Software Packages in "stretch-backports", Subsection javascript

libjs-jed (1.1.1-1~bpo9+1)
Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps - JavaScript library
libjs-jquery-datatables-extensions (0.0+20150910+dfsg-2~bpo9+1)
extensions for the jQuery plug-in for tables from different data sources
libjs-jquery-file-upload (9.25.0-1~bpo9+1)
file upload widget for jQuery
libjs-jquery-selectize.js (0.12.4+dfsg-1~bpo9+1)
Extensible jQuery-based custom select UI control
libjs-moment-timezone (0.5.23+dfsg1-1~bpo9+1)
Parse and display dates in any timezone
libjs-regenerate (1.4.0-1~bpo9+1)
Unicode-aware regular expression generator (JavaScript library)
libjs-sphinxdoc (1.7.9-1~bpo9+1)
JavaScript support for Sphinx documentation
node-abbrev (1.1.1-1~bpo9+1)
Get unique abbreviations for a set of strings - Node.js module
node-acorn (5.5.3+ds3-1~bpo9+1)
ECMAScript parser for Node.js
node-ansi-align (2.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
align-text with ANSI support for CLIs
node-ansi-regex (3.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
regular expression for matching ANSI escape codes
node-ansi-styles (3.2.0-1~bpo9+1)
ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminal with Node.js
node-aproba (1.2.0-1~bpo9+1)
light-weight argument validator
node-asynckit (0.4.0-2~bpo9+1)
Minimal async jobs utility library, with streams support
node-aws4 (1.8.0-1~bpo9+1)
Signs and prepares requests using AWS Signature Version 4
node-bluebird (3.5.1+dfsg2-2~bpo9+1)
Fully featured Promises/A+ implementation for Node.js
node-boxen (1.2.2-1~bpo9+1)
Create boxes in the terminal
node-cacache (10.0.4-1~bpo9+1)
fast, fault-tolerant, disk-based, data-agnostic, content-addressable cache
node-call-limit (1.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Limit the number of simultaneous calls to an async function
node-camelcase (4.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Convert a string to camelCase
node-chalk (2.3.0-2~bpo9+1)
Terminal string styling for Node.js
node-chownr (1.1.1-1~bpo9+1)
like chown -R
node-cli-boxes (1.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Boxes for use in the terminal
node-color-convert (1.9.0-3~bpo9+1)
Plain color conversion functions
node-combined-stream (1.0.6-1~bpo9+1)
Append streams one after another - module for Node.js
node-config-chain (1.1.11-1~bpo9+1)
Handle Configuration Once And For All
node-copy-concurrently (1.0.5-4~bpo9+1)
Copy files, directories and symlinks concurrently
node-cyclist (1.0.1-2~bpo9+1)
efficient cyclic list implementation for Javascript
node-dashdash (1.14.1-2~bpo9+1)
light, featureful and explicit option parsing library
node-date-time (2.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Pretty datetime like 2014-01-09 06:46:01
node-decompress-response (3.3.0-1~bpo9+1)
Decompress a HTTP response if needed
node-duplexer3 (0.1.4-2~bpo9+1)
Like duplexer but using streams3
node-extend (3.0.2-1~bpo9+1)
port of jQuery.extend for Node.js
node-find-up (2.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
find a file by walking up parent directories
node-flush-write-stream (1.0.2-2~bpo9+1)
Write stream constructor
node-forever-agent (0.6.1-1~bpo9+1)
HTTP agent supporting keep-alive requests - module for Node.js
node-form-data (2.3.2-2~bpo9+1)
Create multipart/form-data streams module for Node.js
node-fs-extra (7.0.0-2~bpo9+1)
fs-extra contains methods not included in the Node.js fs module
node-fs-vacuum (1.2.10-2~bpo9+1)
Remove empty branches in a directory tree
node-fs-write-stream-atomic (1.0.10-4~bpo9+1)
Like fs.createWriteStream(...), but atomic
node-glob (7.1.3-1~bpo9+1)
glob functionality for Node.js
node-got (7.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Simplified HTTP requests
node-gyp (3.6.2-2~bpo9+1)
Native addon build tool for Node.js
node-har-validator (5.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Extremely fast HTTP Archive (HAR) validator using JSON Schema
node-has-to-string-tag-x (1.4.1+dfsg-1~bpo9+1)
Tests if ES6 @@toStringTag is supported
node-hosted-git-info (2.7.1-1~bpo9+1)
Provides metadata from Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab
node-http-signature (1.2.0-1~bpo9+1)
Reference implementation of Joyent's HTTP Signature scheme
node-iconv (2.3.0-3~bpo9+1)
text recoding module for Node.js
node-iferr (1.0.2-1~bpo9+1)
Higher-order functions for easier error handling
node-import-lazy (3.0.0.REALLY.2.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
import a module lazily
node-imurmurhash (0.1.4-1~bpo9+1)
incremental implementation of MurmurHash3 hashing algorithm
node-ini (1.3.5-1~bpo9+1)
ini format parser and serializer for Node.js
node-is-npm (1.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Checks if your code is running as an npm script
node-is-plain-obj (1.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Check if a value is a plain object
node-is-retry-allowed (1.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Is retry allowed for Error?
node-isurl (1.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Checks whether a value is a WHATWG URL
node-json-parse-better-errors (1.0.2-2~bpo9+1)
JSON.parse() with context information on error
node-json-stringify-safe (5.0.1-1~bpo9+1)
JSON.stringify with circular references module for Node.js
node-jsonfile (5.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Easily read/write JSON files in Node.js
node-jsonstream (1.3.2-1~bpo9+1)
streaming JSON.parse and stringify
node-latest-version (3.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Get the latest version of an npm package
node-lazy-property (1.0.0-3~bpo9+1)
Adds a lazily initialized property to the object
node-libnpx (10.2.0-2~bpo9+1)
support library for npx
node-locate-character (2.0.1-3~bpo9+1)
Helper to find the line and column of a character in a string
node-locate-path (2.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Get the first path that exists on disk of multiple paths
node-lockfile (1.0.4-1~bpo9+1)
Asynchronous file lock module for Node.js
node-lowercase-keys (1.0.0-2~bpo9+1)
Lowercase the keys of an object
node-lru-cache (4.1.1-1~bpo9+1)
least-recently-used cache object for Node.js
node-mime-types (2.1.20-1~bpo9+1)
ultimate JavaScript content-type utility - Node.js module
node-minimatch (3.0.4-3~bpo9+1)
Convert glob expressions into RegExp objects for Node.js
node-mississippi (3.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
collection of useful streams
node-mkdirp (0.5.1-1~bpo9+1)
Recursively create directories - Node.js module
node-moment-timezone (0.5.23+dfsg1-1~bpo9+1)
Parse and display dates in any timezone (node.js library)
node-move-concurrently (1.0.1-1~bpo9+1)
Move files and directories concurrently
node-mutate-fs (2.1.1-1~bpo9+1)
Mutates the node.js file-system behavior for tests
node-normalize-package-data (2.4.0-1~bpo9+1)
Normalizes package metadata - Node.js module
node-normalize.css (8.0.0-3~bpo9+1)
Modern alternative to CSS resets
node-npm-package-arg (6.0.0-2~bpo9+1)
Parse the things that can be arguments to npm install
node-npmlog (4.1.2-1~bpo9+1)
Logger with custom levels and colored output for Node.js
node-oauth-sign (0.9.0-1~bpo9+1)
OAuth 1 signing module for Node.js
node-opener (1.4.3-1~bpo9+1)
Opens stuff, like webpages and files and executables
node-osenv (0.1.5-1~bpo9+1)
Environment settings lookup module for Node.js
node-package-json (4.0.1-1~bpo9+1)
Get metadata of a package from the npm registry
node-parallel-transform (1.1.0-2~bpo9+1)
Runs transforms in parallel
node-prepend-http (2.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Prepend `http://` to humanized URLs like and localhost
node-promzard (0.3.0-1~bpo9+1)
Promzard provides a prompting json wizard
node-pump (3.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
small node module that pipes streams together
node-qs (6.5.2-1~bpo9+1)
Parse, stringify query strings for Node.js
node-qw (1.0.1-1~bpo9+1)
Quoted word literals
node-read-package-json (2.0.13-1~bpo9+1)
Read package.json for npm module for Node.js
node-regenerate (1.4.0-1~bpo9+1)
Unicode-aware regular expression generator (Node.js module)
node-registry-auth-token (3.3.1-1~bpo9+1)
Get the auth token set for an npm registry (if any)
node-registry-url (3.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Get the set npm registry URL
node-request (2.88.1-2~bpo9+1)
simplified HTTP request client module for Node.js
node-resolve-from (4.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Resolve the path of a module from a given path
node-retry (0.10.1-1~bpo9+1)
Retry strategies for failed operations module for Node.js
node-rimraf (2.6.2-1~bpo9+1)
Deep deletion (like rm -rf) module for Node.js
node-run-queue (1.0.3-1~bpo9+1)
promise based dynamic priority queue runner
node-safe-buffer (5.1.2-1~bpo9+1)
Safer Node.js Buffer API
node-semver (5.5.1-1~bpo9+1)
Semantic Versioning for Node.js
node-semver-diff (2.1.0-2~bpo9+1)
get the diff type of two semver versions
node-sha (2.0.1-1~bpo9+1)
Check and get file or stream hashes - module for Node.js
node-signal-exit (3.0.2-1~bpo9+1)
Fire an event no matter how a process exits
node-slide (1.1.6-1~bpo9+1)
Simple chain and asyncMap flow control module for Node.js
node-sshpk (1.13.1+dfsg-1~bpo9+1)
library for finding and using SSH public keys
node-ssri (5.2.4-2~bpo9+1)
Utility for parsing, serializing, generating and verifying ssri metadata
node-stream-each (1.2.2-1~bpo9+1)
Iterate all the data in a stream
node-stream-iterate (1.2.0-4~bpo9+1)
Iterate through the values in a stream
node-stringstream (0.0.6-1~bpo9+1)
Encode and decode streams into string streams
node-strip-ansi (4.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
strip ANSI escape codes
node-supports-color (4.4.0-2~bpo9+1)
Detect whether a terminal supports color in Node.js
node-tacks (1.2.6-1~bpo9+1)
Generate fixture modules from folders
node-tar (4.4.6+ds1-3~bpo9+1)
read and write portable tar archives module for Node.js
node-term-size (1.2.0+dfsg-2~bpo9+1)
Reliably get the terminal window size
node-text-table (0.2.0-2~bpo9+1)
borderless text tables with alignment
node-time-zone (1.0.0-2~bpo9+1)
Pretty time zone: `+2` or `-9:30`
node-timed-out (4.0.1-2~bpo9+1)
Emit `ETIMEDOUT` or `ESOCKETTIMEDOUT` when ClientRequest is hanged
node-tunnel-agent (0.6.1-1~bpo9+1)
HTTP proxy tunneling agent module for Node.js
node-unicode-11.0.0 (0~20181101+gitaddfb440-1~bpo9+1)
Unicode 11.0.0 data for Node.js
node-unicode-loose-match (2.4.0-1~bpo9+1)
Unicode loose matching implementation for Node.js
node-unicode-property-aliases (1.3.0+ds-1~bpo9+1)
Unicode property alias mappings in Javascript format for Node.js
node-unicode-property-value-aliases (3.3.0+ds-1~bpo9+1)
Unicode property value alias mappings for Node.js
node-unique-filename (1.1.0+ds-2~bpo9+1)
unique filename for use in temporary directories or caches
node-universalify (0.1.2-1~bpo9+1)
Make a callback- or promise-based function support both promises and callbacks
node-validate-npm-package-name (3.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Checks if a string is a valid npm package name
node-when (3.7.8+ds-2~bpo9+1)
Async tools and when() implementation for Node.js
node-which (1.3.0-1~bpo9+1)
Cross-platform 'which' module for Node.js
node-which-module (2.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Find the module object for something that was require()d
node-widest-line (1.2.2-1~bpo9+1)
Get the visual width of the widest line in a string -
node-write-file-atomic (2.3.0-1~bpo9+1)
Write files in an atomic fashion w/configurable ownership
node-xdg-basedir (3.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
Get XDG Base Directory paths
node-yallist (3.0.2-1~bpo9+1)
Double linked list implementation for Node.js
node-yargs (10.0.3-2~bpo9+1)
yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.
node-yargs-parser (8.0.0-1~bpo9+1)
mighty option parser used by yargs
nodejs (8.11.1~dfsg-2~bpo9+1)
evented I/O for V8 javascript
npm (5.8.0+ds6-2~bpo9+1)
package manager for Node.js