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Package libflac8

Package libflac++-dev

Package libflac++6v5

Package libflac-dev

Package flac

Package libflac-doc

Package libflac-ocaml-dbgsym

Package libflac-ocaml-dev

Package libflac-ocaml

Package libflac8-dbgsym

Package libaudio-flac-decoder-perl

Package rename-flac

Package libaudio-flac-header-perl

Package libextractor-plugin-flac

Package mp3burn

Package ripit

Package flac-dbgsym

Package libaudio-flac-decoder-perl-dbgsym

Package libaudio-flac-header-perl-dbgsym

Package libextractor-plugin-flac-dbgsym

Package xmms2-plugin-flac-dbgsym

Package kodi-audioencoder-flac-dbgsym

Package jack-capture

Package flake

Package opencubicplayer

Package ripperx

Package opencubicplayer-doc

Package libflake-dev

Package xmms2-plugin-flac

Package mp3fs

Package gst123

Package libaudio-file-perl

Package liquidsoap-plugin-flac

Package libtag1-dev

Package elektroid

Package libtag1-doc

Package libtagc0

Package patool

Package libtagc0-dev

Package libvorbis-java

Package libtag1v5-vanilla

Package liquidsoap-plugin-ogg

Package libtag1v5

Package python-mutagen

Package alure-doc

Package alure-utils

Package libalure1

Package pypy-mutagen

Package libalure-dev

Package python3-mutagen

Package python-mutagen-doc

Package butt

Package audacious-plugins

Package flactag

Package pulseaudio-dlna

Package gnome-sound-recorder

Package qmmp

Package oidua

Package libmp3splt0-flac

Package vokoscreen-ng

Package python3-tagpy

Package mkcue

Package vorbis-tools

Package python-tagpy

Package puddletag

Package vlc-bin

Package xcfa-dbg

Package vlc-l10n

Package vlc-plugin-visualization

Package libaudio-scan-perl

Package vlc-plugin-access-extra

Package vlc-plugin-skins2

Package vlc-plugin-qt

Package libvlc-bin

Package vlc-plugin-video-output

Package vlc-plugin-video-splitter

Package magicrescue

Package libsox-fmt-base

Package vlc-plugin-samba

Package vlc-data

Package libvlc5

Package libvlccore-dev

Package vlc-plugin-notify

Package libvlccore9

Package libvlccore8

Package vlc-plugin-base

Package soundconverter

Package libvlc-dev

Package dir2ogg

Package vlc-plugin-fluidsynth

Package mussort

Package libsdl-mixer1.2

Package vorbis-tools-dbg

Package libsdl-mixer1.2-dev

Package entagged

Package libsdl2-mixer-2.0-0

Package libsdl-mixer1.2-dbg

Package libsdl2-mixer-dev

Package taggrepper

Package libapache2-mod-musicindex

Package roaraudio