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Paket: awn-applets-python-core (0.4.0-3)

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A collection of applets for Awn, written in python

Awn-extras-applets is a collection of applets for avant-window-navigator. It provides some extensions to the bar and some new features (like applets in the gnome-panel).

This package provides the core Python applets:

 * animal-farm : Various animals tell your fortune.
 * bandwidth-monitor: Displays information from network.
 * battery-applet: This applet displays your computers current power status.
 * cairo-clock: Displays an analog clock.
 * comics: View your favourite comics on your desktop.
 * cpufreq: Monitors and controls the CPU frequency.
 * dialect: Manages keyboard layouts.
 * feeds: A Python feed launcher.
 * file-browser-launcher: Launches the user's file manager or opens bookmarks.
 * hardware sensors: Displays information from sensors.
 * mail: The Mail Applet lets you check your mail from AWN.
 * media-control: This applet displays album art in a awn dialog while
   allowing you to control your favorite media players.
 * media-player: Plays any media files you drop on it.
 * mount-applet: Displays mounts from /etc/fstab and allows one to
   mount/unmount them.
 * quit-applet: A simple gnome-quit launcher.
 * stack: Provides a convenient location to place commonly used files.
 * thinkhdaps: Displays the status of HDAPS.
 * todo: Manage a simple To-Do list.
 * volume-control: A fancy volume changing applet that works much like the
   gnome-panel version.
 * weather: This applet downloads and displays the current weather conditions
   and weather forecast from

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