Port Scan Attack Detector
pslist (1.4.0-3)
utility that controls a process and its descendants
psmisc (23.4-2)
utilities that use the proc file system
puppet (5.5.22-2)
configuration management system
puppet-beaker (4.21.0-3)
test harness providing platform abstraction and VM provisioning
puppet-lint (2.4.2-2)
check puppet manifests for style guide conformity
puppet-master (5.5.22-2)
configuration management system, master service
puppet-master-passenger (5.5.22-2)
configuration management system, scalable master service
puppet-module-aboe-chrony (0.2.4-4)
Puppet module for Chrony
puppet-module-adrienthebo-filemapper (1.1.3-2)
Puppet module for mapping files to resources and back
puppet-module-alteholz-tdc (0.0.2-2)
test-driven configuration for puppet
puppet-module-antonlindstrom-powerdns (0.0.5-4)
Puppet module for PowerDNS
puppet-module-aodh (17.5.0-1)
Puppet module for OpenStack Aodh
puppet-module-arioch-redis (3.2.0-3)
Puppet module for Redis
puppet-module-asciiduck-sssd (0.3.0-1)
Manage the SSSD service
puppet-module-barbican (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Barbican
puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod (2.1.1-2)
Puppet module for managing kmod configuration
puppet-module-camptocamp-openssl (1.5.0-2)
Puppet module for managing openssl configuration
puppet-module-ceilometer (17.4.0-3)
Puppet module for OpenStack Ceilometer
puppet-module-ceph (3.1.1-1)
Puppet module for Ceph
puppet-module-cinder (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Cinder
puppet-module-cirrax-gitolite (1.3.3-2)
puppet module to configure gitolite
puppet-module-cloudkitty (6.5.0-1)
Puppet module for OpenStack CloudKitty
puppet-module-congress (16.3.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Congress
puppet-module-cristifalcas-etcd (1.12.3-3)
Puppet resource for managing an Etcd cluster
puppet-module-debian-archvsync (0.1.13-1)
Puppet module for maintaining a Debian FTP mirror
puppet-module-deric-zookeeper (0.8.4-4)
Puppet module for Zookeeper
puppet-module-designate (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Designate
puppet-module-duritong-sysctl (0.0.11-2)
Puppet module for Duriting-sysctl
puppet-module-etcddiscovery (0.1.1-2)
Puppet module for Etcd-discovery service
puppet-module-glance (17.5.0-1)
Puppet module for OpenStack Glance
puppet-module-gnocchi (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Gnocchi
puppet-module-heat (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Heat
puppet-module-heini-wait-for (2.0.1-2)
Puppet module for waiting for something
puppet-module-horizon (17.4.0-4)
Puppet module for OpenStack Horizon
puppet-module-icann-quagga (0.5.2-5)
Puppet module for Quagga
puppet-module-icann-tea (0.2.15-3)
Puppet datatypes for use of validation
puppet-module-ironic (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Ironic
puppet-module-joshuabaird-ipaclient (2.5.2-3)
Puppet module for Joshuabaird IPAclient
puppet-module-keystone (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Keystone
puppet-module-magnum (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Magnum
puppet-module-manila (16.3.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Manila
puppet-module-michaeltchapman-galera (0.7.1-4)
Michaelt Chapman's Galera Puppet module
puppet-module-murano (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Murano
puppet-module-nanliu-staging (1.0.4-2)
Puppet module for the management of staging directory
puppet-module-neutron (17.5.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Neutron
puppet-module-nova (17.5.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Nova
puppet-module-octavia (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Octavia
puppet-module-openstack-extras (17.4.0-2)
add useful utilities for composing and deploying OpenStack
puppet-module-openstacklib (17.4.0-2)
exposes common functionality between Openstack modules as a library
puppet-module-oslo (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack oslo lib using components
puppet-module-ovn (13.1.0-4)
Puppet module for OpenStack OVN
puppet-module-panko (17.5.0-1)
Puppet module for OpenStack Panko
puppet-module-placement (4.4.0-3)
Puppet module for OpenStack Placement
puppet-module-puppet-archive (4.1.0-1)
Puppet module to manages download, and cleanup of archive files
puppet-module-puppet-community-mcollective (0.6.2-4)
Puppet module for mcollective to handle and install clusters
puppet-module-puppetlabs-apache (5.5.0-2)
Puppet module for Apache
puppet-module-puppetlabs-apt (6.1.1-1)
Puppet module for apt
puppet-module-puppetlabs-augeas-core (1.0.5-2)
Puppet module for Augeas Core
puppet-module-puppetlabs-concat (5.1.0-1)
Puppet module for concat
puppet-module-puppetlabs-cron-core (1.0.3+dfsg1-2)
Puppet module for installing and managing cron resources
puppet-module-puppetlabs-firewall (1.12.0-1)
Puppet module for Firewall management
puppet-module-puppetlabs-haproxy (2.1.0-3)
Puppet module for HAProxy
puppet-module-puppetlabs-host-core (1.0.3-2)
Puppet module for managing /etc/hosts file
puppet-module-puppetlabs-inifile (2.2.1-1)
Puppet module for ini files
puppet-module-puppetlabs-mongodb (0.7.0-3)
Puppet module for managing mongodb installation and configuration
puppet-module-puppetlabs-mount-core (1.0.4+dfsg1-2)
Puppet module for managing mount points
puppet-module-puppetlabs-mysql (8.1.0-5)
Puppet module for MySQL
puppet-module-puppetlabs-ntp (7.2.0-1)
Puppet module for ntp
puppet-module-puppetlabs-postgresql (6.7.0-2)
Puppet module for PostgreSQL database
puppet-module-puppetlabs-rabbitmq (8.5.0-6)
Puppet module for rabbitmq, manage everything from vhosts to exchanges
puppet-module-puppetlabs-rsync (1.1.0-2)
Puppet module for rsync clients, repositories, and servers
puppet-module-puppetlabs-selinux-core (1.0.4-2)
Puppet module for SELinux
puppet-module-puppetlabs-sshkeys-core (1.0.3-2)
Puppet module for managing SSH authorized_keys, and ssh_known_hosts files
puppet-module-puppetlabs-stdlib (5.0.0-1)
Puppet module standard library
puppet-module-puppetlabs-tftp (0.2.3-3)
Puppet module for managing tftp-hpa
puppet-module-puppetlabs-translate (2.2.0-1)
Puppet module for translate
puppet-module-puppetlabs-vcsrepo (1.3.2-2)
use Puppet to easily deploy content from your version control system (VCS)
puppet-module-puppetlabs-xinetd (3.0.0-1)
Puppet module for xinetd
puppet-module-richardc-datacat (0.6.2-2)
Puppet module for data structure rendered using a template
puppet-module-rodjek-logrotate (1.1.1+ds1-4)
Logrotate module for Puppet
puppet-module-sahara (17.4.1-1)
Puppet module for OpenStack Sahara
puppet-module-saz-memcached (3.1.0-1)
Puppet module for memcached
puppet-module-saz-rsyslog (2.2.1-2)
Puppet module for rsyslog
puppet-module-saz-ssh (2.8.1-3)
Puppet module for Ssh configuration (client and server)
puppet-module-sbitio-monit (1.0.0-3)
Puppet module for Monit
puppet-module-swift (17.4.1-3)
Puppet module for OpenStack Swift
puppet-module-tempest (17.4.0-2)
Puppet module for OpenStack Tempest
puppet-module-theforeman-dns (5.4.0-4)
Puppet module for ISC bind
puppet-module-voxpupuli-alternatives (3.0.0-4)
Puppet resource for managing Debian alternatives
puppet-module-voxpupuli-collectd (11.0.0-3)
Puppet module for collectd
puppet-module-voxpupuli-corosync (6.0.1-2)
Puppet module for corosync / pacemaker
puppet-module-voxpupuli-posix-acl (1.0.1-2)
Puppet resource for managing posix-acl
puppet-module-voxpupuli-ssh-keygen (2.0.1-3)
generate ssh keys for any user using ssh-keygen
puppet-module-vswitch (13.4.0-2)
provides puppet things for vSwitches
pv-grub-menu (1.3+nmu1)
Creates a menu.lst file for PV-GRUB
pwgen (2.08-2)
Automatic Password generation
px (1.4.0-1)
ps and top for human beings
pxe-kexec (0.2.4-3+b5)
Fetch PXE configuration file and netboot using kexec
pxelinux (3:6.04~git20190206.bf6db5b4+dfsg1-3)
collection of bootloaders (PXE network bootloader)
pynslcd (0.9.11-1)
daemon for NSS and PAM lookups via LDAP - Python version
pyroman (0.6.2-1.1)
Very fast firewall configuration tool
qla-tools (20140529-3)
QLogic Linux tools for work with QLogic HBAs
qtop (2.3.4-2+b2 [amd64], 2.3.4-2+b1 [arm64, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 2.3.4-2 [armel, armhf])
windowed version of the console top command
quota (4.06-1)
disk quota management tools
quotatool (1:1.6.2-5)
non-interactive command line tool to edit disk quotas
r10k (3.7.0-2)
Puppet environment and module deployment
radosgw (14.2.21-1)
REST gateway for RADOS distributed object store
raidutils (0.0.6-23)
Transition Package, raidutils to dpt-i2o-raidutils
randomsound (0.2-5+b2)
ALSA sound card related entropy gathering daemon
rasdaemon (0.6.6-2)
utility to receive RAS error tracings
rauc (1.5.1-1)
Robust Auto-Update Controller - binary
rauc-service (1.5.1-1)
Robust Auto-Update Controller - service
rbd-fuse (14.2.21-1)
FUSE-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
rbd-mirror (14.2.21-1)
Ceph daemon for mirroring RBD images
rbd-nbd (14.2.21-1)
NBD-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
rcconf (3.2+nmu1)
Debian Runlevel configuration tool
realmd (0.16.3-3)
DBus service for configuring kerberos and other online identities
rear (2.6+dfsg-1)
Bare metal disaster recovery and system migration framework
reboot-notifier (0.10)
daily reboot notification mailer
reclass (1.7.0-1.1)
hierarchical inventory backend for configuration management systems
redfishtool (1.1.0-3)
redfish command-line client
ree (1.4.1-1)
extract ROM extensions
refind (0.12.0-1)
boot manager for EFI-based computers
reiser4progs (1.2.1-3)
administration utilities for the Reiser4 filesystem
reiserfsprogs (1:3.6.27-4)
User-level tools for ReiserFS filesystems
remote-tty (4.0-13+b3)
multiuser "tip"/"cu" replacement with logging
resource-agents (1:4.7.0-1)
Cluster Resource Agents
resource-agents-paf (2.3.0-1)
PostgreSQL resource agent for Pacemaker
rex (1.13.3-1)
deployment and configuration management tool
rinse (3.6)
RPM installation environment
rkhunter (1.4.6-9)
rootkit, backdoor, sniffer and exploit scanner
rover (0.76.1)
text-based light-weight frontend for update-alternatives
rpm (
package manager for RPM
rpm-common (
common files for RPM
rpm2cpio (
tool to convert RPM package to CPIO archive
rsbackup (6.0-2+b2)
rsync-based backup utility
rsbackup-graph (6.0-2+b2)
Graphics for rsync-based backup utility
rsyslog (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
reliable system and kernel logging daemon
rsyslog-czmq (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
ZeroMQ protocol support for rsyslog via CZMQ
rsyslog-elasticsearch (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
Elasticsearch output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-gnutls (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
TLS protocol support for rsyslog (GnuTLS)
rsyslog-gssapi (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
GSSAPI authentication and encryption support for rsyslog
rsyslog-hiredis (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
Redis output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-kafka (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
Apache Kafka support for rsyslog
rsyslog-mongodb (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
MongoDB output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-mysql (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
MySQL output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-openssl (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
TLS protocol support for rsyslog (OpenSSL)
rsyslog-pgsql (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
PostgreSQL output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-relp (8.2102.0-2+deb11u1)
RELP protocol support for rsyslog
rtkit (0.13-4)
Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon
rungetty (1.2-16+b1)
minimal console getty that can run any process
runit (2.1.2-41)
system-wide service supervision
runit-helper (2.10.3)
dh-runit implementation detail
runit-init (2.1.2-41)
system-wide service supervision (as init system)
runit-run (2.1.2-41)
service supervision (systemd and sysv integration)
runit-systemd (2.1.2-41)
transitional package for runit-systemd users
runoverssh (3.0.3-1)
POSIX-compliant shell script for running shell commands and scripts over SSH
s390-tools (2.15.1-2)
Set of fundamental utilities for Linux on S/390
s6 (
small and secure supervision software suite
sac (1.9b5-3+b2)
Login accounting
safecopy (1.7-6)
data recovery tool for problematic or damaged media
sagan (1.2.0-1.2)
Real-time System & Event Log Monitoring System
sagan-rules (1:20170725-1.1)
Real-time System & Event Log Monitoring System [rules]
salt-api (3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1)
Generic, modular network access system
salt-cloud (3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1)
public cloud VM management system
salt-common (3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1)
shared libraries that salt requires for all packages
salt-master (3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1)
remote manager to administer servers via salt
salt-minion (3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1)
client package for salt, the distributed remote execution system
salt-pepper (0.5.5-1)
Library and stand-alone CLI tools to access a salt-api instance
salt-proxy (3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1)
Proxy client package for salt stack
salt-ssh (3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1)
remote manager to administer servers via Salt SSH
salt-syndic (3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1)
master-of-masters for salt, the distributed remote execution system
samdump2 (3.0.0-7)
Dump Windows 2k/NT/XP password hashes
samhain (4.1.4-2+b2)
Data integrity and host intrusion alert system
sanoid (2.0.3-4)
Policy-driven ZFS snapshot management and replication tool
sbd (1.4.2-1+b1)
STONITH Block Device daemon
sblim-wbemcli (1.6.3-2)
WBEM Command Line Interface for CIMOM access
scamper (20191102-1)
parallel Internet measurement utility
schroot (1.6.10-12+deb11u1)
Execute commands in a chroot environment
schroot-common (1.6.10-12+deb11u1)
common files for schroot
scrounge-ntfs (0.9-10)
Data recovery program for NTFS filesystems
sdparm (1.10-1+b1 [amd64], 1.10-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Output and modify SCSI device parameters
selinux-basics (0.5.8)
SELinux basic support
selinux-policy-default (2:2.20210203-7)
Strict and Targeted variants of the SELinux policy
selinux-policy-dev (2:2.20210203-7)
Headers from the SELinux reference policy for building modules
selinux-policy-mls (2:2.20210203-7)
MLS (Multi Level Security) variant of the SELinux policy
selinux-policy-src (2:2.20210203-7)
Source of the SELinux reference policy for customization
selinux-utils (3.1-3)
SELinux utility programs
semanage-utils (3.1-1+b2)
SELinux policy management utilities
sen (0.6.1-0.1)
Terminal user interface for docker engine
sepol-utils (3.1-1)
Security Enhanced Linux policy utility programs
setools (4.3.0-2)
tools for Security Enhanced Linux policy analysis
setools-gui (4.3.0-2)
GUI tools for Security Enhanced Linux policy analysis
sg3-utils (1.45-1)
utilities for devices using the SCSI command set
sg3-utils-udev (1.45-1)
utilities for devices using the SCSI command set (udev rules)
shed (1.15-5)
simple hex editor with a pico-style interface
shim-helpers-amd64-signed (1+15.7+1~deb11u1)
boot loader to chain-load signed boot loaders (signed by Debian)
shim-helpers-amd64-signed-template (15.7-1~deb11u1)
boot loader to chain-load signed boot loaders (signing template)
shim-helpers-arm64-signed (1+15.7+1~deb11u1)
boot loader to chain-load signed boot loaders (signed by Debian)
shim-helpers-arm64-signed-template (15.7-1~deb11u1)
boot loader to chain-load signed boot loaders (signing template)
shim-helpers-i386-signed (1+15.7+1~deb11u1)
boot loader to chain-load signed boot loaders (signed by Debian)
shim-helpers-i386-signed-template (15.7-1~deb11u1)
boot loader to chain-load signed boot loaders (signing template)
shim-unsigned (15.7-1~deb11u1)
boot loader to chain-load signed boot loaders under Secure Boot
shush (1.2.3-5+b2 [amd64], 1.2.3-5+b1 [mips64el], 1.2.3-5 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
runs a command and optionally reports its output by mail
simplesnap (2.1.0)
Simple and powerful network transmission of ZFS snapshots
sirikali (1.4.8-1)
Manage user encrypted volumes
sispmctl (3.1-1+b2)
Control Gembird SIS-PM programmable power outlet strips
slack (1:0.15.2-9.1)
configuration management program for lazy admins
slay (3.0.2)
Kills all of the user's processes
sleepd (2.11)
puts an inactive or low battery laptop to sleep
sleuthkit (4.10.1+dfsg-1)
tools for forensics analysis on volume and filesystem data
slurm-client (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
SLURM client side commands
slurm-client-emulator (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
SLURM client side commands for the emulator
slurm-wlm (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
slurm-wlm-basic-plugins (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
SLURM basic plugins
slurm-wlm-emulator (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
SLURM emulator
slurm-wlm-torque (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
Torque compatibility wrappers for SLURM
slurmctld (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
SLURM central management daemon
slurmd (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
SLURM compute node daemon
slurmdbd (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
Secure enterprise-wide interface to a database for SLURM
slurmrestd (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
smb-nat (1:1.0-6+b1)
Netbios Auditing Tool
smbios-utils (2.4.3-1)
Provide access to (SM)BIOS information -- utility binaries
smbldap-tools (0.9.11-2)
Scripts to manage Unix and Samba accounts stored on LDAP
smemstat (0.02.08-1)
memory usage monitoring tool
smp-utils (0.99-1)
SAS Expander (SMP) utilities for SAS/SATA disk arrays
snapraid (11.5-1)
backup program for disk arrays
snoopy (2.4.12-1)
execve() wrapper and logger
socklog (2.1.0+repack-4+b1 [amd64], 2.1.0+repack-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
system and kernel logging services - binaries
socklog-run (2.1.0+repack-4+b1 [amd64], 2.1.0+repack-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
system and kernel logging services - runit services
sockstat (0.4.1-1)
view detailed information about open connections
softhsm2 (2.6.1-2)
cryptographic store accessible through a PKCS #11
softhsm2-common (2.6.1-2)
cryptographic store accessible through a PKCS #11
software-properties-common (
manage the repositories that you install software from (common)
software-properties-gtk (
manage the repositories that you install software from (gtk)
software-properties-kde (
manage the repositories that you install software from (qt)
sosreport (4.0-2)
Set of tools to gather troubleshooting data from a system
speakup-tools (1:0.0~git20121016.1-6)
Tools to customize speakup module
speechd-up (0.5~20110719-10)
Interface between Speech Dispatcher and SpeakUp
squidview (0.86-1+b1)
monitors and analyses squid access.log files
ssdeep (2.14.1+git20180629.57fcfff-2)
recursive piecewise hashing tool
ssh-audit (2.2.0-1)
tool for ssh server auditing
ssh-cron (1.03.00-1)
cron daemon allowing ssh keys with passphrases to be used
sslsniff (0.8-9)
SSL/TLS man-in-the-middle attack tool
standardskriver (0.0.4-1)
Tool for dynamically setting a user's default printer at desktop session logon
startpar (0.64-3)
run processes in parallel and multiplex their output
stealth (4.02.00-3)
stealthy File Integrity Checker
stenc (1.0.7-2)
SCSI Tape Encryption Manager
stow (2.3.1-1)
Organizer for /usr/local software packages
stressant (0.6.0)
simple stress testing and burn-in tool
stressant-meta (0.6.0)
stress-testing, benchmarking and recovery tools (meta-package)
subuser (0.6.2-3)
Run programs on Linux with selectively restricted permissions
sucrack (1.2.3-6)
multithreaded su bruteforcer
sudo (1.9.5p2-3+deb11u1)
Provide limited super user privileges to specific users
virtual package provided by sudo-ldap
sudo-ldap (1.9.5p2-3+deb11u1)
Provide limited super user privileges to specific users
super (3.30.3-1)
Execute commands setuid root
supermin (5.2.1-4+b2)
tool for building supermin appliances.
supervisor (4.2.2-2)
System for controlling process state
surf-display (0.0.5-2)
Kiosk browser session manager based on the surf browser
sview (20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1)
GUI to view and modify SLURM state
swapspace (1.17-1)
dynamic swap space manager
swatch (3.2.4-4)
Log file viewer with regexp matching, highlighting & hooks
switchconf (0.0.17-1)
switch between system configuration sets
sxid (4.20130802-4)
suid, sgid file and directory checking
synaptic (0.90.2)
Graphical package manager
sysconfig-hardware (0.0.14)
Hardware configuration
syslinux (3:6.04~git20190206.bf6db5b4+dfsg1-3+b1)
collection of bootloaders (DOS FAT and NTFS bootloader)
syslinux-efi (3:6.04~git20190206.bf6db5b4+dfsg1-3)
collection of bootloaders (UEFI bootloader)
syslinux-utils (3:6.04~git20190206.bf6db5b4+dfsg1-3+b1)
collection of bootloaders (utilities)
syslog-ng (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (metapackage)
syslog-ng-core (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (core)
syslog-ng-mod-add-contextual-data (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (add-contextual-data plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-amqp (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (AMQP plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-examples (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (example plugins)
syslog-ng-mod-extra (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (extra plugins)
syslog-ng-mod-geoip2 (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (GeoIP2 plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-getent (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (getent plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-graphite (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (graphite plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-http (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (HTTP destination)
syslog-ng-mod-map-value-pairs (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (map-value-pairs plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-mongodb (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (MongoDB plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-python (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (Python plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-rdkafka (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (Kafka destination, based on librdkafka)
syslog-ng-mod-redis (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (Redis plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-riemann (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (Riemann destination)
syslog-ng-mod-slog (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (secure logging plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-smtp (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (SMTP plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-snmp (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (SNMP plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-sql (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (SQL plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-stardate (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (stardate plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-stomp (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (STOMP plugin)
syslog-ng-mod-xml-parser (3.28.1-2+deb11u1)
Enhanced system logging daemon (xml parser plugin)
syslogout (0.3.9+nmu1)
Modularized system wide shell logout mechanism
sysnews (0.9-18)
program to display system news
sysprofile (0.3.9+nmu1)
Modularized system wide shell configuration mechanism
sysrepo (1.4.70-4)
YANG-based configuration and operational state data store [tools]
sysrepo-plugind (1.4.70-4)
YANG-based configuration and operational state data store [daemon]
sysrqd (14-1+b2)
small daemon intended to manage Linux SysRq over network
sysstat (12.5.2-2)
system performance tools for Linux
system-tools-backends (2.10.2-3.1)
System Tools to manage computer configuration -- scripts
systemctl (1.4.4181-1.1)
daemonless "systemctl" command to manage services without systemd
systemd (247.3-7+deb11u4)
system and service manager
systemd-bootchart (234-1)
boot performance graphing tool
systemd-container (247.3-7+deb11u4)
systemd container/nspawn tools
systemd-coredump (247.3-7+deb11u4)
tools for storing and retrieving coredumps
systemd-cron (1.5.16-1)
systemd units to provide cron daemon & anacron functionality
systemd-journal-remote (247.3-7+deb11u4)
tools for sending and receiving remote journal logs
systemd-sysv (247.3-7+deb11u4)
system and service manager - SysV links
systemd-tests (247.3-7+deb11u4)
tests for systemd
systemd-timesyncd (247.3-7+deb11u4)
minimalistic service to synchronize local time with NTP servers
systraq (20201231-1)
monitor your system and warn when system files change
systune (0.5.13)
kernel tuning through the /proc file system
sysuser-helper (
dh-sysuser implementation detail
sysv-rc (2.96-7+deb11u1)
System-V-like runlevel change mechanism
sysv-rc-conf (0.99-7.1)
SysV init runlevel configuration tool for the terminal
sysvinit-core (2.96-7+deb11u1)
System-V-like init
sysvinit-utils (2.96-7+deb11u1)
System-V-like utilities
tableau-parm (0.2.0-6)
tableau write-blocking bridge query/command utility
targetcli-fb (1:2.1.53-1)
Command shell for managing the Linux LIO kernel target
tasksel (3.68+deb11u1)
tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian systems
tasksel-data (3.68+deb11u1)
official tasks used for installation of Debian systems
tboot (1.9.12+hg20200718-1+b1 [amd64], 1.9.12+hg20200718-1 [i386])
module for a measured and verified launch of an OS kernel/VMM
tcmu-runner (1.5.2-6)
Daemon that handles the userspace side of the LIO TCM-User backstore
tcplay (1.1-6)
Free and simple TrueCrypt Implementation based on dm-crypt
tenshi (0.13-7)
log monitoring and reporting tool
testdisk (7.1-5+b1 [amd64], 7.1-5 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool
thermald (2.4.2-1)
Thermal monitoring and controlling daemon
thin-provisioning-tools (0.9.0-1)
Tools for handling thinly provisioned device-mapper meta-data
thunderbolt-tools (0.9.3-5+b1)
Intel Thunderbolt userspace components
tiger (1:3.2.4~rc1-3)
security auditing and intrusion detection tools for Linux
tiger-otheros (1:3.2.4~rc1-3)
security auditing and intrusion detection scripts for Unix based systems
timekpr-next (0.5.0-2)
Keep control of computer usage
titantools (4.0.11+notdfsg1-6+b1) [non-free]
Tools to secure bastion hosts
tlsh-tools (3.4.4+20151206-1.3+b4)
compare similar files using fuzzy hashing
tmate-ssh-server (2.3.0-49-g97d20249-1+b1 [amd64], 2.3.0-49-g97d20249-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
terminal multiplexer with instant terminal sharing -- server
tmpreaper (1.6.14+nmu2)
cleans up files in directories based on their age
tmux (3.1c-1+deb11u1)
terminal multiplexer
tmux-plugin-manager (3.0.0-1.1)
tmux plugin manager based on git
tomoyo-tools (2.6.0-20201111-1)
lightweight Linux Mandatory Access Control system
tpm-quote-tools (1.0.4-1+b1 [amd64], 1.0.4-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
TPM-based attestation using the TPM quote operation (tools
tpm-tools ( [amd64], [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Management tools for the TPM hardware (tools)
tpm-tools-pkcs11 ( [amd64], [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Management tools for the TPM hardware (PKCS#11 tools)
tpm-udev (0.5)
udev rules for TPM modules
tpm2-initramfs-tool (0.2.2-2)
Tool used in initramfs to seal/unseal FDE key to the TPM
trousers (0.3.14+fixed1-1.2)
open-source TCG Software Stack (daemon)
tss2 (1045-1.2)
IBM's TCG Software Stack (TSS) for TPM 2.0 and related utilities
ttysnoop (0.12d-6+b2)
allows you to spy on telnet+serial connections
tuned (2.15.0-1)
daemon for monitoring and adaptive tuning of system devices
tuned-gtk (2.15.0-1)
GTK+ GUI for tuned
tuned-utils (2.15.0-1)
various tuned utilities
tuned-utils-systemtap (2.15.0-1)
disk and net statistic monitoring systemtap scripts
twoftpd-run (1.42-1.2)
a simple secure efficient FTP server
u-boot (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for embedded systems
u-boot-amlogic (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for amlogic systems
u-boot-exynos (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for exynos systems
u-boot-imx (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for imx systems
u-boot-menu (4.0.3)
u-boot menu update
u-boot-mvebu (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for marvell systems
u-boot-omap (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for omap systems
u-boot-qcom (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for qcom systems
u-boot-qemu (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for qemu
u-boot-rockchip (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for rockchip systems
u-boot-rpi (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for Raspberry PI systems
u-boot-sunxi (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for sunxi systems
u-boot-tegra (2021.01+dfsg-5)
A boot loader for NVIDIA Tegra systems
u-boot-tools (2021.01+dfsg-5)
companion tools for Das U-Boot bootloader
udev (247.3-7+deb11u4)
/dev/ and hotplug management daemon
udisks2 (2.9.2-2+deb11u1)
D-Bus service to access and manipulate storage devices
udisks2-bcache (2.9.2-2+deb11u1)
bcache support for udisks2
udisks2-btrfs (2.9.2-2+deb11u1)
BTRFS support for udisks2
udisks2-lvm2 (2.9.2-2+deb11u1)
LVM2 support for udisks2
udisks2-zram (2.9.2-2+deb11u1)
zram support for udisks2
ufw (0.36-7.1)
program for managing a Netfilter firewall
uidmap (1:4.8.1-1)
programs to help use subuids
ukopp (4.9-1+b1)
Full and incremental backup to disk or disk-like device
ukui-polkit (1.2.1-1)
UKUI authentication agent for PolicyKit-1
unattended-upgrades (2.8)
automatic installation of security upgrades
unhide (20130526-4)
Forensic tool to find hidden processes and ports
unhide.rb (22-5)
Forensics tool to find processes hidden by rootkits
unscd (0.54-1)
Micro Name Service Caching Daemon
upass (0.3.0-1.1)
console UI for pass
update-inetd (4.51)
inetd configuration file updater
upgrade-system (
command for upgrading and sanitizing a Debian system
upower (0.99.11-2)
abstraction for power management
usb.ids (2024.01.20-0+deb11u1)
USB ID Repository
usbip (2.0+5.10.216-1) [security]
USB device sharing system over IP network
user-setup (1.88)
Set up initial user and password
userinfo (2.5-4+b1)
display information about local users
userv (1.2.0)
`user services' - program call across trust boundaries
usrmerge (25)
Convert the system to the merged /usr directories scheme
uuu (1.4.77-1)
Freescale/NXP I.MX Chip image deploy tools
vagrant (2.2.14+dfsg-2)
Tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments
varmon (1.2.1-2)
VA RAID monitor
vbackup (1.0.1-1.1)
modular backup utility
vblade (25-1)
virtual AoE blade emulator
vboot-kernel-utils (0~R88-13597.B-1)
Chrome OS verified boot utils required to sign kernels
vboot-utils (0~R88-13597.B-1)
Chrome OS verified u-boot utilities
vim-icinga2 (2.12.3-1)
syntax highlighting for Icinga 2 config files in VIM
virt-manager (1:3.2.0-3)
desktop application for managing virtual machines
virt-p2v (1.42.0-2)
physical-to-virtual machine converter
virt-viewer (7.0-2)
Displaying the graphical console of a virtual machine
virt-what (1.19-1)
detect if we are running in a virtual machine
virtinst (1:3.2.0-3)
utilities to create and edit virtual machines
vmdb2 (0.22-1)
creator of disk images with Debian installed
vmtouch (1.3.1-2)
Portable file system cache diagnostics and control
vmware-manager (0.2.0-4) [contrib]
utility to manage VMware virtual machines
vrms (1.27)
virtual Richard M. Stallman
vtgrab (0.1.8-3.2)
A VNC like console monitoring
vzstats (0.5.3-2.1)
OpenVZ component to gather statistics to improve the project
waagent (2.2.47-2)
Windows Azure Linux Agent
watchcatd (1.2.1-3.1+b2 [mips64el], 1.2.1-3.1+b1 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Process monitoring daemon
watchdog (5.16-1+b1 [amd64], 5.16-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
system health checker and software/hardware watchdog handler
weresync (1.0.9-1)
incrementally clones running drives
west-chamber-common (20100405+svn20111107.r124-13)
iptable extension for bypassing content filtering firewall
west-chamber-source (20100405+svn20111107.r124-13)
iptable extension for bypassing content filtering firewall (module source)
whatmaps (0.0.12-3)
tool to find processes mapping shared objects
whowatch (1.8.6-1+b1)
Real-time user logins monitoring tool
wiredtiger (3.2.1-1)
high performance, scalable, NoSQL, extensible platform for data management
wsl (0.2.1-2)
Wsman Shell Command Line "whistle"
x2gothinclient-cdmanager (
clientside daemon enabling automatic CD-Rom mounting
x2gothinclient-chroot (
Install X2Go Thin Client chroot (metapackage)
x2gothinclient-common (
X2Go thin client environment (common files)
x2gothinclient-displaymanager (
login daemon starting x2goclient in displaymanager mode
x2gothinclient-management (
Management tools for X2Go Thin Client chroot server
x2gothinclient-minidesktop (
Minimal desktop for X2Go Thin Client chroot (based on MATE)
x2gothinclient-smartcardrules (
UDEV rules for smartcard readers
x2gothinclient-usbmount (
clientside usb mass-storage device mounting
x86info (1.31~pre0.8052aabdd159bc9050e7dc264f33782c5acce05f-1.1)
Display diagnostic information about i386 compatible CPUs
xbrlapi (6.3+dfsg-1+deb11u1)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display - xbrlapi
xdg-dbus-proxy (0.1.2-2)
filtering D-Bus proxy
xdg-dbus-proxy-tests (0.1.2-2)
filtering D-Bus proxy - as-installed tests
xdg-desktop-portal (1.8.1-1)
desktop integration portal for Flatpak and Snap
xdg-desktop-portal-dev (1.8.1-1)
desktop integration portal - development files
xdg-desktop-portal-tests (1.8.1-1)
desktop integration portal - automated tests
xen-utils-4.14 (4.14.6-1)
XEN administrative tools
xenstore-utils (4.14.6-1)
Xenstore command line utilities for Xen
xfsdump (3.1.9+0+b1 [amd64], 3.1.9+0 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Administrative utilities for the XFS filesystem
xfsprogs (5.10.0-4)
Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem
xkcdpass (1.16.5+dfsg.1-1.1)
secure passphrase generator inspired by XKCD 936
xmbmon (2.05-8+b1)
Hardware monitoring without kernel dependencies (X client)
xmount (0.7.6-3)
tool for crossmounting between disk image formats
xtables-addons-common (3.13-1+deb11u1)
Extensions targets and matches for iptables [tools, libs]
xtables-addons-source (3.13-1+deb11u1)
Extensions targets and matches for iptables [modules sources]
xwatch (2.11-16)
logfile monitor that displays in an X window.
yasr (0.6.9-10)
General-purpose console screen reader
yersinia (0.8.2-2.1)
Network vulnerabilities check software
yubikey-luks (0.5.1+29.g5df2b95-6)
YubiKey two factor authentication for LUKS disks
yubikey-server-c (0.5-1.1)
Yubikey validation server
yubiserver (0.6-3.1)
Yubikey OTP and HOTP/OATH Validation Server
zbackup (1.4.4-3+b4 [mips64el], 1.4.4-3+b3 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Versatile deduplicating backup tool
zeroc-ice-utils (3.7.5-2)
Ice utilities and admin tools
zeroc-icegridgui (3.7.5-2)
IceGrid Admin graphical client
zerofree (1.1.1-1)
zero free blocks from ext2, ext3 and ext4 file-systems
zfs-test (2.0.3-9+deb11u1) [contrib]
OpenZFS test infrastructure and support scripts
zfs-zed (2.0.3-9+deb11u1) [contrib]
OpenZFS Event Daemon
zfsnap (1.11.1-5.1)
Automatic snapshot creation and removal for ZFS
zfsutils-linux (2.0.3-9+deb11u1) [contrib]
command-line tools to manage OpenZFS filesystems
ziomon (2.15.1-2)
Performance analysis and reports for zFCP devices
zktop (1.0.0-3)
top for Apache ZooKeeper
zoxide (0.4.3-2+b1)
Faster way to navigate your filesystem
zsnapd (0.8.12-1) [contrib]
ZFS Snapshot Daemon written in python
zsnapd-rcmd (0.8.12-1) [contrib]
Remote sshd command checker for ZFS Snapshot Daemon
zypper (1.14.42-1)
command line software manager using libzypp
zypper-common (1.14.42-1)
command line software manager using libzypp (common files)