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Paket: openocd (0.5.0-1)

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Open on-chip JTAG debug solution for ARM and MIPS systems

OpenOCD is an on-chip debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing tool for ARM and MIPS systems.

The debugger uses an IEEE 1149-1 compliant JTAG TAP bus master to access on-chip debug functionality available on ARM based microcontrollers or system-on-chip solutions. For MIPS systems the EJTAG interface is supported.

User interaction is realized through a telnet command line interface, a gdb (the GNU debugger) remote protocol server, and a simplified RPC connection that can be used to interface with OpenOCD's Jim Tcl engine.

OpenOCD supports various different types of JTAG interfaces/programmers:

  * Parallel port wigglers:
    * Macraigor Wiggler JTAG cable (and many clones)
    * Xilinx DLC5 JTAG parallel cable III (and many clones)
    * Amontec JTAG Accelerator
    * Gateworks GW16012 JTAG programmer
    * Wiggler 2 cable (basically a wiggler with an LED)
    * Wiggler with NTRST inverted
    * AMT Wiggler
    * Ka-Ro TRITON starterkit II JTAG cable
    * Lattice parallel port JTAG cable
    * ST FlashLINK programming cable
  * USB FT2232 based dongles:
    * Amontec JTAGkey
    * Amontec JTAGkey-Tiny
    * OOCD-Link
    * eVerve Signalyzer
    * Luminary Micro Stellaris/LM3S811 Evaluation Board A
    * Olimex ARM-USB-OCD
    * TinCanTools Flyswatter
    * Turtelizer 2
    * Hitex STR9-comStick
    * Hitex STM32-PerformanceStick
    * Axiom AXM-0432 Link
    * Section5 ICEbear
  * USB JLINK based adapters:
    * Atmel SAMICE (only works with Atmel chips)
    * Segger J-Link
    * IAR J-Link
  * USB RLINK based adapters:
    * Raisonance RLink
    * STM32 Primer
  * USB other:
    * USBprog
    * Versaloon-Link
  * Standalone systems:
    * Zylin ZY1000
  * Other:
    * EP93xx based Linux machine
    * AT91RM9200

OpenOCD supports debugging on a number of different ARM/MIPS cores:

  * ARM7:
    * ARM7TDMI(-s)
    * ARM720t
  * ARM9:
    * ARM9TDMI
    * ARM920t
    * ARM922t
    * ARM926ej-s
    * ARM966e-s
  * ARM11
    * ARM1136
    * ARM1156
    * ARM1176
  * Intel XScale:
    * PXA25x
    * PXA26x
    * PXA27x
    * IXP42x
    * IXP45x
    * IXP46x
  * Cortex-M3
    * Luminary Stellaris LM3
    * ST STM32
  * MIPS m4k
  * Marvell Feroceon CPU core (as found in the Orion SoC family)

Flash programming/writing is supported for:

  * External CFI compatible flashes:
    * Intel and AMD/Spansion command set
  * Internal flashes:
    * LPC2000
    * AT91SAM7
    * STR7x
    * STR9x
    * LM3
    * STM32x
  * LPC3180 NAND flash

Markierungen: Software-Entwicklung: Debuggen, Hardware-Aktivierung: Eingebettet, Implementiert in: C, Rolle: Programm

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