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Package php5

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Package dh-php5

Package libapache2-mod-php5

Package libapache2-mod-php5filter

Package libexpect-php5

Package libgv-php5

Package libow-php5

Package libphp5-embed

Package librhash-php5

Package php-symfony-polyfill-php54

Package php-symfony-polyfill-php55

Package php-symfony-polyfill-php56

Package php5-adodb

Package php5-apcu

Package php5-cgi

Package php5-cli

Package php5-common

Package php5-curl

Package php5-dbg

Package php5-dev

Package php5-enchant

Package php5-exactimage

Package php5-fpm

Package php5-gd

Package php5-gdcm

Package php5-gearman

Package php5-geoip

Package php5-geos

Package php5-gmp

Package php5-gnupg

Package php5-igbinary

Package php5-imagick

Package php5-imap

Package php5-interbase

Package php5-intl

Package php5-json

Package php5-lasso

Package php5-ldap

Package php5-librdf

Package php5-libvirt-php

Package php5-mapscript

Package php5-mcrypt

Package php5-memcache

Package php5-memcached

Package php5-midgard2

Package php5-mongo

Package php5-msgpack

Package php5-mysql

Package php5-mysqlnd

Package php5-mysqlnd-ms

Package php5-oauth

Package php5-odbc

Package php5-pecl-http

Package php5-pecl-http-dev

Package php5-pgsql

Package php5-phpdbg

Package php5-pinba

Package php5-propro

Package php5-propro-dev

Package php5-ps

Package php5-pspell

Package php5-radius

Package php5-raphf

Package php5-raphf-dev

Package php5-readline

Package php5-recode

Package php5-redis

Package php5-remctl

Package php5-rrd

Package php5-sasl

Package php5-snmp

Package php5-solr

Package php5-sqlite

Package php5-ssh2

Package php5-stomp

Package php5-svn

Package php5-sybase

Package php5-symfony-debug

Package php5-tidy

Package php5-tokyo-tyrant

Package php5-twig

Package php5-uprofiler

Package php5-vtkgdcm

Package php5-xcache

Package php5-xdebug

Package php5-xhprof

Package php5-xmlrpc

Package php5-xsl

Package php5-yac

Package php5-zmq