Software Packages in "bullseye", Subsection ruby

asciidoctor (2.0.12-2)
AsciiDoc to HTML rendering for Ruby
atig (0.6.1-6)
Another Twitter IRC gateway
batalert (0.4.0-1)
Battery notifications/alerts for your favorite WM!
bundler (2.2.5-2)
Manage Ruby application dependencies
coderay (1.1.3-4)
Helper programs for CodeRay Ruby lib for syntax highlighting
compass-fancy-buttons-plugin (1.1.1~20120313-7)
Compass plugin implementing fancy CSS3 buttons
compass-h5bp-plugin (1.0.0-6)
Sass mixins for HTML5 Boilerplate
compass-layoutgala-plugin (0.2.1-3)
Sass mixins implementing the Layout-gala CSS styles
cucumber (2.4.0-4)
acceptance testing framework
diaspora-installer-mysql ( [contrib]
distributed social networking service - installer (with MySQL)
fonts-entypo (3.0.0-3)
icon fonts of dingbat style by Daniel Bruce
gem2deb (1.4)
Debian Ruby packaging suite
gem2deb-test-runner (1.4)
Debian Ruby packaging suite - tool to run tests
gist (6.0.0-1)
Upload gists to
hiera (3.2.0-2.1)
Light weight hierarchical data store
hiera-eyaml (3.2.0-1)
OpenSSL Encryption backend for Hiera
imagetooth (2.0.1-3)
library generating images of teeth for odontograms
itamae (1.11.1-1)
Simple Configuration Management Tool
jekyll-theme-minima (2.5.1-2)
beautiful, minimal theme for jekyll
kramdown (2.3.0-5)
Fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter - kramdown command
libdrmaa1.0-ruby (8.1.9+dfsg-9.1)
Distributed resource management Application API library - Ruby bindings
libgv-ruby (2.42.2-5)
Ruby bindings for graphviz
librarian-puppet-simple (0.0.5-4)
simple version of librarian-puppet with most of its commands
librdf-ruby (
Ruby language bindings for the Redland RDF library (dummy)
libstfl-ruby (0.22-2+b4)
Ruby bindings for the structured terminal forms language/library
libstfl-ruby1.8 (0.22-2+b4)
Ruby 1.8 bindings for the structured terminal forms language/library
libstfl-ruby1.9.1 (0.22-2+b4)
Ruby 1.9.1 bindings for the structured terminal forms language/library
metadata-json-lint (3.0.0-2)
Utility to verify Puppet metadata.json files
mina (0.3.7-1.1)
deployer and server automation tool
mkalias (1.0.10-2.1)
Bash alias management to facilitate alias creation
mruby (2.1.2-3)
lightweight implementation of the Ruby language
octocatalog-diff (1.5.4-2)
compile and compare Puppet catalogs from 2 branches, versions, etc
passenger (5.0.30-1.2+deb11u1)
Rails and Rack support
pry (0.13.1-1)
powerful irb alternative and runtime developer console
puma (4.3.8-1+deb11u2)
threaded HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications
puppet-strings (2.5.0-1)
Tool to generate documentation from Puppet code and extensions
racc (1.4.14-2)
Ruby LALR parser generator
rails (2:
MVC ruby based framework geared for web application development (metapackage)
rainbows (5.0.0-2)
HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications
rake (13.0.3-1)
ruby make-like utility
rake-compiler (1.1.1-1)
Rake-based Ruby Extension (C, Java) task generator
raspell (1.3-2+b3)
interface binding for the Aspell spelling checker
rbenv (1.1.2-1)
simple per-user Ruby version manager
rerun (0.13.1-1)
tool to launch commands and restart them on filesystem changes
rexical (1.0.7-1)
Lexical scanner generator for Ruby
ri (1:2.7+2)
Ruby Interactive reference
ronn (0.9.1-2)
tool to build manuals from Markdown
roodi (5.0.0-4)
Ruby object oriented design inferometer
rubocop (0.89.1+dfsg-1)
Ruby static code analyzer
ruby (1:2.7+2)
Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version)
ruby-abstract-type (0.0.7-3)
Allow non obstrusive declaring of abstract_type classes and modules
ruby-ace-rails-ap (4.1.1-1) Cloud9 Editor (Ace) for the Rails asset pipeline
ruby-acme-client (2.0.6-1)
Client for the ACME protocol
ruby-actioncable (2:
WebSocket framework for Rails (part of Rails)
ruby-actionmailbox (2:
receive and process incoming emails (part of Rails)
ruby-actionmailer (2:
email composition, delivery framework (part of Rails)
ruby-actionpack (2:
web-flow and rendering framework putting the VC in MVC (part of Rails)
ruby-actionpack-action-caching (1.2.1-1)
action caching for Action Pack
ruby-actionpack-page-caching (1.2.2-1)
static page caching for Action Pack (removed from core in Rails 4.0)
ruby-actionpack-xml-parser (2.0.1-4)
XML parameters parser for Action Pack
ruby-actiontext (2:
edit and display rich text (part of Rails)
ruby-actionview (2:
framework for handling view template lookup and rendering (part of Rails)
ruby-active-model-serializers (0.10.10-1)
Making it easy to serialize models for client-side use
ruby-activejob (2:
job framework with pluggable queues (part of Rails)
ruby-activeldap (6.0.3-2)
ActiveLdap is a object-oriented API to LDAP
ruby-activemodel (2:
toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails)
ruby-activemodel-serializers-xml (1.0.2-3)
xml serialization for active model
ruby-activerecord (2:
object-relational mapper framework (part of Rails)
ruby-activerecord-explain-analyze (0.1.0-2)
ActiveRecord#explain with support for EXPLAIN ANALYZE
ruby-activerecord-import (1.0.6-1)
Bulk-loading extension for ActiveRecord
ruby-activerecord-nulldb-adapter (0.4.0-1)
ActiveRecord database adapters based on the Null Object pattern
ruby-activestorage (2:
local and cloud file storage framework (part of Rails)
ruby-activesupport (2:
collection of utility classes used by the Rails framework
ruby-acts-as-api (1.0.1-2.1)
makes creating XML/JSON responses in Rails 3 easy and fun
ruby-acts-as-list (1.0.3-1)
sorting, reordering capabilities to active_record models
ruby-acts-as-taggable-on (6.5.0-2)
provides advanced tagging for Rails
ruby-acts-as-tree (2.8.0-1.1)
simple tree behaviour to active_record models
ruby-adamantium (0.2.0-3)
Create immutable objects with ease
ruby-addressable (2.7.0-2)
alternative URI implementation for Ruby
ruby-adsf (1.4.5+dfsg1-1)
tiny static file server
ruby-adsf-live (1.4.5+dfsg1-1)
live reload support for ruby-adsf tiny static file server
ruby-ae (1.8.2-2)
assertive expressive (ae) is an assertions library
ruby-aes-key-wrap (1.0.1-1.1)
Ruby implementation of AES Key Wrap
ruby-afm (0.2.2-1.1)
Ruby library to read Adobe Font Metrics files
ruby-after-commit-queue (1.3.0-2)
run callbacks after database transaction
ruby-aggregate (0.2.3-1)
Ruby class for accumulating aggregate statistics
ruby-ahoy-email (1.1.0-2)
Simple, powerful email tracking for Rails
ruby-ahoy-matey (3.0.2-1)
simple, powerful analytics for Rails
ruby-airbrussh (1.4.0-2)
Concise log formatter for Capistrano and SSHKit
ruby-akismet (3.0.0-1)
Ruby client for the Akismet API
ruby-algebrick (0.7.4-1)
Algebraic types and pattern matching for Ruby
ruby-all-dev (1:2.7+2)
Ruby development environment (all versions supported in Debian)
ruby-amazon-ec2 (0.9.17-3.1)
Ruby library for accessing Amazon EC2
ruby-ami (2.4.0-1.1)
Ruby client library for the Asterisk Management Interface
ruby-ammeter (1.1.4-3)
Write specs for your Rails 3+ generators
ruby-amq-protocol (2.3.0-2)
AMQP 0.9.1 encoder & decoder
ruby-amqp (1.8.0-1)
feature-rich, asynchronous AMQP client
ruby-android-key-attestation (0.3.0-2)
Android key attestation verification
ruby-anima (0.3.1-2)
Initialize object attributes via attributes hash
ruby-ansi (1.5.0-1.1)
ANSI escape codes at your fingertips
ruby-api-pagination (4.8.2-1)
API pagination support
ruby-apollo-upload-server (2.0.3-1)
apollo-upload-server implementation for Ruby on Rails as middleware
ruby-appraisal (0.5.1-2)
Find out what your Ruby gems are worth
ruby-appraiser (0.2.0-3.1)
simple rubygems subcommand for Gemfile
ruby-appraiser-reek (1.0.0-1.1)
Run Reek inside RubyAppraiser
ruby-appraiser-rubocop (1.0.1-1.1)
Run Rubocop inside RubyAppraiser
ruby-arbre (1.2.1-4)
Object Oriented DOM Tree in Ruby
ruby-archive-zip (0.11.0-1.1)
Simple, extensible, pure Ruby ZIP archive support
ruby-arel (9.0.0-2)
SQL AST manager for Ruby
ruby-aruba (1.0.4-1)
Cucumber extension for CLI applications
ruby-asana (0.10.2-2)
official Ruby client for the Asana API
ruby-ascii85 (1.0.3-1)
Ruby library to encode/decode the Ascii85 format
ruby-asciidoctor (2.0.12-2)
AsciiDoc to HTML rendering for Ruby (core libraries)
ruby-asciidoctor-include-ext (0.3.1-2)
Asciidoctor's standard include::[] processor reimplemented as an extension
ruby-asciidoctor-kroki (0.2.2-3)
Asciidoctor extension to convert diagrams to images using Kroki
ruby-asciidoctor-pdf (1.5.4-3)
Converts AsciiDoc documents to PDF using Prawn
ruby-asciidoctor-plantuml (0.0.12-1)
extension for Asciidoctor to enable support for PlantUML diagrams
ruby-asetus (0.3.0-1.1)
configuration library with YAML/JSON/TOML backends
ruby-asset-sync (2.11.0-1)
synchronises assets in a Rails app and Amazon/Rackspace cloud
ruby-ast (2.4.1-1)
Ruby library for working with abstract syntax trees
ruby-async (1.26.2-2)
concurrency framework for Ruby.
ruby-async-http (0.52.5-1)
HTTP client and server library
ruby-async-io (1.30.1-1)
Provides support for asynchronous TCP, UDP, UNIX and SSL sockets
ruby-async-pool (0.3.2-2)
singleplex and multiplex resource pool for implementing robust clients
ruby-atk (3.4.3-1)
ATK bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-atlassian-jwt (0.2.0-3)
Encode and decode JWT tokens for use with the Atlassian Connect
ruby-atomic (1.1.16-3+b1)
atomic reference implementation for JRuby, Rubinius, and MRI
ruby-attr-encrypted (3.1.0-3)
Encrypt and decrypt attributes
ruby-attr-required (1.0.0-2.1)
attr_required and attr_optional support for Ruby
ruby-aubio (0.3.6-2)
Ruby bindings for the aubio audio library
ruby-augeas (1:0.5.0-3+b8 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 1:0.5.0-3+b7 [mips64el])
Augeas bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-autoparse (0.3.3-3)
provides automatic parsing for any given JSON Schema
ruby-autoprefixer-rails (
Rails integration for the autoprefixer tool
ruby-avl-tree (1.2.1-1)
AVL and red-black trees in Ruby
ruby-awesome-nested-set (3.0.0-1.1)
awesome nested set implementation for Active Record
ruby-awesome-print (1.8.0-2)
pretty print Ruby objects with proper indentation and colors
ruby-awrence (1.1.1-2)
Camelize your snake keys when working with JSON APIs
ruby-aws (2.10.2-5)
AWS Ruby Library for interfacing with Amazon Web Services
ruby-aws-eventstream (1.1.0-1)
AWS Event Stream Library
ruby-aws-partitions (1.354.0-2)
provider of information about AWS partitions, regions, and services
ruby-aws-sdk (1.67.0-2)
Amazon Web Services SDK for Ruby
ruby-aws-sdk-cloudformation (1.41.0-2)
AWS SDK for Ruby - AWS CloudFormation
ruby-aws-sdk-core (3.104.3-3+deb11u2)
AWS SDK for Ruby - Core
ruby-aws-sdk-kms (1.24.0-3)
AWS SDK for Ruby - KMS
ruby-aws-sdk-s3 (1.48.0-3)
AWS SDK for Ruby - Amazon S3
ruby-aws-sigv4 (1.1.0-3)
AWS Signature Version 4 library
ruby-axiom-types (0.1.1-1.1)
Ruby module for abstract types for logic programming
ruby-azure-storage-blob (2.0.0-3)
access and manage Microsoft Azure Storage Blob Services
ruby-azure-storage-common (2.0.1-5)
ruby package that supports service client libraries for azure storage
ruby-babosa (1.0.4-1)
library for creating slugs
ruby-backbone-on-rails (1.4.0+dfsg-1)
simple library for using Backbone with Rails
ruby-backports (3.16.0-1)
backports of new features for older versions of Ruby
ruby-bacon (1.2.0-6.1)
Small RSpec clone
ruby-barby (0.6.8+dfsg-1)
Ruby library for barcode generation
ruby-barrier (1.0.2-1.1)
Ruby threads synchronization using a barrier method
ruby-base32 (0.3.2-4)
Ruby extension for base32 encoding and decoding
ruby-base62 (1.0.0-3)
base62 encoding and decoding library for Ruby
ruby-batch-loader (1.4.1+dfsg.1-3)
Powerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries
ruby-bcrypt (3.1.16-1)
Ruby binding for the bcrypt() password hashing algorithm
ruby-bcrypt-pbkdf (1.1.0-1)
Ruby library for OpenBSD's bcrypt_pdkfd
ruby-beaker-hostgenerator (1.1.22-1.1)
command line utility designed to generate beaker host config files
ruby-beaneater (1.0.0-1.1)
simple beanstalkd client for Ruby
ruby-beautify (0.97.4-4)
CLI binary and module that will pretty up Ruby code
ruby-beefcake (1.2.0-1)
sane Google Protocol Buffers library for Ruby
ruby-behance (0.6.1-4)
Ruby wrapper for the Behance API
ruby-benchmark-ips (2.7.2-2)
iterations per second enhancement to Benchmark
ruby-benchmark-memory (0.1.2-2)
Benchmark-style memory profiling for Ruby 2.1+
ruby-benchmark-suite (1.0.0+git.20130122.5bded6-3)
enhancements to the standard library benchmark.rb
ruby-bert (1.1.6-2)
BERT serializiation for Ruby
ruby-bindata (2.4.8-1)
declarative way to read and write binary file formats
ruby-bindex (0.5.0-1+b4 [amd64], 0.5.0-1+b3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Bindings for your Ruby exceptions
ruby-binding-ninja (0.2.3-2+b1)
pass binding of method caller implicitly
ruby-binding-of-caller (0.7.2+debian1-3)
retrieve the binding of a method's caller
ruby-bio (2.0.1-2)
Ruby tools for computational molecular biology
ruby-blade (0.7.1-2)
Sprockets Toolkit for Building and Testing JavaScript Libraries
ruby-blade-qunit-adapter (2.0.1-2)
Blade adapter for the QUnit JavaScript testing framework
ruby-blade-sauce-labs-plugin (0.7.3+dfsg-1.1)
Blade Runner plugin for Sauce Labs (
ruby-blankslate (3.1.3-1.1)
Ruby library providing a class with no predefined methods
ruby-blockenspiel (0.5.0-3)
Comprehensive implementation of Ruby DSL blocks
ruby-bluefeather (0.41-5.1)
Extend Markdown Converter written in Ruby
ruby-bogus (0.1.6-2)
library creating fakes to make isolated unit tests reliable
ruby-bootsnap (1.4.6-1+b2 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, ppc64el, s390x], 1.4.6-1+b1 [mips64el, mipsel])
Boot large ruby/rails apps faster
ruby-bootstrap-form (4.2.0-2)
makes it easy to style forms using Twitter Bootstrap 3+
ruby-bootstrap-sass (3.4.1-3)
Twitter's Bootstrap, converted to Sass
ruby-bootstrap-switch-rails (3.3.4+dfsg+REALLY.3.3.3-1)
asset gemification of the bootstrap-switch plugin
ruby-bourne (1.6.0-3)
Adds test spies to mocha
ruby-brandur-json-schema (0.19.1-1.1)
JSON schema/hyperschema parser and validator for Ruby
ruby-brass (1.2.1-1.1)
bare-metal Ruby assertion system standard
ruby-browser (4.2.0-3)
browser detection for Ruby
ruby-bsearch (1.5-10.1)
binary search library for Ruby
ruby-bson (4.10.0-2)
Ruby implementation of BSON
ruby-buff-config (2.0.0-2)
Ruby library providiing a simple configuration class
ruby-buff-extensions (2.0.0-1)
Ruby library that provides extra features to core Ruby classes
ruby-buff-ignore (1.2.0-1)
Ruby helper library for parsing and managing an ignore file
ruby-buff-ruby-engine (0.1.0-2)
Ruby library that allows one to query the platform running Ruby
ruby-buff-shell-out (0.2.0-1)
Ruby library fo issuing shell commands and collecting the output
ruby-buftok (0.2.0-2)
extracts token delimited entities from a sequence of arbitrary inputs
ruby-build (20200401-1)
tool to compile and install different versions of Ruby
ruby-builder (3.2.4-1)
Builders for XML MarkUps
ruby-bullet (6.1.0-2)
This package provides the Bullet ruby gem
ruby-bundler (2.2.5-2)
Manage Ruby application dependencies (runtime)
ruby-bunny (2.14.4-4)
Synchronous Ruby AMQP client
ruby-byebug (11.1.3-1)
Ruby fast debugger - base + CLI
ruby-cabin (0.8.1-1)
experiments in structured and contextual logging
ruby-cairo (1.16.6-1+b1)
Cairo bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-cairo-gobject (3.4.3-1+b1)
CairoGObject bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-cancancan (3.0.1+gh-1)
Authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails
ruby-capture-output (1.0.0-3)
Ruby library to grab given IO output and return it as a string
ruby-capybara (3.12.0-1)
integration testing tool for Rack based web applications
ruby-case-transform (0.2-1.1)
Transform values to different cases
ruby-cassiopee (0.1.13-1)
Library to index strings and to search with exact or approximate match
ruby-cat (0.2.1-1.1)
Create Ruby objects in a sandbox
ruby-cbor (
CBOR, Concise Binary Object Representation
ruby-celluloid (0.16.0-5)
actor-based concurrent object framework for ruby
ruby-celluloid-essentials (0.20.5-1)
internally used Celluloid tools and superstructural dependencies
ruby-celluloid-extras (0.20.5-1.1)
Celluloid expansion, testing, and example classes
ruby-celluloid-fsm (0.20.5-1.1)
Celluloid Finite State Machines
ruby-celluloid-io (0.16.2-5)
Ruby library providing an event-driven IO system for Celluloid actors
ruby-celluloid-pool (0.20.5-1)
actor pool based on Celluloid
ruby-celluloid-supervision (0.20.5-1.1)
Supervision support for Celluloid
ruby-certificate-authority (0.2.0~434c15cd-1)
tool to manage the core functions outlined in RFC-3280 for PKI
ruby-cfpropertylist (2.2.8-1.1+deb11u1)
Manipulate binary and XML property lists as defined by apple
ruby-character-set (1.4.0-1+b1)
Build, read, write and compare sets of Unicode codepoints
ruby-charlock-holmes (0.7.7-1)
Ruby character encoding detection library
ruby-childprocess (4.0.0-1)
Ruby library for controlling external programs running in the background
ruby-chromedriver-helper (2.1.0-7)
Easy installation and use of chromedriver
ruby-chronic (0.10.5-2)
natural language date parser
ruby-chronic-duration (
simple Ruby natural language parser for elapsed time
ruby-chunky-png (1.3.8-1.1)
pure ruby library for read/write, chunk-level access to PNG files
ruby-citrus (3.0.2-1.1)
Parsing Expressions for Ruby
ruby-clamp (1.1.1-1)
minimal framework for Ruby command-line utilities
ruby-classifier (1.3.4-4)
Ruby module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications
ruby-classifier-reborn (2.2.0-2)
Successor of Ruby::Classifier
ruby-clean-test (1.0.0-1.1)
Get unit tests readable and fluent
ruby-cleanroom (1.0.0-1.1)
Ruby module for safer evaluation of Ruby DSLs
ruby-client-side-validations (3.2.6+gh-1.1)
client side validations made easy for your Rails v3.1+ apps
ruby-climate-control (0.0.3-1.1)
library to easily manage environment variables
ruby-cliver (0.3.2-3)
cross-platform version constraints for cli tools
ruby-clockwork (2.0.4-1)
scheduler process to replace cron
ruby-clutter (3.4.3-1)
Clutter bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-clutter-gdk (3.4.3-1)
Clutter-Gdk bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-clutter-gtk (3.4.3-1)
Clutter-Gtk bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-cmath (1.0.0-2)
Provides Trigonometric and Transcendental functions for complex numbers
ruby-cmdparse (3.0.7-1)
advanced command line parsing Ruby module supporting sub-commands
ruby-cocaine (0.5.8-1.1)
library for running command line commands in Ruby
ruby-cocoon (1.2.6-2)
tool to handle nested forms using jQuery
ruby-coderay (1.1.3-4)
Ruby library for syntax highlighting
ruby-coercible (1.0.0-2.1)
powerful, flexible and configurable coercion library
ruby-coffee-rails (5.0.0-3)
Coffee Script adapter for the Rails asset pipeline
ruby-coffee-script (2.4.1-2)
Ruby CoffeeScript Compiler
ruby-coffee-script-source (1.12.2-1)
CoffeeScript Compiler - Ruby integration
ruby-color (1.8-2)
Ruby library to provide RGB, CMYK and other colorspace support
ruby-colorator (1.1.0-3)
String core extensions for terminal coloring
ruby-colored (1.2-2.1)
library to add colors or attributes to text
ruby-colored2 (3.1.2-2)
library to add colors or attributes to text
ruby-colorize (0.8.1-1)
color methods to Ruby String class
ruby-columnize (0.9.0-1.1)
Ruby library to format arrays as column-aligned strings
ruby-combustion (1.3.0-1)
elegant rails engine testing
ruby-commander (4.5.2-1)
Ruby command-line interface library
ruby-commonmarker (0.21.0-1)
CommonMark parser and renderer - Written in C, wrapped in Ruby
ruby-concord (0.1.5-3)
Helper for object composition
ruby-concurrent (1.1.6+dfsg-3)
modern concurrency tools for Ruby
ruby-concurrent-ext (1.1.6+dfsg-3+b1)
C extensions to optimize concurrent-ruby under MRI
ruby-configurate (0.3.1-1.1)
Flexible configuration system for Ruby
ruby-connection-pool (2.2.2-1)
generic connection pool for ruby
ruby-console (1.10.1-2)
Beautiful logging for Ruby
ruby-contest (0.1.3-3.1)
Ruby library to write declarative tests using nested contexts
ruby-contracts (0.16.0-1)
Contracts (a assert like) for Ruby
ruby-cookiejar (0.3.3-1)
client-side HTTP cookie library (1.7.1-1)
cool framework for doing high performance I/O in Ruby
ruby-cose (1.2.0-2)
RFC 8152 CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE)
ruby-countries (3.0.0-2)
Gives you a country object full of all sorts of useful information
ruby-coveralls (0.8.23-2)
Ruby implementation of the Coveralls API
ruby-crack (0.4.4-1)
Ruby library to parse XML and JSON
ruby-crass (1.0.2-2.1)
CSS parser based on the CSS Syntax Level 3 draft
ruby-crb-blast (0.6.9-4)
Run conditional reciprocal best blast
ruby-creole (0.5.0-2.1)
Creole common wiki markup language to HTML converter
ruby-cri (2.15.10-1)
library for building easy-to-use commandline tools
ruby-css-parser (1.6.0-1)
Ruby CSS parser library
ruby-cssmin (1.0.3-5)
Ruby library for minifying CSS
ruby-cstruct (1.0.1-3)
simulation of the C language's struct
ruby-csv (3.1.9-1)
CSV reader and writer
ruby-cucumber-core (1.5.0-2)
core library for the Cucumber application
ruby-cucumber-expressions (8.0.0-1)
simple patterns for matching Step Definitions
ruby-cucumber-wire (0.0.1-3)
Wire protocol for Cucumber (a ruby acceptance testing framework)
ruby-curb (0.9.11-1)
Ruby libcurl bindings
ruby-curses (1.2.4-1+b4)
curses binding for Ruby
ruby-cutest (1.2.1-2.1)
Run ruby tests independantly
ruby-daemons (1.1.9-2.1)
Ruby daemons library
ruby-dalli (2.7.11-1)
memcached client library for Ruby
ruby-data-migrate (6.6.0-1)
migrate data alongside schema changes for rake tasks
ruby-data-uri (0.1.0-2)
URI::Data class for parsing RFC2397 data URIs
ruby-database-cleaner (1.7.0-1.1)
clean databases to ensure a clean state for testing
ruby-dataobjects (0.10.17-2)
Unified interface to various databases for Ruby
ruby-dataobjects-postgres (0.10.17-1+b3)
PostgreSQL adapter for ruby-dataobjects
ruby-dataobjects-sqlite3 (0.10.17-1+b3)
SQLite adapter for ruby-dataobjects
ruby-dbf (3.0.5-1)
small fast Ruby library for reading database files
ruby-dbus (0.16.0-1)
Ruby module for interaction with D-Bus
ruby-ddmemoize (1.0.0-1.1)
Ruby library providing support for memoizing functions
ruby-ddmetrics (1.0.1-1.1)
Non-timeseries measurements for Ruby programs
ruby-ddplugin (1.0.2-1)
plugins management for Ruby apps
ruby-debian (0.3.10+b4)
ruby interface for dpkg
ruby-debug-inspector (0.0.2-1.1+b8)
Ruby wrapper for the MRI 2.0 debug_inspector API
ruby-declarative (0.0.10-2)
DSL for nested schemas
ruby-declarative-option (0.1.0-1.1)
Dynamic options for declarative to evaluate at runtime
ruby-deep-merge (1.1.1-1)
recursively merge Hash elements in Ruby
ruby-default-value-for (3.3.0-1)
provides a way to specify default values for ActiveRecord models
ruby-delayed-job (4.1.8-1)
database-backed asynchronous priority queue system
ruby-delayed-job-active-record (4.1.4-1)
ActiveRecord backend for DelayedJob
ruby-delayer (1.1.2-1)
Ruby library providing delay the processing
ruby-delayer-deferred (2.2.0-1)
Ruby implementation of JSDeferred
ruby-delorean (2.1.0-2.1)
lets you travel in time with Ruby by mocking
ruby-dependor (1.0.1-2.1)
classes and modules that simplifing dependency injection in Ruby
ruby-derailed-benchmarks (1.7.0-2)
Benchmarks designed to performance test your ENTIRE site
ruby-descendants-tracker (0.0.4-2.1)
Ruby module that adds descendant tracking to a class
ruby-dev (1:2.7+2)
Header files for compiling extension modules for Ruby (default version)
ruby-device-detector (1.0.1-2)
Precise and fast user agent parser and device detector
ruby-devise (4.7.3-2)
Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
ruby-devise-lastseenable (0.0.6-1.1)
make devise update last_seen flag on user
ruby-devise-token-authenticatable (0.5.2-1)
token based authentication for devise
ruby-devise-two-factor (3.1.0-2)
Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise
ruby-diaspora-federation-json-schema (0.2.6-1)
diaspora federation json schemas
ruby-diaspora-prosody-config (0.0.7-1)
Diaspora Configuration Wrapper For Prosodoy
ruby-did-you-mean (1.2.1-1)
smart error messages for Ruby > 2.3
ruby-diff-lcs (1.4.4-1)
McIlroy-Hunt longest common subsequence algorithm implementation
ruby-diff-match-patch (0.1.0-2)
diff/match/patch algorithms implemented in Ruby
ruby-diffy (3.3.0-1)
convenient way to diff strings in Ruby
ruby-directory-watcher (1.5.1-3.1)
Watch directory/files and Generate events by file change
ruby-dirty-memoize (0.0.4-1.1)
Similar to ruby-memoize, but for mutable and parameterizable objects
ruby-discordrb-webhooks (3.3.0-1.1)
blackst0ne's fork of webhook client for discordrb
ruby-discourse-diff (0.1.0-3)
Discourse Diff provides inline html diffing for markdown blobs
ruby-discriminator (0.1.1-2)
Gem making smart ActiveRecords by loading subclasses
ruby-distribution (0.7.3+dfsg-1.1)
Ruby library to work with probability distributions
ruby-diva (1.0.2-1)
Implementation of expression for handling things for mikutter
ruby-dnsruby (1.61.5-2)
Ruby DNS and DNSSEC client library
ruby-docile (1.1.5-2)
Docile keeps your Ruby DSLs tame and well-behaved
ruby-docker-api (1.22.2-1.1)
Ruby gem to interact with remote API
ruby-domain-name (0.5.20190701-1)
Domain Name manipulation library for Ruby
ruby-doorkeeper (5.3.0-2)
OAuth 2 provider for Rails and Grape
ruby-doorkeeper-i18n (5.0.2-2)
Translations for doorkeeper rubygem
ruby-doorkeeper-openid-connect (1.7.4-2)
OpenID Connect extension for Doorkeeper
ruby-dotenv (2.4.0-1)
configuration variable loader
ruby-dry-configurable (0.9.0-2)
Simple mixin to make Ruby classes configurable
ruby-dry-container (0.7.2-2)
Simple, configurable object container implemented in Ruby
ruby-dry-core (0.4.9-2)
Toolset of small support modules used throughout the dry-rb ecosystem.
ruby-dry-equalizer (0.3.0-2)
Define equality, equivalency and hash methods automatically
ruby-dry-inflector (0.2.0-2)
Inflector for Ruby
ruby-dry-logic (1.0.5-2)
Predicate logic with rule composition
ruby-dry-types (1.2.2-2)
Flexible type system for Ruby with coercions and constraints
ruby-e2mmap (0.1.0-2)
define custom exceptions with specific messages
ruby-eb (2.6-3+b10 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, s390x], 2.6-3+b9 [ppc64el], 2.6-3+b8 [arm64], 2.6-3+b7 [mips64el])
EB library interface for the Ruby
ruby-ecasound (2.9.3-2)
multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (ruby bindings)
ruby-ecma-re-validator (0.2.1-2)
Validate a regular expression string against ECMA-262
ruby-ed25519 (1.2.4-2+b1)
efficient digital signature library providing the Ed25519 algorithm
ruby-eim-xml (0.0.4-4.1)
Easy IMplemented XML by Ruby
ruby-ejs (1.1.1-2)
EJS (Embedded JavaScript) template compiler
ruby-elasticsearch (6.8.2-2)
Ruby client for connecting to an Elasticsearch cluster
ruby-elasticsearch-api (6.8.2-2)
Ruby implementation of the Elasticsearch REST API
ruby-elasticsearch-model (7.0.0-2)
ActiveModel/Record integrations for Elasticsearch
ruby-elasticsearch-rails (7.1.1-2)
Ruby on Rails integrations for Elasticsearch
ruby-elasticsearch-transport (6.8.2-2)
low-level Ruby client for connecting to Elasticsearch
ruby-em-http-request (1.1.5-2)
EventMachine based, async HTTP Request client
ruby-em-mongo (0.5.1-1.1)
Ruby EventMachine driver for MongoDB
ruby-em-redis (0.3.0+gh-3)
eventmachine-based implementation of the Redis protocol
ruby-em-socksify (0.3.1-2)
EventMachine SOCKSify shim: adds SOCKS support to any protocol
ruby-em-spec (0.2.7-1)
BDD for Ruby/EventMachine
ruby-em-synchrony (1.0.5-3.1)
fiber aware EventMachine libraries
ruby-em-websocket (0.5.1-2)
EventMachine based, async, Ruby WebSocket server
ruby-email-reply-parser (0.5.8-2)
Small library to parse plain text email content
ruby-email-reply-trimmer (0.1.6-1.1)
Library to trim replies from plain text email
ruby-email-spec (2.2.0-1)
easily test email in rspec and cucumber and minitest
ruby-email-validator (1.4.0-1.1)
email validator for Rails 3+
ruby-emot (0.0.4-2)
Yet another emoji handler
ruby-encryptor (3.0.0-2)
wrapper for the standard Ruby OpenSSL library
ruby-entypo-rails (3.0.0-3)
rails asset pipeline plugin providing Entypo icons
ruby-enum (0.7.2-3)
Enum-like behavior for Ruby
ruby-enumerable-statistics (2.0.1+dfsg-3)
Statistics features for Enumerable
ruby-enumerize (2.3.1-1)
enumerated attributes with internationalisation
ruby-equalizer (0.0.11-2)
Ruby module to define equality, equivalence and inspection methods
ruby-equatable (0.6.1-2)
extension of objects with equality comparison and inspection methods
ruby-errbase (0.0.3-1.1)
Common exception reporting for a variety of services
ruby-erubi (1.9.0-1)
Small ERB Implementation
ruby-erubis (2.7.0-3.1)
fast and extensible eRuby implementation which supports multi-language
ruby-escape (0.2-5)
HTML/URI/shell escaping utilities for Ruby
ruby-escape-utils (1.2.1-2+b1)
Faster string escaping routines for your web apps
ruby-espeak (1.0.4-2)
small Ruby API to create Text-To-Speech mp3 files
ruby-et-orbi (1.2.2-1)
Time zones for fugit and rufus-scheduler
ruby-ethon (0.9.0-2)
libcurl wrapper using ffi
ruby-eventmachine (1.3~pre20201020-b50c135-2)
Ruby/EventMachine library
ruby-exception-notification (4.0.1-1.1)
exception notification support for Rails and Rack apps
ruby-excon (0.79.0-2)
Ruby library for creating fast, persistent, HTTP(S) connections
ruby-execjs (2.7.0-1)
Run JavaScript code from Ruby
ruby-exif (0.1.2-21+b11 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, s390x], 0.1.2-21+b9 [arm64, ppc64el], 0.1.2-21+b7 [mips64el])
Ruby library for EXIF tag parsing
ruby-expression-parser (0.9.1-5)
Mathematical expression parser for Ruby
ruby-extlib (0.9.16-2)
general Ruby class extensions for DataMapper and Merb
ruby-eye (0.7-5)
process monitoring tool
ruby-facade (1.2.1-1)
An easy way to implement the facade pattern in Ruby
ruby-factory-bot (5.1.1-1)
Framework and DSL for defining and using model instance factories
ruby-factory-bot-rails (5.1.1-2)
provides integration between factory_bot and rails 5.2+
ruby-factory-girl (4.7.0-2.1)
framework and DSL for defining and using model instance factories
ruby-factory-girl-rails (4.7.0-2)
provides integration between factory_girl and rails 3.2+
ruby-fakefs (1.2.0-1)
Fake file system to be used in unit tests
ruby-faker (1.9.1-2)
easily generate fake data
ruby-fakeredis (0.8.0-4)
In-memory driver for redis-rb, useful for development and test environments
ruby-fakeweb (1.3.0+git20170806+dfsg1-2)
tool for faking responses to HTTP requests
ruby-faraday (1.1.0-6)
HTTP/REST API client library
ruby-faraday-cookie-jar (0.0.6-1.1)
Manages client-side cookie jar for Faraday HTTP client
ruby-faraday-middleware (1.0.0-2)
various middleware for Faraday HTTP/REST library
ruby-faraday-middleware-aws-sigv4 (0.3.0-2)
Faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4 using aws-sigv4
ruby-faraday-middleware-multi-json (0.0.6-2.1)
response JSON parser using MultiJson and FaradayMiddleware
ruby-fast-blank (1.0.0-2+b1)
Fast String blank? implementation
ruby-fast-gettext (2.0.3-1)
Fast GetText implementation for Ruby
ruby-fast-stemmer (1.0.2-2+b3)
Fast Porter stemmer based on a C version of algorithm for Ruby
ruby-fast-xs (0.8.0-3+b13 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 0.8.0-3+b9 [mips64el])
ruby extension for escaping text
ruby-fastimage (2.2.1-1)
Ruby library for finding the size or type of image with minimal dependency
ruby-faye (1.4.0-1)
Simple pub/sub messaging for the web
ruby-faye-websocket (0.11.0-1)
Standards-compliant WebSocket client and server
ruby-fcgi (
FastCGI library for Ruby
ruby-feature (1.4.0-2)
Feature Toggle library for ruby
ruby-feedparser (0.9.7-1)
Ruby library to parse ATOM/RSS feeds
ruby-ferret (
full text search engine library for Ruby
ruby-ffaker (2.13.0-2)
ffaker generates dummy data
ruby-ffi (1.12.2+dfsg-2+b3)
load dynamic libraries, bind functions from within ruby code
ruby-ffi-bit-masks (0.1.1-1.1)
Adds support for bit-masked types in FFI
ruby-ffi-compiler (1.0.1-4)
Automating compilation of native libraries
ruby-ffi-libarchive (1.0.1-1)
Ruby FFI binding to libarchive
ruby-ffi-rzmq (2.0.7-1)
FFI based Ruby bindings for ZeroMQ (ØMQ) networking library
ruby-ffi-rzmq-core (1.0.7-1)
FFI wrapper around the ZeromMQ (ØMQ) networking library for Ruby
ruby-ffi-yajl (2.3.1-3+b1)
Ruby FFI wrapper around YAJL 2.x
ruby-fftw3 (1.0.2-3+b3)
Ruby interface to the FFTW Ver.3 library
ruby-fiber-local (1.0.0-2)
Provides a class-level mixin to make fiber local state easy
ruby-file-tail (1.2.0-1)
Ruby library for following still-growing files
ruby-filepath (0.7-1)
small library to manipulate paths
ruby-filesystem (0.5-5.2)
Ruby extension for file-system information
ruby-fission (0.5.0-2.1)
Command line tool to manage VMware Fusion VMs
ruby-fix-trinity-output (1.0.0-2)
Fix output fastq files from trinityrnaseq
ruby-fixwhich (1.0.2-2)
ruby module that emulates the 'which' program
ruby-flexmock (2.3.6-5)
simple and flexible mock objects for testing
ruby-flipper (0.17.1-6)
Feature flipper for ANYTHING
ruby-flowdock (0.7.1-1)
Ruby library for using Flowdock's API
ruby-fog-aliyun (0.3.2-4)
Fog provider for Aliyun Web Services
ruby-fog-aws (3.8.0-1)
module for the 'fog' gem to support Amazon Web Services
ruby-fog-core (2.1.0-3.1)
shared classes and tests for fog providers and services
ruby-fog-google (1.11.0-1)
module for the 'fog' library to support Google cloud services
ruby-fog-json (1.2.0-1)
JSON parsing for fog providers
ruby-fog-libvirt (0.8.0-1)
Module for the 'fog' gem to support libvirt
ruby-fog-local (0.6.0-1.1)
Module for the 'fog' gem to support local filesystem storage
ruby-fog-openstack (1.0.8-2.1)
module for 'fog' library to support OpenStack instances
ruby-fog-profitbricks (0.0.1-2.1)
library to use ProfitBricks cloud in applications
ruby-fog-rackspace (0.1.6-2.1)
Rackspace support for Fog
ruby-fog-storm-on-demand (0.1.1-2.1)
module for the 'fog' library to support StormOnDemand
ruby-fog-terremark (0.0.3-2.1)
library for using Terremark vCloud in applications
ruby-fog-vmfusion (0.1.0-2.1)
module for the 'fog' library to support VMWARE FUSION
ruby-fog-xml (0.1.1-5.1)
XML parsing for fog providers
ruby-fogbugz (0.2.1-3)
Ruby wrapper for the Fogbugz API
ruby-font-awesome-rails (
library providing font-awesome icon font via rails asset pipeline
ruby-foreman (0.85.0-2)
Process manager for applications with multiple components
ruby-formatador (0.2.5-2.1)
Ruby STDOUT text formatting library
ruby-forwardable-extended (2.6.0-1.1)
Forwardable with hash and instance variable extensions
ruby-friendly-id (5.3.0-1)
Comprehensive slugging and pretty-URL plugin
ruby-fssm (0.2.10-3+b1 [mips64el], 0.2.10-3 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Ruby library firing events when the state of monitored paths changes
ruby-ftw (0.0.44-1.1)
Ruby For The Web - APIs for client and server web stuff
ruby-fugit (1.3.8-1)
Time tools for Ruby and flor
ruby-full (1:2.7+2)
Ruby full installation (default version)
ruby-fusefs (0.7.0-4+b12 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, s390x], 0.7.0-4+b10 [arm64, ppc64el], 0.7.0-4+b8 [mips64el])
library to easily define a filesystem in Ruby using fuse
ruby-fuubar (2.5.0-1)
instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter
ruby-fuzzyurl (0.8.0-1.1)
non-strict parsing, construction, and wildcard-matching of URLs
ruby-gd (0.8.0-7+b13 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, s390x], 0.8.0-7+b12 [arm64, ppc64el], 0.8.0-7+b9 [mips64el])
Extension library to use GD graphics library from Ruby
ruby-gdk-pixbuf2 (3.4.3-1)
Gdk-Pixbuf 2 bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-gdk3 (3.4.3-1)
GDK 3 bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-gelf (1.4.0-4)
Ruby GELF library - Graylog2 Extended Log Format library for Ruby
ruby-gemojione (3.3.0-1)
gem to provide EmojiOne
ruby-generator-spec (0.9.3-1.1)
Test Rails generators with RSpec
ruby-geocoder (1.5.1-3)
Complete Ruby geocoding solution
ruby-get-process-mem (0.2.5-1)
get memory usage of a process in Ruby
ruby-gettext (3.3.3-2)
gettext for Ruby
ruby-gettext-i18n-rails (1.8.0-1)
Simple FastGettext Rails integration
ruby-gettext-i18n-rails-js (1.3.0+dfsg-2.1)
make your .po files available to client side javascript as JSON
ruby-gettext-setup (0.34-2)
fast_gettext helper for Ruby
ruby-gh (0.18.0-3)
multi-layer client for the GitHub API v3
ruby-gherkin (4.0.0-2)
lexer and parser for the Gherkin language in Ruby
ruby-gio2 (3.4.3-1+b1)
GIO bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-gir-ffi (0.15.7-1)
FFI-based GObject binding using the GObject Introspection Repository
ruby-git (1.7.0-1)
Ruby interface to the Git revision control system
ruby-github-api (0.19.0-1)
Ruby client for the official GitHub API
ruby-github-linguist (7.12.2-1)
detection and highlight of the programming language of source code
ruby-github-markdown (0.6.9-5+b3)
Markdown parser for
ruby-github-markup (1.7.0+dfsg-3)
GitHub Markup rendering
ruby-github-pages-health-check (1.16.1-2)
check GitHub Pages for common DNS configuration issues
ruby-gitlab (4.17.0-2)
Ruby wrapper and CLI for the GitLab API
ruby-gitlab-flowdock-git-hook (1.0.1-4)
Git Post-Receive hook for Flowdock
ruby-gitlab-fog-azure-rm (1.0.0-4)
Azure Blob Storage with CarrierWave and Fog
ruby-gitlab-labkit (0.12.2-1)
Instrumentation for GitLab
ruby-gitlab-sidekiq-fetcher (0.6.1-1)
Reliable fetch extension for Sidekiq
ruby-gli (2.14.0-1.1)
Build command-suite CLI apps without a lot of syntax
ruby-glib2 (3.4.3-1+b1)
GLib 2 bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-globalid (0.4.2+REALLY.0.3.6-1)
reference models by URI for Ruby on Rails
ruby-gnome (3.4.3-1)
GNOME-related bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-gnome2 (3.4.3-1)
transitional package for ruby-gnome
ruby-gnuplot (2.6.2-2.1)
Ruby library to interact with gnuplot
ruby-gobject-introspection (3.4.3-1+b1)
GObject Introspection bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-god (0.13.7-3+b4 [amd64], 0.13.7-3+b3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
Fully configurable process monitoring
ruby-gollum-lib (
simple, Git-powered wiki
ruby-gollum-rugged-adapter (
Adapter for Gollum to use Rugged (libgit2) at the backend
ruby-gon (6.4.0-1)
Ruby library to send data to JavaScript from a Ruby application
ruby-google-api-client (0.33.0-2)
Client for accessing Google APIs
ruby-google-cloud-core (1.2.0-2)
Internal shared library for google-cloud-ruby
ruby-google-cloud-env (1.3.2-1)
Google Cloud Platform hosting environment information
ruby-google-protobuf (3.12.4-1+deb11u1)
Protocol Buffers
ruby-googleapis-common-protos-types (1.0.1-1.1)
Common protobuf types used in Google APIs
ruby-googleauth (0.13.0-3)
Google Auth Library for Ruby
ruby-googlecharts (1.6.12-1) [contrib]
Ruby library to generate charts using Google Chart API
ruby-gpgme (2.0.19-3+b3)
Ruby GPGME binding
ruby-grack (2.0.2-2)
Git Smart HTTP Server Rack implementation in Ruby/Rack
ruby-graffiti (2.3.2-1)
Relational RDF store for Ruby
ruby-grape (1.4.0-1)
Simple Ruby framework for building REST-like APIs
ruby-grape-entity (0.8.0-1)
Entity support to API frameworks, such as Grape
ruby-grape-logging (1.8.3-1)
request logging support for Grape
ruby-grape-path-helpers (1.5.0-1)
Route path helpers for Grape
ruby-graphiql-rails (1.4.10-1) [contrib]
mountable GraphiQL endpoint for Rails
ruby-graphlient (0.5.0-3)
friendlier Ruby client for consuming GraphQL-based APIs
ruby-graphql (1.11.4-1)
GraphQL language and runtime for Ruby
ruby-graphql-client (0.16.0-2)
GraphQL Client
ruby-graphql-errors (0.4.0-2)
Simple error handler for graphql-ruby
ruby-graphviz (1.2.5-2)
Ruby interface to the GraphViz graphing tool
ruby-gravtastic (3.2.6-2)
Ruby wrapper for Gravatar URLs
ruby-grib (0.4.0-4+b3)
Ruby interface to the ECMWF GRIB API
ruby-grit (2.8.2-3)
Ruby Git bindings
ruby-grit-ext (0.8.1-2.1)
utf-8 support extension for grit
ruby-growl (4.1+dfsg-2)
Pure-Ruby Growl Notifier
ruby-grpc (1.30.2-3)
GRPC system in Ruby
ruby-grpc-tools (1.30.2-3)
Development tools for Ruby gRPC
ruby-gruff (0.6.0-1)
Ruby library to create beautiful graphs for one or multiple datasets
ruby-gsl (
Ruby bindings for the GNU Scientific Library (GSL)
ruby-gssapi (1.2.0-1.1)
FFI wrapper around the system GSSAPI library
ruby-gstreamer (3.4.3-1+b1)
GStreamer bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-gtk3 (3.4.3-1+b1)
GTK+ 3 bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-gtksourceview4 (3.4.3-1)
GtkSourceView4 bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-guard (2.16.2-1)
Commandline to easily handle events on file system modifications
ruby-guard-compat (1.2.1-2.1)
Test helper for testing custom Guard plugins
ruby-guard-shell (0.7.1-2.1)
Guard plugin for running shell commands
ruby-guestfs (1:1.44.0-2)
guest disk image management system - Ruby bindings
ruby-gyoku (1.3.1-1.1)
translates Ruby hashes to XML
ruby-haml (5.1.2-2)
Elegant, structured XHTML/XML templating engine
ruby-haml-contrib (
Elegant, structured XHTML/XML templating engine - addons
ruby-haml-rails (2.0.1-1)
Haml Generator for Rails
ruby-hamlit (2.11.0-2+b3)
high performance Haml implementation
ruby-hamster (3.0.0-2)
Efficient, immutable, thread-safe collection classes for Ruby
ruby-hana (1.3.6-2)
Implementation of JSON Patch and JSON Pointer RFC
ruby-handlebars-assets (2:0.23.8+dfsg-3)
compile Handlebars templates in the Rails asset pipeline
ruby-hangouts-chat (0.0.5-2)
Library for sending messages to Hangouts Chat rooms
ruby-has-scope (0.7.2-3)
Maps controller filters to your resource scopes
ruby-has-secure-token (1.0.0-2)
Unique creation for random tokens for any model in ruby on rails
ruby-hashdiff (1.0.1-1)
library for computing the smallest difference between two hashes
ruby-hashery (2.1.2-1)
facets-bread collection of Hash-like classes
ruby-hashie (3.5.5-2)
small collection of tools that make hashes more powerful
ruby-hashie-forbidden-attributes (0.1.1-1.1)
strong parameter detection with Hashie and Forbidden Attributes
ruby-hdfeos5 (1.2-10)
Ruby interface to the HDF-EOS5 library
ruby-health-check (3.0.0-1)
Simple health check of Rails app for uptime monitoring
ruby-heapy (0.1.4-2)
Inspects Ruby heap dumps
ruby-heroku-deflater (0.6.3-2)
Enable gzip compression on heroku, but don't compress images
ruby-highline (2.0.3-2)
high-level interactive IO Ruby library
ruby-hike (1.2.1-3.1)
Ruby library to find files in a set of paths
ruby-hikidoc (0.1.0-2.1)
text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers
ruby-hipchat (1.5.2-3)
Ruby library to interact with HipChat
ruby-hiredis (0.6.3-2+b2)
Redis driver for Ruby using Hiredis
ruby-hitimes (1.2.1-4)
fast, high resolution timer for recording performance metrics
ruby-hivex (1.3.20-1)
Ruby bindings for hivex
ruby-hmac (0.4.0-5)
Ruby interface for HMAC algorithm
ruby-hocon (1.2.5-1.1)
Ruby port of the Typesafe Config library
ruby-hoe (3.22.1+dfsg1-2)
rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles
ruby-hrx (1.0.0-2)
Ruby parser and serializer for the HRX format
ruby-html-pipeline (2.12.3-1)
GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities
ruby-html-proofer (3.14.1-2)
Test your rendered HTML files to make sure they're accurate
ruby-html2haml (2.2.0-2)
Converts HTML into Haml
ruby-html2text (0.2.0-1.1)
convert HTML into plain text
ruby-htmlentities (4.3.3-1)
Ruby library for handling HTML entities
ruby-htree (0.8+dfsg-5)
HTML/XML tree library for Ruby
ruby-http (4.4.1-4)
easy-to-use client library for making http requests from Ruby
ruby-http-2 (0.10.2-1)
Pure-ruby HTTP 2.0 protocol implementation
ruby-http-accept (1.7.0-2)
Ruby parser for Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers
ruby-http-accept-language (2.1.1-3)
Ruby library that finds out which locale the user prefers
ruby-http-connection (1.4.4-1.1)
HTTP helper library for Ruby
ruby-http-cookie (1.0.3-1)
Ruby library to handle HTTP Cookies based on RFC 6265
ruby-http-form-data (2.2.0-1)
utility-belt to build form data request bodies
ruby-http-parser (1.2.1-4+b1)
Ruby FFI bindings to http-parser
ruby-http-parser.rb (0.6.0-6)
Simple callback-based HTTP request/response parser
ruby-httparty (0.18.1-2)
quick web service consumption from any Ruby class
ruby-httpauth (0.2.1+gh-1.1)
Ruby library for the HTTP authentication protocol (RFC 2617)
ruby-httpclient (2.8.3-3+deb11u1)
HTTP client library for ruby
ruby-i18n (1.8.8-1)
I18n and localization solution for Ruby
ruby-i18n-data (0.10.0-2)
country/language names and 2-letter-code pairs, in 85 languages
ruby-i18n-inflector (2.6.7-1)
enhance i18n backend with inflections
ruby-i18n-inflector-rails (1.0.7-4.1)
I18n Inflector bindings for Rails
ruby-i18n-spec (0.6.0-2)
Provides RSpec matchers for testing your locale files
ruby-icalendar (2.4.1-2)
ruby implementation of the iCalendar specification (RFC-5545)
ruby-ice-cube (0.16.3-1)
Ruby Date Recurrence Library
ruby-ice-nine (0.11.2-1)
Ruby module to deep freeze objects
ruby-image-processing (1.10.3-1+deb11u1)
higher-level helper methods for image processing
ruby-image-science (1.3.1-1)
Clean Ruby library to provide simple transformations on images
ruby-in-parallel (0.1.17-1.3)
lightweight Ruby library with very simple syntax for parallelization
ruby-indentation (0.1.1-2)
Ruby extensions for Array and String classes
ruby-inflecto (0.0.2-1.1)
Ruby library to transform words from singular to plural
ruby-influxdb (0.2.3-2)
library for InfluxDB
ruby-inherited-resources (1.11.0-4)
Speeds up development by making controllers inherit all restful actions
ruby-iniparse (1.4.2-1.1)
library for parsing INI documents
ruby-inline (3.12.4-2)
Ruby library for embedding C/C++ external module code
ruby-innertube (1.1.0-5)
thread-safe re-entrant resource pool
ruby-insist (1.0.0-1.1)
assertion library for both testing and for production code
ruby-instance-storage (1.0.0-4)
Ruby Library for managing class instances with dictionary
ruby-instantiator (0.0.7-1)
Ruby library to instantiate an arbitrary class
ruby-integration (0.1.0-1.1)
Numerical integration for Ruby, with a simple interface
ruby-introspection (0.0.4-1)
Ruby library for the inspection of method definitions on objects
ruby-invisible-captcha (0.12.2-4)
Simple honeypot protection for RoR apps
ruby-io-like (0.3.0-1.1)
Provides the functionality of an IO object to any class
ruby-ipaddress (0.8.3-3)
Ruby library to manipulate IPv4/IPv6 addresses
ruby-iso (0.2.2-2)
Ruby implementation of ISO 639-1 alpha2 and ISO 3166-1
ruby-iso8601 (0.13.0-1)
Ruby parser to work with ISO 8601 dateTimes and durations
ruby-jaeger-client (0.10.0-2)
OpenTracing Tracer implementation for Jaeger
ruby-jar-dependencies (0.3.10-2)
manage jar dependencies for Ruby gems
ruby-jaro-winkler (1.5.4-2+b1)
Implementation of Jaro-Winkler distance algorithm
ruby-jbuilder (2.10.0-1)
creation of JSON structures via a Builder-style DSL
ruby-jekyll-archives (2.2.1-2)
Jekyll plugin to generate post archive pages
ruby-jekyll-asciidoc (3.0.0-2)
Jekyll plugin to convert AsciiDoc source files to HTML pages
ruby-jekyll-avatar (0.7.0-1)
Jekyll plugin for rendering GitHub avatars
ruby-jekyll-coffeescript (1.2.2-2)
CoffeeScript converter for Jekyll
ruby-jekyll-commonmark (1.3.1-4)
commonmark markdown converter for jekyll
ruby-jekyll-compose (0.12.0-4)
Jekyll plugin to create content from the command line
ruby-jekyll-data (1.1.0-1)
read and add data files within Jekyll theme-gems to site hash
ruby-jekyll-default-layout (0.1.5-1)
plugin to set default layouts for Jekyll pages and posts
ruby-jekyll-feed (0.15.1-1)
Atom feed generator for Jekyll
ruby-jekyll-gist (1.5.0-2)
Liquid tag for displaying GitHub Gists in Jekyll sites
ruby-jekyll-github-metadata (2.13.0-1)
Jekyll plugin to propagate the site.github namespace
ruby-jekyll-include-cache (0.2.1-1)
Jekyll plugin to cache the rendering of Liquid includes
ruby-jekyll-last-modified-at (1.3.0-1)
indicate the last time a file was modified
ruby-jekyll-mentions (1.6.0-1)
Jekyll plugin to add mentionable link support
ruby-jekyll-multiple-languages (1.7.0+dfsg-1)
Jekyll plugin to internationalize sites
ruby-jekyll-optional-front-matter (0.3.2-1)
jekyll plugin to make front matter optional for markdown files
ruby-jekyll-paginate (1.1.0-3)
Default pagination generator for Jekyll
ruby-jekyll-paginate-v2 (3.0.0-1)
enhanced pagination generator plugin for Jekyll
ruby-jekyll-polyglot (1.3.3-1)
localization plugin for Jekyll websites
ruby-jekyll-readme-index (0.3.0-2)
plugin to render a README as site index
ruby-jekyll-redirect-from (0.16.0-2)
Jekyll plugin to give posts and pages multiple URLs
ruby-jekyll-relative-links (0.6.1-1)
plugin for Jekyll to convert relative links to Markdown files
ruby-jekyll-remote-theme (0.4.2-1)
plugin for building Jekyll sites with any GitHub-hosted theme
ruby-jekyll-sass-converter (1.5.2-2)
Basic Sass converter for Jekyll
ruby-jekyll-seo-tag (2.7.1-2)
Jekyll plugin to add metadata tags
ruby-jekyll-sitemap (1.4.0-2)
Jekyll plugin to silently generate a sitemap
ruby-jekyll-test-plugin (0.1.0-1.1)
facility to test Jekyll plugins
ruby-jekyll-test-plugin-malicious (0.2.0-1.1)
Malicious test plugin for Jekyll
ruby-jekyll-titles-from-headings (0.5.3-1)
jekyll plugin to create a page title from the markdown heading
ruby-jekyll-toc (0.16.0-1)
Jekyll plugin to generate a table of contents
ruby-jekyll-watch (2.2.1-1)
Rebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes
ruby-jeweler (2.0.1-3.1)
Opinionated tool for creating and managing RubyGem projects
ruby-jira (2.0.0-2)
Atlassian JIRA REST API client
ruby-jmespath (1.4.0-2)
Ruby implementation of JMESPath
ruby-jnunemaker-matchy (0.4.0-1.1)
RSpec-like matcher system for use in Test::Unit
ruby-joiner (0.5.0-2)
builds activerecord joins from association paths
ruby-journey (1.0.4-2.1)
Journey is a router for Ruby on Rails
ruby-jquery-datatables-rails (3.4.0+dfsg-1.1)
jquery datatables for rails
ruby-jquery-rails (4.3.5-2)
jQuery for Rails 3+
ruby-jquery-scrollto-rails (1.4.3+dfsg-1.1)
library to use jQuery scrollTo with Rails
ruby-jquery-ui-rails (6.0.1+dfsg-6)
jQuery UI packaged for the Rails asset pipeline
ruby-js-regex (3.4.0-1)
Converts Ruby regexes to JavaScript regexes
ruby-js-routes (1.4.9-1)
Brings Rails named routes to javascript
ruby-json (2.3.0+dfsg-1+b3)
JSON library for Ruby
ruby-json-jwt (1.11.0-1)
JSON Web Token and its family in Ruby
ruby-json-schema (2.8.1-2)
Ruby JSON Schema Validator
ruby-json-schemer (0.2.13-2)
JSON Schema validator
ruby-json-spec (1.1.5-2)
Ruby library that provides JSON helpers for RSpec and Cucumber
ruby-jsonapi-renderer (0.1.3-1.1)
Render JSONAPI documents
ruby-jsonify (0.4.1-3.1)
builder-style engine to turn Ruby objects into JSON
ruby-jsonpath (1.0.5-2)
Ruby implementation of JsonPath
ruby-jwt (2.2.2-1)
JSON Web Token implementation in Ruby
ruby-kakasi-ffi (1.0.2-3)
KAKASI interface for Ruby with Fiddle/DL/FFI
ruby-kaminari (1.2.1-1)
pagination engine plugin for Rails 3+ and other modern frameworks
ruby-kaminari-actionview (1.2.1-1)
Kaminari Action View adapter
ruby-kaminari-activerecord (1.2.1-1)
Kaminari Active Record adapter
ruby-kaminari-core (1.2.1-1)
Kaminari's core pagination library
ruby-kgio (2.11.2-2+b1)
Kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby
ruby-knapsack (1.18.0-2)
Parallel tests across CI server nodes based on time execution
ruby-kpeg (1.0.0-1.1)
KPeg is a simple PEG library for Ruby
ruby-kramdown (2.3.0-5)
Fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter - ruby library
ruby-kramdown-parser-gfm (1.1.0-2)
kramdown parser for the GFM dialect of Markdown
ruby-kramdown-rfc2629 (1.3.35-1)
generate XML2RFC XML from Markdown
ruby-kubeclient (4.9.1-2)
client for Kubernetes REST API
ruby-kyotocabinet (1.33-1+b3)
Straightforward implementation of DBM - Ruby bindings
ruby-lapack (1.8.1-1+b4)
Ruby wrapper of LAPACK
ruby-launchy (2.5.0-3)
helper class for launching cross-platform applications
ruby-launchy-shim (
helper class for launching a web browser
ruby-ldap (0.9.20-2)
OpenLDAP library binding for Ruby
ruby-leaflet-rails (1.6.0+dfsg-1)
Use leaflet.js with Rails 4
ruby-letter-opener (1.7.0-1.1)
Preview mail in the browser instead of sending
ruby-levenshtein (0.2.2-2+b12 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, s390x], 0.2.2-2+b10 [arm64, ppc64el], 0.2.2-2+b8 [mips64el])
calculates the Levenshtein distance between two sequences
ruby-libnotify (0.9.4-3)
Ruby bindings for libnotify using FFI
ruby-libprelude (5.2.0-3+deb11u1)
Security Information and Events Management system [ Ruby bindings ]
ruby-librarian (0.6.4-3)
framework for writing bundlers
ruby-librdf (
Ruby language bindings for the Redland RDF library
ruby-libvirt (0.7.1-1+b3)
Ruby bindings for libvirt
ruby-libxml (3.2.0-1)
Ruby Bindings for LibXML2
ruby-licensee (8.9.2-2)
program to detect open source project licenses
ruby-linked-list (0.0.14-2)
Ruby implementation of Doubly Linked List
ruby-liquid (4.0.3-2)
Ruby library for rendering safe HTML and email templates
ruby-liquid-c (4.0.0-1+b1 [amd64], 4.0.0-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x])
liquid performance extension in C
ruby-listen (3.2.1-1)
Ruby library listening to file modifications
ruby-little-plugger (1.1.4-1)
module that provides Gem based plugin management
ruby-locale (2.1.2-1.1)
Locale library for Ruby
ruby-lockbox (0.3.5-2)
Modern encryption for Rails
ruby-lockfile (2.1.3-1.1)
create NFS-safe lockfiles
ruby-log4r (1.1.10-4.1)
Logging library for Ruby
ruby-logger-application (0.0.2-1.1)
add logging support to Ruby application
ruby-logging (2.2.2-1)
flexible and extendable logging library for Ruby
ruby-logging-rails (0.6.0-3.1)
Logging for rail applications
ruby-logify (0.2.0-1.1)
Lightweight logging library for Ruby
ruby-lograge (0.10.0-1.1)
Tame Rails' multi-line logging into a single line per request
ruby-loofah (2.7.0+dfsg-1)
manipulation and transformation of HTML/XML documents and fragments
ruby-lru-redux (1.1.0-2)
efficient implementation of an lru cache
ruby-lumberjack (1.0.13-1.1)
Lumberjack is a logging implementation in Ruby
ruby-mab (0.0.3-1.1)
templating engine for writing HTML in pure Ruby
ruby-macaddr (1.7.1-3)
library to read system mac address
ruby-magic (0.2.9-2)
Ruby FFI bindings to libmagic
ruby-mail (2.7.1+dfsg1-1.1)
Ruby library to handle email generation, parsing and sending
ruby-mail-gpg (0.4.4-1)
GPG/MIME encryption plugin for the Ruby Mail Library
ruby-mail-room (0.10.0+really0.0.7-1)
Forward mail from gmail IMAP to a callback URL or job worker, simply
ruby-marcel (0.3.2-4)
Simple mime type detection
ruby-marginalia (1.9.0-1)
Attach comments to your ActiveRecord queries
ruby-marisa (0.2.6-2)
Ruby bindings for MARISA
ruby-markdown-it-html5-embed (1.0.0+dfsg-5)
Markdown-it plugin for embedding audio/video in the HTML5 way
ruby-maruku (0.7.3-1)
Markdown-superset interpreter written in Ruby
ruby-mathml (0.14-5)
TeX formula to MathML conversion library for Ruby
ruby-maven-libs (3.3.9+ds-3)
Ruby library that provides access to a Maven installation
ruby-maxitest (3.6.0-1)
Minitest + all the features you always wanted
ruby-maxminddb (0.1.22-2)
MaxMind DB binary file reader
ruby-mecab (0.996-14+b4)
Mecab binding for Ruby language
ruby-mechanize (2.7.7-1)
library used for automating interaction with websites
ruby-memoist (0.16.2-2)
Ruby library providing method memoization
ruby-memoizable (0.4.2-2)
memoize method return values
ruby-memory-profiler (0.9.14-3)
Memory profiler for Ruby
ruby-mercenary (0.3.6-2)
Lightweight and flexible library for writing command-line apps in Ruby
ruby-messagebus-api (3.0.7+git.20130130.97b34ece.REALLY.1.0.3-2.1)
Send email through the Message Bus service
ruby-metaclass (0.0.4-1.1)
Ruby library adding a metaclass method to all Ruby objects
ruby-metaid (1.0-8.1)
Some additional methods to make metaprogramming easier
ruby-method-source (1.0.0-2)
Retrieve the sourcecode for a method as a Ruby string
ruby-metriks (
experimental threadsafe, low-impact measurement library for Ruby
ruby-middleware (0.1.0-1.1)
middleware abstraction for Ruby.
ruby-mime (0.4.4-2)
MIME library for Ruby
ruby-mime-types (3.3.1-1)
guess MIME type of files
ruby-mime-types-data (3.2015.1120-1.1)
registry for information about MIME media type definitions
ruby-mimemagic (0.3.5+dfsg-1)
fast MIME detection by extension or content
ruby-mini-exiftool (2.9.0-2)
wrapper for exiftool command-line
ruby-mini-histogram (0.1.3-2)
build histograms out of Ruby arrays
ruby-mini-magick (4.10.1-1)
wrapper for ImageMagick with a small memory footprint
ruby-mini-mime (1.0.2-1)
Lightweight mime type implementation
ruby-minimization (0.2.1-2)
Ruby library providing minimization algorithms
ruby-minispec-metadata (3.3.0-2)
define and access metadata in MiniTest::Spec
ruby-minitar (0.9-1)
Provides POSIX tarchive management for Ruby
ruby-minitest (5.13.0-1)
Ruby test tools supporting TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking
ruby-minitest-around (0.4.1-1)
Around block for minitest
ruby-minitest-excludes (2.0.1-1)
Ruby unit tests helper library for MiniTest framework
ruby-minitest-focus (1.1.2-1.1)
provides ability to focus on a few tests easily
ruby-minitest-global-expectations (1.0.1-2)
Support minitest expectation methods for all objects
ruby-minitest-hooks (1.5.0-2)
Around and before_all/after_all/around_all hooks for Minitest
ruby-minitest-power-assert (0.3.1-2)
power assert implementation for minitest
ruby-minitest-reporters (1.0.19-2)
creates customizable Minitest output formats
ruby-minitest-shared-description (1.0.0-2.1)
Support for shared specs and shared spec subclasses for Minitest
ruby-minitest-stub-const (0.4-1.1)
Stub constants for the duration of a block in MiniTest
ruby-minitest-utils (0.2.4+debian-1.1)
utilities for minitest
ruby-mixlib-archive (0.4.1-1)
simple interface to various archive formats
ruby-mixlib-authentication (3.0.6-1)
Simple Ruby mixin for creating a logger object
ruby-mixlib-cli (2.1.6-1)
Ruby mixin for creating command line applications
ruby-mixlib-config (3.0.6-1)
Simple class based config mechanism for Ruby
ruby-mixlib-install (3.11.7-1.1)
Mixin to help with omnitruck installs
ruby-mixlib-log (3.0.8-1)
Simple Ruby mixin for creating a logger object
ruby-mixlib-shellout (3.0.9-2)
mixin library for subprocess management, output collection
ruby-mixlib-versioning (1.1.0-1.1)
Ruby library to parse, compare and manipulate version strings
ruby-mizuho (0.9.20+dfsg-1.1)
documentation formatting tool
ruby-mmap2 (2.2.7-1+b4)
Mmap class implement memory-mapped file objects for Ruby 2.x
ruby-mobile-fu (1.4.0+github-4)
detect mobile requests from mobile devices in your Rails app
ruby-mocha (1.7.0-1)
Mocking and stubbing library for Ruby
ruby-model-tokenizer (1.0.1-2)
Random token generator for Rails models
ruby-mojo-magick (0.5.6-2)
simple Ruby stateless module interface to ImageMagick
ruby-molinillo (0.6.4-1)
generic dependency resolution algorithm
ruby-momentjs-rails (2.20.1-2)
wraps the Moment.js library in a rails engine for asset pipeline
ruby-moneta (1.0.0-9)
Ruby interface to multiple key/value stores
ruby-money (6.13.6-2)
Ruby Library for dealing with money and currency conversion
ruby-mongo (2.5.1-1.1)
Ruby driver for MongoDB
ruby-mono-logger (1.1.0-3.1)
lock-free logger for Ruby
ruby-morpher (0.2.6-2)
Data transformation algebra with optional tracked evaluation.
ruby-mousetrap-rails (1.4.6-7)
integrate Mousetrap javascript library with Rails Asset Pipeline
ruby-mp3tag (1.0-12.1)
Ruby library for manipulating ID3V1.1 tags in MP3
ruby-mpi (0.3.2-3+b2)
Ruby binding of MPI
ruby-ms-rest (0.7.6-2)
Azure Client Library for Ruby
ruby-ms-rest-azure (0.12.0-2)
library which supports Azure clients generated with autorest tool
ruby-msfrpc-client (1.1.2-2)
Rapid7 Metasploit API client library written in Ruby
ruby-msgpack (1.1.0-2+b1)
Ruby library for MessagePack
ruby-mtrc (0.0.4-1.1)
library to accumulate metrics and extract basic statistics
ruby-multi-json (1.14.1-1)
Ruby library to provide easy switching between different JSON backends
ruby-multi-test (0.1.2-1)
library to control autorun feature of test frameworks
ruby-multi-xml (0.6.0-1)
generic swappable back-end for XML parsing in Ruby
ruby-multibitnums (0.1.4-2+b11 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, s390x], 0.1.4-2+b9 [arm64, ppc64el], 0.1.4-2+b7 [mips64el])
extension library for integers with arbitrary bit lengths
ruby-multipart-parser (0.1.1-4)
simple parser for multipart MIME messages
ruby-multipart-post (2.0.0-1)
multipart form post accessory for Net::HTTP
ruby-murmurhash3 (0.1.6-2+b2)
implements mumur3 hashing function
ruby-mustache (1.1.1-2)
Mustache is a framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views
ruby-mustermann (1.1.1-1)
use patterns like regular expressions
ruby-mustermann-grape (1.0.1-1)
Grape syntax for Mustermann
ruby-mysql2 (0.5.3-3)
simple, fast MySQL library for Ruby
ruby-nakayoshi-fork (0.0.4-1.1)
solves CoW friendly problem on MRI 2.2 and later
ruby-nanoc-checking (1.0.1-1)
static site generator written in Ruby - checker
ruby-nanoc-cli (4.11.23-1)
static site generator written in Ruby - command line interface
ruby-nanoc-core (4.11.23-1)
static site generator written in Ruby - core package
ruby-nanoc-deploying (1.0.1-1)
static site generator written in Ruby - deployer
ruby-nanoc-external (1.0.5-1)
static site generator written in Ruby - external filter
ruby-nanoc-live (4.11.14.really1.0.0b8-1)
static site generator written in Ruby - live support
ruby-nanotest (
Exteremely minimal test framework
ruby-narray (
Numerical N-dimensional Array library for Ruby
ruby-narray-miss (1.4.0-3)
Additional class with processing of missing value to NArray
ruby-naught (1.1.0-1)
Naught is a toolkit for building Null Objects
ruby-ncurses (1.4.9-1+b6)
ruby extension for the ncurses C library
ruby-necromancer (0.5.1-2)
Library offering conversion from one object type to another
ruby-nenv (0.3.0-2.1)
convenient wrapper for Ruby's ENV
ruby-neovim (0.8.1-1)
Ruby client for Neovim
ruby-nested-form (0.3.2-2.1)
conveniently handle multiple models in a single form
ruby-net-dns (0.9.1-2)
Pure Ruby DNS library
ruby-net-http-digest-auth (1.4-2)
RFC 2617 Digest Access Authentication implementation
ruby-net-http-persistent (3.1.0-2)
Manages persistent connections using Net::HTTP
ruby-net-http-pipeline (1.0.1-3)
HTTP/1.1 pipelining implementation atop Net::HTTP
ruby-net-irc (0.0.9-3.1)
Ruby IRC library (Client, Server and many IRC gateways to webservice)
ruby-net-ldap (0.16.1-1)
LDAP client library for Ruby
ruby-net-ntp (2.1.3-3)
NTP client for ruby
ruby-net-scp (3.0.0-1)
pure ruby implementation of the SCP protocol
ruby-net-sftp (1:3.0.0-1)
Ruby implementation of the SFTP protocol
ruby-net-ssh (1:6.1.0-2+deb11u1)
Ruby implementation of the SSH protocol
ruby-net-ssh-gateway (2.0.0-2)
Ruby library for tunneling connections to servers with ssh
ruby-net-ssh-krb (0.4.0-1.1)
Kerberos support for ruby-net-ssh
ruby-net-ssh-multi (1.2.1-3)
Ruby library for making multiple SSH connections to remote systems
ruby-net-telnet (0.1.1-2)
telnet client library
ruby-netaddr (1.5.1-3)
manipulating network addresses
ruby-netcdf (0.7.2-5+b1)
Ruby interface of netCDF library
ruby-netrc (0.11.0-3)
Ruby library to read and write netrc files
ruby-nfc (3.1.2-2)
ruby wrapper for the libnfc
ruby-nfnetlink (1.0.2-2)
Wrapper on top of libnfnetlink using FFI
ruby-nfqueue (1.0.4-2)
Wrapper around libnetfilter_queue using FFI
ruby-ngraph (6.09.01-1)
Library for using ngraph-gtk Ruby programs
ruby-nio4r (2.3.1-2+b1)
Ruby library providing a selector API for monitoring IO objects
ruby-nokogiri (1.11.1+dfsg-2)
HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser for Ruby
ruby-nokogiri-diff (0.2.0-1.1)
calculate the differences between two XML/HTML documents
ruby-nokogumbo (2.0.2-2)
Nokogiri interface to the Gumbo HTML5 parser
ruby-nori (2.6.0-1.1)
XML to Hash translator
ruby-notiffany (0.1.3-1)
Wrapper libray for most popular notification libraries
ruby-notify (0.5.2-2.1)
Desktop notification command on cross platform
ruby-notmuch (0.31.4-2)
Ruby interface to the notmuch mail search and index library
ruby-ntlm (0.6.1-2)
NTLM authentication client for Ruby
ruby-numerizer (0.2.0-2)
parse numbers in natural language from strings (ex forty two)
ruby-numru-misc (0.1.2-2.1)
Miscellaneous functions and classes to help Ruby programming
ruby-numru-units (1.9.0-1.1)
Ruby class library to handle units of physical quantities
ruby-oauth (0.5.4-1.1)
Ruby library for OAuth core
ruby-oauth2 (1.4.4-1)
ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol
ruby-obexftp (0.24-6+b4)
ruby binding to the object exchange file transfer library
ruby-octokit (4.17.0-2)
Ruby toolkit for working with the GitHub API
ruby-odbc (0.99998-2)
ODBC Binding for Ruby
ruby-oembed (0.12.0-3)
oEmbed for Ruby
ruby-ogginfo (0.7.2-2)
Ruby library for accessing low-level information on ogg files
ruby-oily-png (1.2.1~dfsg-1+b5)
native mixin to speed up ChunkyPNG
ruby-oj (3.11.0-1)
fast JSON parser and serializer for Ruby
ruby-ole (
Ruby library for read/write access for OLE compound documents
ruby-omniauth (1.9.1-1)
flexible authentication system utilizing Rack middleware
ruby-omniauth-atlassian-oauth2 (0.2.0-2)
Atlassian OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x
ruby-omniauth-auth0 (2.0.0-1)
Omniauth OAuth2 strategy for the Auth0 platform
ruby-omniauth-authentiq (0.3.3-1)
Authentiq strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-azure-oauth2 (0.0.10-1)
Windows Azure Active Directory OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-bitbucket (0.0.2-1.1)
Oauth2 bitbucket strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-cas3 (1.1.4-2)
CAS 3.0 Strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-crowd (2.4.0-1.1)
OmniAuth provider for Atlassian Crowd REST API
ruby-omniauth-facebook (4.0.0-2)
Oauth2 facebook strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-github (1.4.0-1)
GitHub strategy for the Ruby OmniAuth library
ruby-omniauth-gitlab (1.0.2-1)
OAuth2 strategy for authenticating to GitLab service
ruby-omniauth-google-oauth2 (0.6.0-2)
Google OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x
ruby-omniauth-jwt (0.0.2-1.1)
JSON Web Token (JWT) is a simple way to send verified information
ruby-omniauth-kerberos (0.3.0-3.1)
OmniAuth strategy for Kerberos
ruby-omniauth-ldap (2.1.1-1)
LDAP strategy for Ruby OmniAuth library
ruby-omniauth-multipassword (0.4.2-1.1)
OmniAuth strategy to use different password strategies
ruby-omniauth-oauth (1.1.0-2.1)
generic OAuth (1.0/1.0a) strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-oauth2 (1.6.0-1)
abstract OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-oauth2-generic (0.2.2-1.1)
generic OmniAuth strategy for OAuth2 providers
ruby-omniauth-openid (1.0.1-4)
openid strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-openid-connect (0.3.5-1)
OpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-salesforce (1.0.5-2)
OmniAuth strategy for
ruby-omniauth-saml (1.10.0-1)
generic SAML strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-shibboleth (1.3.0-1)
OmniAuth Shibboleth strategies for OmniAuth
ruby-omniauth-tumblr (1.2-1)
OmniAuth strategy for Tumblr
ruby-omniauth-twitter (1.4.0-1)
OmniAuth strategy for Twitter
ruby-omniauth-ultraauth (0.0.2-1.1)
Omniauth strategy for UltraAuth
ruby-omniauth-wordpress (0.2.2-2)
Wordpress strategy for OmniAuth
ruby-open-graph-reader (0.7.0+dfsg-1)
OpenGraph protocol parser
ruby-open-uri-redirections (0.2.1-1.1)
openuri patch to allow redirections between HTTP and HTTPS
ruby-open4 (1.3.4-1.1)
library for managing child processes in Ruby
ruby-openid (2.9.2debian-1)
Ruby library for verifying and serving OpenID identities
ruby-openid-connect (1.1.8-1)
OpenID Connect Server & Client Library
ruby-openssl-signature-algorithm (1.0.0-1)
helpers for signing and verifying signatures with openssl
ruby-openstack (2.0.2-1.1)
OpenStack Ruby API
ruby-opentracing (0.5.0-2)
OpenTracing API for Ruby
ruby-optimist (3.0.0-2)
Commandline parser for Ruby that just gets out of your way
ruby-org (0.9.12-2)
Emacs org-mode parser for Ruby
ruby-origin (2.2.0-1)
Simple DSL for MongoDB query generation
ruby-orm-adapter (0.5.0-2.1)
single point of entry for using basic features of ruby ORMs
ruby-os (0.9.6-1.1)
Simple and easy way to know if you're on windows or not (reliably)
ruby-otr-activerecord (1.4.1-3)
Off The Rails: Use ActiveRecord with Grape, Sinatra, Rack, or anything else!
ruby-ox (2.11.0-2)
fast XML parser and object serializer
ruby-packable (1.3.14-1)
extensive packing and unpacking capabilities for Ruby
ruby-packetfu (1.1.11-2)
mid-level packet manipulation library for Ruby
ruby-paint (2.2.0-1)
terminal paint library with 256 color and effect support
ruby-pango (3.4.3-1+b1)
Pango bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-paper-trail (11.1.0-1)
Track changes to your models, helps to retrieve versions
ruby-parallel (1.20.1-1)
library to run any kind of code in parallel processes
ruby-parallel-tests (3.4.0-1)
Run Test::Unit / RSpec / Cucumber / Spinach in parallel
ruby-paranoia (2.4.2-1)
re-implementation of acts_as_paranoid for Rails 3
ruby-parse-cron (0.1.4-1.1)
parse cron expressions and calculate next job occurrence
ruby-parseconfig (1.0.8-1)
Simple standard configuration file parser for Ruby
ruby-parslet (1.8.2-3)
Parser construction library with great error reporting in Ruby
ruby-passenger (5.0.30-1.2+deb11u1)
transitional dummy package for passenger
ruby-password (0.5.3-5)
Ruby library for handling passwords
ruby-pastel (0.7.3-2)
terminal strings styling with intuitive and clean API
ruby-path-expander (1.1.0-2)
PathExpander helps pre-process command-line arguments
ruby-pathname2 (1.8.2-2)
alternate implementation of the Pathname class
ruby-pathspec (0.2.1-2)
Library to match path patterns such as gitignore
ruby-pathutil (0.16.1-1.1)
Faster pure Ruby implementation of Pathname with extra bits
ruby-pcaprub (0.12.4-1+b5)
Ruby bindings for LBL Packet Capture library (libpcap)
ruby-pdf-core (0.8.1-2)
Ruby library to render PDF documents
ruby-pdf-inspector (1.3.0-2)
Ruby library for analyzing PDF output
ruby-pdf-reader (2.4.1-1)
Ruby library for accessing the content of PDF files
ruby-peach (0.5.1-4)
parallel execution of each and map in Ruby
ruby-peek (1.1.0-1)
Take a peek into your Rails application
ruby-peek-gc (0.0.2-1.1)
Take a peek into the GC info of your Rails application
ruby-peek-host (1.0.0-1.1)
Take a peek into the host which served your Rails request
ruby-peek-performance-bar (1.3.0-1.1)
peek into MySQL queries made during your application's requests
ruby-peek-pg (1.3.0-1.1)
Take a peek into the Postgres queries made during your application's requests
ruby-peek-rblineprof (0.2.0-1.1)
rails integration for rblineprof
ruby-peek-redis (1.2.0-1.1)
Take a peek into the Redis calls made within your Rails application
ruby-pg (1.2.3-1+b1)
PostgreSQL interface for Ruby
ruby-pkg-config (1.4.4-1)
pkg-config implementation for Ruby
ruby-plist (3.2.0-1.1)
all-purpose property list manipulation library
ruby-pluggaloid (1.5.0-1)
Extensible plugin system for mikutter
ruby-png-quantizator (0.2.1-2)
Small wrapper around pngquant
ruby-po-to-json (1.0.1-1.1)
convert gettext PO files to JSON
ruby-poltergeist (1.18.1-1)
PhantomJS driver for Capybara
ruby-polyglot (0.3.4-1.1)
Custom language loaders for specified file extensions
ruby-ponder (0.2.0-3)
Domain Specific Language for writing IRC Bots
ruby-poppler (3.4.3-1)
Ruby bindings for the libpoppler-glib library
ruby-posix-spawn (0.3.13-3+b1)
Ruby Implementation of posix_spawn(2) for faster process spawning
ruby-power-assert (1.1.7-2)
library showing values of variables and method calls in an expression
ruby-powerbar (1.0.18-1)
progressbar library for Ruby
ruby-powerpack (0.1.1-4)
Useful extensions to core Ruby classes
ruby-prawn (2.3.0+dfsg-1)
fast, nimble PDF generation library for Ruby
ruby-prawn-icon (2.5.0-1)
Provides icon fonts for PrawnPDF
ruby-prawn-manual-builder (0.2.0-1.1)
tool to write manuals for Prawn and Prawn accessories
ruby-prawn-svg (0.31.0-1)
SVG renderer for Prawn PDF library
ruby-prawn-table (0.2.2-1)
table support for the Prawn PDF generation library
ruby-premailer (1.14.2-1)
Preflight for HTML e-mail
ruby-premailer-rails (1.10.3-3)
tool to easily create styled HTML emails in Rails
ruby-proc-to-ast (0.1.0-2)
Convert Proc object to AST::Node
ruby-process-daemon (1.0.1-2)
Defines the daemon functionality using a Ruby class
ruby-procto (0.0.3-3)
Defines*args) which invokes*args).bar
ruby-prof (1.3.1-2+b1)
Fast Ruby profiler
ruby-progressbar (1.10.1-1)
Text progress bar library for Ruby
ruby-prometheus-client-mmap (0.11.0-1)
suite of instrumentation metric primitives
ruby-protocol-hpack (1.4.2-2)
compresssor and decompressor for HTTP 2.0 HPACK
ruby-protocol-http (0.20.0-2)
providing abstractions to handle HTTP protocols
ruby-protocol-http1 (0.13.1-1)
low level implementation of the HTTP/1 protocol
ruby-protocol-http2 (0.14.0-2)
low level implementation of the HTTP/2 protocol
ruby-proxifier (1.0.3-1.1)
add support for HTTP or SOCKS proxies
ruby-pry-byebug (3.9.0-1)
step-by-step debugging and stack navigation capabilities in pry using byebug
ruby-pry-rails (0.3.9-2)
Use Pry as your rails console
ruby-public-suffix (3.0.3+ds-1)
Domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List
ruby-puma-worker-killer (0.1.1-2)
kill memory leaking puma workers
ruby-pundit (2.1.0-1)
object oriented authorization for rails
ruby-puppet-forge (3.0.0-1)
Access the Puppet Forge API from Ruby
ruby-puppet-syntax (3.1.0-1)
Syntax checks for Puppet manifests, templates, and Hiera YAML
ruby-puppetlabs-spec-helper (2.16.0-1)
rake tasks and spec helper for spec tests on puppet modules
ruby-pygments.rb (1.2.1-2)
pygments wrapper for Ruby
ruby-qdbm (1.8.78-10)
QDBM Database Libraries for Ruby
ruby-qr4r (0.4.1-2)
QR code generator for Ruby
ruby-raabro (1.3.1-1)
Very dumb PEG parser library
ruby-rabl (0.13.1-1.1)
Ruby templating library with JSON, BSON, XML and MessagePack support
ruby-rabl-rails (0.4.1-1.1)
fast Rails 3+ templating system with JSON and XML support
ruby-rack (2.1.4-3+deb11u2)
modular Ruby webserver interface
ruby-rack-accept (0.4.5-3.1)
suite of tools for interpreting HTTP Accept family for Ruby/Rack
ruby-rack-attack (6.3.1-1)
Block & throttle abusive requests
ruby-rack-cache (1.2-4.1)
HTTP Caching for Rack
ruby-rack-cors (1.1.1-1)
enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing in Rack apps
ruby-rack-flash3 (1.0.5-2)
Flash hash for Ruby Rack applications
ruby-rack-google-analytics (1.2.0-2.1)
Simple Rack middleware to inject the Google Analytics tracking code
ruby-rack-livereload (0.3.17+dfsg-2)
LiveReload support for Rack applications
ruby-rack-mobile-detect (0.4.0-4)
rack middleware for ruby webapps to detect mobile devices
ruby-rack-mount (0.8.3-3)
Stackable dynamic tree based Rack router
ruby-rack-oauth2 (1.16.0-1)
Rack interface for an OAuth 2.0
ruby-rack-openid (1.4.2-2)
Ruby Rack library to provide access to OpenID
ruby-rack-parser (0.7.0-2)
Rack Middleware for parsing post body data
ruby-rack-piwik (0.3.0-2.1)
piwik Analytics racking in your Ruby-Rack based project
ruby-rack-protection (
Protects against typical web attacks for Rack apps
ruby-rack-proxy (0.6.1-2)
request/response rewriting HTTP proxy rack app
ruby-rack-rewrite (1.5.1-1.1)
rack middleware for enforcing rewrite rules
ruby-rack-ssl (1.4.1-2.1)
SSL/TLS extension for Ruby Rack
ruby-rack-test (0.7.0-1.1)
Simple testing API built on Rack
ruby-rack-timeout (0.5.1-2)
Abort requests that are taking too long
ruby-raemon (0.3.0+git.2012.05.18.b78eaae57c-2)
framework for building UNIX daemons
ruby-rails (2:
MVC ruby based framework geared for web application development
ruby-rails-assets-autosize (4.0.2-6)
autosize javascript library for rails applications
ruby-rails-assets-blueimp-gallery (2.33.0-2)
blueimp Gallery for rails
ruby-rails-assets-bootstrap (3.3.7-1.1)
bootstrap for rails projects
ruby-rails-assets-bootstrap-markdown (2.10.0-1.1)
bootstrap-markdown for rails applications
ruby-rails-assets-corejs-typeahead (1.2.1-2)
Fast and fully-featured autocomplete search library
ruby-rails-assets-emojione (2.2.6-5)
provide emojione javascript for rails applications
ruby-rails-assets-favico.js (0.3.10+dfsg-2)
provides favico.js to rails apps via asset pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-fine-uploader (5.13.0-2)
Official bower build for FineUploader/fine-uploader
ruby-rails-assets-highlightjs (9.12.0-3)
highlightjs for rails applications
ruby-rails-assets-jakobmattsson-jquery-elastic (1.6.11~dfsg-1.1)
jquery-elastic plugin for rails applications
ruby-rails-assets-jeresig-jquery.hotkeys (0.2.0-4.1)
jQuery Hotkeys for rails applications
ruby-rails-assets-jquery (3.5.1+dfsg-1)
jQuery for Rails via asset pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-colorbox (1.6.3~dfsg-7)
jQuery lightbox and modal window plugin
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-fullscreen (1.1.4~dfsg-2.1)
provide jquery-fullscreen via rails assets pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-fullscreen-plugin (0.5.0+dfsg-4)
jQuery fullscreen plugin for rails applications
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-idletimer (1.0.1-3.1)
provide jquery-idletimer via rails asset pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-nicescroll (3.6.6+dfsg-1)
provide jquery.nicescroll via rails asset pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-placeholder (2.3.1-2.1)
provide jquery-placeholder via asset pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-textchange (0.2.3-1.1)
provide jQuery TextChange Plugin via rails asset pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-ui (1.11.4-1.1)
provide jquery.ui via rails assets pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-jquery.are-you-sure (1.9.0-2)
Light "dirty forms" JQuery Plugin
ruby-rails-assets-jquery.slimscroll (1.3.6+dfsg-3)
provide slimScroll jQuery plugin via rails asset pipeleine
ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it (8.4.2-5)
markdown parser as a rails asset
ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it--markdown-it-for-inline (0.1.1-1.1)
Inline tokens iterator for markdown-it markdown parser
ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it-diaspora-mention (1.2.0-2)
diaspora* mentions for markdown-it markdown parser
ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it-hashtag (0.4.0-1.1)
hashtag for markdown-it markdown parser via rails pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it-sanitizer (0.4.3-1)
sanitizer for markdown-it markdown parser via rails pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it-sub (1.0.0-2.1)
markdown parser subscript plugin as a rails asset
ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it-sup (1.0.0-2.1)
markdown parser superscript plugin as a rails asset
ruby-rails-assets-perfect-scrollbar (1.4.0-4)
Minimalistic but perfect custom scrollbar plugin
ruby-rails-assets-punycode (1.3.2-2.1)
provide punycode converter via rails asset pipeline
ruby-rails-assets-underscore (1.8.3+dfsg-4)
underscore.js for rails applications
ruby-rails-controller-testing (1.0.5-1)
Extracting `assigns` and `assert_template` from ActionDispatch
ruby-rails-deprecated-sanitizer (1.0.3-3.1)
HTML sanitizer API extracted from Action View
ruby-rails-dom-testing (2.0.3-3)
SOM and Selector assertions for Rails applications
ruby-rails-html-sanitizer (1.3.0-1)
HTML sanitization for Rails applications
ruby-rails-observers (0.1.5-1.1)
toolkit to build Rails observers (part of Rails)
ruby-rails-timeago (2.19.0-1)
Rails Helper to create time tags usable for jQuery Timeago plugin
ruby-rails-tokeninput (1.7.0-1.1)
jquery tokeninput automated install
ruby-railties (2:
tools for creating, working with, and running Rails applications
ruby-rainbow (3.0.0-3)
extension of Ruby String class enabling colored text on ANSI terminals
ruby-raindrops (0.19.0-2+b1)
Real-time stats for preforking Rack servers
ruby-rake-ant (1.0.4-2)
Ant tasks and integration for Rake
ruby-rash-alt (0.4.3-1.1)
simple extension to Hashie::Mash for rubyified keys
ruby-rb-inotify (0.9.10-2)
Ruby wrapper for Linux's inotify, using FFI
ruby-rblineprof (0.3.7-2+b3)
line-profiler for ruby
ruby-rbnacl (7.1.1-1)
Ruby binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
ruby-rbpdf (1.20.1-1)
Ruby library for PDF generation
ruby-rbpdf-font (1.20.1-1)
Ruby library for PDF generation (font definitions)
ruby-rbtrace (0.4.11-3+b3)
rbtrace: like strace but for ruby code
ruby-rbvmomi (1.8.2-1.1)
Ruby interface to the VMware vSphere API
ruby-rc4 (0.1.5-3.1)
Ruby library implementing the RC4 algorithm
ruby-rchardet (1.8.0-1)
Character encoding auto-detection for Ruby
ruby-rd (0.6.38-4)
RDTool library for Ruby - library
ruby-rdiscount (2.1.8-1+b8)
Discount Markdown Processor for Ruby
ruby-re2 (1.2.0-1+b4)
Ruby bindings to re2
ruby-recaptcha (4.11.1-2)
Ruby helpers for the reCAPTCHA API
ruby-recursive-open-struct (1.1.1-1)
OpenStruct subclass that returns nested hash attributes as RecursiveOpenStructs
ruby-redcarpet (3.5.1-1)
Fast, safe and extensible Markdown to (X)HTML parser for Ruby
ruby-redcloth (4.3.2-3+b4)
Textile module for Ruby
ruby-redis (4.2.5-1)
Ruby client library for Redis
ruby-redis-actionpack (5.2.0-2)
Redis session store for ActionPack
ruby-redis-activesupport (5.2.0-1)
Redis store for ActiveSupport::Cache
ruby-redis-namespace (1.7.0-1)
Namespaces commands when multiple apps access same redis server
ruby-redis-rack (2.1.2-4)
Redis Store for Rack
ruby-redis-rails (5.0.2-3)
Redis stores for Ruby on Rails
ruby-redis-store (1.9.0-1)
redis stores for Ruby frameworks
ruby-ref (2.0.0-1)
library implements weak, soft, and strong references in Ruby
ruby-referer-parser (0.3.0-2)
Library for extracting marketing attribution data from referer URLs
ruby-regexp-parser (1.7.1-1)
Scanner, lexer, parser for ruby's regular expressions
ruby-regexp-property-values (0.3.4-2+b1)
Inspect property values supported by Ruby's regex engine
ruby-remcached (0.4.1-3)
Ruby EventMachine memcached client
ruby-remctl (3.17-1)
Ruby extension for Kerberos-authenticated command execution
ruby-remotipart (1.2.1-2.1)
enables remote multipart forms (AJAX style file uploads) with jquery-rails
ruby-representable (3.0.4-1.1)
Renders and parses JSON/XML/YAML documents from and to Ruby objects
ruby-request-store (1.5.0-2)
per-request global variable storage for Rack-based web servers
ruby-responders (3.0.1-1)
set of Rails responders to dry up your application
ruby-rest-client (2.1.0-1)
simple REST client for Ruby
ruby-rethtool (0.0.5-2)
partial wrapper around the SIOCETHTOOL ioctl
ruby-retriable (3.1.2-1)
Retriable is an simple DSL to retry failed code blocks
ruby-retryable (2.0.4-1)
module that allows one to retry a code block
ruby-reverse-markdown (1.4.0-1)
converts HTML code into markdown
ruby-rgen (0.8.4-1)
Ruby Modelling and Generator Framework
ruby-riemann-client (0.2.3-1.1)
client for the distributed event system Riemann
ruby-rinku (1.7.3-2+b5)
autolinker for Ruby
ruby-riot (0.12.7-2)
fast, expressive, and context-driven unit-testing framework for Ruby
ruby-rjb (1.5.5-3+b4 [amd64], 1.5.5-3+b3 [i386])
Ruby-Java bridge using Java Native Interface
ruby-rmagick (2.16.0-7)
ImageMagick API for Ruby
ruby-roadie (4.0.0-1)
library for composing HTML email
ruby-roadie-rails (2.1.1-2)
library for composing HTML email in Rails applications
ruby-rollout (2.5.0-1)
provides feature flags based on Redis
ruby-romkan (0.4.0-2)
Romaji <-> Kana conversion library for Ruby
ruby-ronn (0.9.1-2)
library to build manuals from Markdown
ruby-roo (2.8.3-1)
can access the contents of various spreadsheet files
ruby-rotp (2.1.1+dfsg-1.1)
Ruby library for generating and verifying one time passwords
ruby-rouge (3.21.0-1)
pure-Ruby syntax highlighter compatible with pygments
ruby-roxml (4.0.0-2)
Ruby Object to XML mapping library
ruby-rpam-ruby19 (1.2.1-1+b7)
PAM integration with Ruby
ruby-rpatricia (1.0.1-1+b12 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mipsel, s390x], 1.0.1-1+b10 [arm64, ppc64el], 1.0.1-1+b8 [mips64el])
efficient IPv4/IPv6 prefix storage and lookup for Ruby
ruby-rqrcode (1.1.2-3)
Ruby library for encoding QRCode (2D barcodes)
ruby-rqrcode-core (0.1.2-1)
Ruby Gem Library to encode QR Codes
ruby-rqrcode-rails3 (0.1.7-1.1+deb11u1)
render QR codes with Rails 3
ruby-rr (1.2.1-2.1)
test double framework for Ruby
ruby-rrd (1.7.2-3+b7)
time-series data storage and display system (Ruby interfaces)
ruby-rsec (0.4.2-1.1)
Parser / Regexp Combinator For Ruby
ruby-rspec (3.9.0c2e2m1s3-2)
Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby - metapackage
ruby-rspec-collection-matchers (1.2.0-2)
Ruby RSpec CollectionMatchers
ruby-rspec-core (3.9.0c2e2m1s3-2)
Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby - core
ruby-rspec-expectations (3.9.0c2e2m1s3-2)
Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby - expectations
ruby-rspec-files (1.0.2-2)
RSpec helpers for buffering and detecting file descriptor leaks
ruby-rspec-instafail (1.0.0-6)
Show failing specs instantly
ruby-rspec-its (1.3.0-1)
attribute matching extension for the RSpec BDD framework
ruby-rspec-junit-formatter (0.4.1-2)
RSpec JUnit XML formatter
ruby-rspec-logsplit (0.1.3-1.1)
library to provide a logger for each example
ruby-rspec-memory (1.0.2-2)
RSpec helpers for checking memory allocations
ruby-rspec-mocks (3.9.0c2e2m1s3-2)
Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby - mocks
ruby-rspec-parameterized (0.4.2-2)
Supports simple parameterized test syntax in rspec
ruby-rspec-pending-for (0.1.3-2)
RSpec plugin to skip specs for given Ruby versions
ruby-rspec-profiling (0.0.5-2)
Profile RSpec test suites
ruby-rspec-puppet (2.8.0-1)
RSpec tests for your Puppet manifests
ruby-rspec-rails (4.0.1-2)
RSpec for Rails 3+
ruby-rspec-retry (0.6.2-1)
add support for retrying failing examples in RSpec
ruby-rspec-set (0.1.3-2)
#set(), speed-up your specs
ruby-rspec-stubbed-env (1.0.0-2)
Unobtrusively stub ENV keys and values during testing
ruby-rspec-support (3.9.0c2e2m1s3-2)
Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby - support
ruby-rspec-temp-dir (1.1.0-2)
creates temporary directory for each example automatically
ruby-rsvg2 (3.4.3-1)
RSVG renderer bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-rsync (1.0.9-3)
ruby wrapper and bindings for the rsync binary
ruby-rt (
RTTool library for Ruby
ruby-rubame (0.0.3~git20131224.f3c78ba-2)
simple Ruby websocket game server
ruby-rubocop-ast (0.3.0+dfsg-1)
RuboCop tools to deal with Ruby code AST
ruby-rubocop-packaging (0.5.1-1)
Automatic downstream compatibility checking tool for Ruby code
ruby-rubocop-performance (1.7.1-1)
Automatic performance checking tool for Ruby code
ruby-rubocop-rspec (1.42.0-1)
Code style checking for RSpec files
ruby-ruby-engine (1.0.1-2)
Provides the RubyEngine constant
ruby-ruby-parser (3.15.1-1)
Ruby parser written in pure Ruby
ruby-ruby-version (1.0.1-2)
Provide the RubyVersion pseudo-constant
ruby-ruby2-keywords (0.0.2-2)
source-level compatibility library between ruby2.7 and ruby3
ruby-ruby2ruby (2.4.4-2)
Generate pure ruby code easily from ParseTree's Sexps
ruby-rubydns (1.0.3-3)
Easy to use DNS server and resolver for Ruby
ruby-rubygems (3.2.5-2)
Package management framework for Ruby
ruby-rubymail (1.1.4-1)
MIME mail parsing and generation library
ruby-rubypants (0.6.0-1.1)
Ruby port of SmartyPants smart-quotes library
ruby-rubytorrent (0.3-5.1)
BitTorrent library in Ruby
ruby-rubyvis (0.6.1+dfsg1-2.1)
Ruby visualization toolkit
ruby-rufus-scheduler (3.4.2-1)
job scheduler for Ruby
ruby-rugged (1.1.0+ds-4)
Ruby binding to the libgit2 library
ruby-rugments (1.0.0~beta8-1.1)
pure-ruby syntax highlighter replacement for pygments
ruby-rushover (0.3.0-2)
Simple ruby Pushover client
ruby-safe-yaml (1.0.5-1)
safer YAML loader for Ruby
ruby-safely-block (0.2.1-2)
Rescue and report exceptions in non-critical code
ruby-safety-net-attestation (0.4.0-2)
SafetyNet attestation response verification
ruby-saml (1.11.0-1)
SAML toolkit for Ruby on Rails
ruby-samuel (0.3.3-1.1)
automatic logger for HTTP requests in Ruby
ruby-sanitize (5.2.1-2+deb11u1)
whitelist-based HTML sanitizer
ruby-sasl (
SASL client library for Ruby
ruby-sass-rails (6.0.0-1)
Sass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline
ruby-sassc (2.2.1-1)
Ruby module to use libsass
ruby-sassc-rails (2.1.2-5)
Integrate SassC-Ruby into Rails
ruby-sawyer (0.8.2-1)
HTTP/REST API client Ruby library
ruby-scanf (1.0.0-2)
Implementation of the C function scanf
ruby-schash (0.1.2-1.1)
Ruby Hash validator
ruby-scientist (1.5.0-2)
Carefully test, measure, and track refactored code
ruby-sdl (2.2.0-1+b5)
Ruby/SDL interface for Ruby
ruby-sdoc (1.1.0-1)
RDoc generator to build searchable HTML documentation for Ruby code
ruby-seamless-database-pool (1.0.20-1.1)
support for master/slave database clusters in ActiveRecord
ruby-secure-headers (6.3.2-1)
Security related headers all in one gem
ruby-securecompare (1.0.0-1.1)
string comparison method safe for use in cryptographic functions
ruby-seed-fu (2.3.7-3)
easily manage seed data in an Active Record application
ruby-select2-rails (
integrate Select2 javascript library with Rails asset pipeline
ruby-selenium-webdriver (3.142.7+dfsg-2)
Browser automation framework and ecosystem
ruby-selinux (3.1-3)
Ruby bindings to SELinux shared libraries
ruby-semanage (3.1-1+b2)
Ruby bindings to for SELinux policy management
ruby-semantic-puppet (1.0.3-1)
Useful tools for working with semantic versions with Puppet
ruby-semverse (2.0.0-1)
Ruby library for representing SemVer versions and constraints
ruby-sentry-raven (3.0.0-2)
client interface for the Sentry error logger
ruby-sequel (5.41.0-1)
Simple, flexible, and powerful SQL database access toolkit for Ruby
ruby-sequel-pg (1.14.0-1)
Faster SELECTs when using Sequel with pg
ruby-sequenced (3.1.1-1.1)
generate scoped sequential IDs for ActiveRecord models
ruby-serialport (1.3.1-1+b8)
Library for using RS-232 serial ports from Ruby programs
ruby-serverengine (2.2.2-1)
multiprocess server framework
ruby-serverspec (2.41.5-1)
RSpec tests for your servers configured by Puppet, Chef or anything else
ruby-settingslogic (2.0.9-3.1)
simple settings solution for Ruby
ruby-sexp-processor (4.15.2-1)
brings all the generic sexp processing tools to ruby
ruby-shadow (2.5.0-1+b4)
interface of shadow password for Ruby
ruby-sham-rack (1.4.1-2)
Net::HTTP-to-Rack plumbing for HTTP testing
ruby-shellany (0.0.1-2.1)
MRI+JRuby compatible command output capturing
ruby-shindo (0.3.8-3)
simple depth first Ruby testing
ruby-shoulda (4.0.0-2)
additional features for the Test::Unit testing framework
ruby-shoulda-context (2.0.0-2)
context framework for Test::Unit
ruby-shoulda-matchers (4.3.0-2)
Test helpers for Rails applications, compatible with Test::Unit and RSpec
ruby-sidekiq (6.0.4+dfsg-2)
Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby
ruby-sidekiq-cron (1.2.0-1)
scheduling add-on for Sidekiq
ruby-sigar (0.7.3-2+b2)
System Information Gatherer And Reporter
ruby-sigdump (0.2.4-6)
SIGQUIT of Java VM for Ruby
ruby-signet (0.14.0-4)
Signet is an OAuth 1.0 / OAuth 2.0 implementation
ruby-simple-captcha2 (0.5.0-1)
simplest and a robust captcha plugin for rails
ruby-simple-oauth (0.3.1-2.1)
Simply builds and verifies OAuth headers
ruby-simple-po-parser (1.1.5-2)
Simple PO file to ruby hash parser
ruby-simplecov (0.19.1-1)
code coverage for Ruby 1.9+
ruby-simplecov-html (0.12.3-1)
default HTML formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool
ruby-simpleidn (0.1.1-2)
Punycode ACE to unicode UTF-8 (and vice-versa) string conversion.
ruby-sinatra (
Ruby web-development dressed in a DSL
ruby-sinatra-contrib (
collection of useful extensions to the Sinatra web framework
ruby-six (0.2.0-4)
very simple authorization library for Ruby
ruby-sixarm-ruby-unaccent (1.2.0-2)
replaces a string's accented characters with unaccented characters
ruby-slack-messenger (2.3.4-1)
Slim ruby wrapper for posting to slack webhooks
ruby-slack-notifier (1.5.1-2)
Ruby wrapper for posting to slack webhooks
ruby-slim (4.0.1-3)
powerful (X)HTML templating engine with an elegant syntax
ruby-slop (4.6.2-1.1)
Simple DSL for gathering options and parsing the command lineOption
ruby-slow-enumerator-tools (1.1.0-1.1)
transformation of Ruby enumerators to produce data slowly and unpredictably
ruby-snmp (1.3.2-1)
simple network management protocol bindings for ruby
ruby-snorlax (0.1.8-1.1)
Snorlax is a flexible controller for Rails APIs
ruby-snowplow-tracker (0.6.1-2)
Ruby Analytics for Snowplow
ruby-soap4r (2.0.5-5)
SOAP library for the Ruby programming language
ruby-socksify (1.7.1+gh-1)
Redirect all TCPSockets through a SOCKS5 proxy
ruby-solve (4.0.0-1)
Ruby version constraint solver implementing semantic versioning
ruby-source-map (3.0.1+git.20120229.bda06a3f-2)
ruby support for source maps in javascripts
ruby-spdx-licenses (1.2.0-2)
SPDX license and identifier lookup
ruby-specinfra (2.82.22-2)
Common layer for serverspec and configspec
ruby-spider (0.5.0-4)
web spidering library for Ruby
ruby-spoon (0.0.6-5)
FFI binding of the posix_spawn function for Ruby
ruby-spreadsheet (1.0.0-1.1)
Ruby library for manipulating MS Excel (.xls) spreadsheets
ruby-spring (2.1.0-2)
Rails application preloader
ruby-spring-commands-rspec (1.0.4-2)
rspec command for spring
ruby-spring-watcher-listen (2.0.1-1.1)
Makes spring watch files using the listen library
ruby-sprite-factory (1.7.1-3)
automatic css sprite generator
ruby-sprockets (3.7.2-1)
Rack-based asset packaging system
ruby-sprockets-export (1.0.0-1.1)
Sprockets Export
ruby-sprockets-rails (3.2.1-1)
Sprockets Rails integration (part of Rails)
ruby-spy (0.4.3-1)
simple modern mocking library using the spy pattern
ruby-sqlite3 (1.4.2-3)
SQLite3 interface for Ruby
ruby-sshkey (2.0.0-3)
SSH private/public key generator in Ruby
ruby-sshkit (1.20.0-2)
toolkit for running commands in a structured way on one or more servers
ruby-stackprof (0.2.15-2)
sampling callstack-profiler for ruby 2.2+
ruby-stamp (0.6.0-1.1)
date and time formatting for humans
ruby-standalone (2.7~5)
Ruby interpreter that won't integrate with Debian packages
ruby-state-machines (0.5.0-3)
Adds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class
ruby-state-machines-activemodel (0.7.1-2)
ActiveModel integration for State Machines
ruby-state-machines-activerecord (0.6.0-2)
State machines Active Record Integration
ruby-statistics (2.1.1-2)
ruby gem for statistics inspired by the jStat js library
ruby-statsd (1.4.0-1.1)
StatsD client for Ruby
ruby-stomp (1.4.10-1)
Ruby client for the stomp messaging protocol
ruby-string-direction (1.2.2-1)
Automatic detection of text direction (ltr, rtl or bidi) for strings
ruby-stringex (2.8.5-1)
Some useful extensions to Ruby's String class
ruby-stringify-hash (0.0.1-1.1)
ruby hash object that treats symbols and strings interchangeably
ruby-strptime (0.2.5-1+b1)
fast strptime/strftime engine
ruby-stud (0.0.22-1.1)
reusable common code to enhance Ruby's stdlib library
ruby-subexec (0.2.3+gh-2.1)
mechanism for spawning a subprocess
ruby-svg-graph (2.2.1-2)
Pure Ruby library for generating charts in SVG format
ruby-svn (1.14.1-3+deb11u1)
Ruby bindings for Apache Subversion
ruby-swd (1.0.1-2)
SWD (Simple Web Discovery) Client Library
ruby-symboltable (1.0.2-2)
symbols-only hash for Ruby
ruby-sync (0.5.0-2)
two-phase lock with a counter
ruby-sys-filesystem (1.1.7-2)
ruby interface for getting file system information.
ruby-sys-proctable (1.2.6-1)
Ruby interface for gathering process information
ruby-syslog-logger (1.6.8-1.1)
improved Logger replacement that logs to syslog
ruby-systemu (2.6.5-1.1)
universal child process handling Ruby library
ruby-table-print (1.5.6-1)
Ruby library to turn objects into formatted columns
ruby-task-list (2.3.1-1)
GitHub-flavored-Markdown TaskList components
ruby-tdiff (0.3.3-1.1)
Calculates the differences between two tree-like structures
ruby-temple (0.8.2-1)
template compilation framework in Ruby
ruby-term-ansicolor (1.3.0-1.1)
Ruby library that colors strings using ANSI escape sequences
ruby-terminal-table (2.0.0-1)
simple, feature rich ASCII table generation library
ruby-termios (1.1.0-1)
termios simple wrapper for Ruby
ruby-terrapin (0.6.0-2)
Run shell commands safely, even with user-supplied values
ruby-terser (1.0.2+dfsg-4)
Ruby wrapper for Terser JavaScript compressor
ruby-test-construct (2.0.2-1)
Ruby library that creates temporary files and directories for testing
ruby-test-declarative (0.0.6-2)
adds a declarative test method syntax to test/unit
ruby-test-prof (0.12.2+dfsg-1)
Ruby applications tests profiling tools
ruby-test-spec (0.10.0-3.1)
Ruby library providing behaviour driven development interface for Test::Unit
ruby-test-unit (3.3.9-1)
unit testing framework for Ruby
ruby-test-unit-context (0.5.0-2.1)
context for the Test::Unit Ruby testing framework
ruby-test-unit-notify (1.0.4-2.1)
test result notify extension for Ruby Test::Unit
ruby-test-unit-rr (1.0.5-3.1)
RR adapter for Ruby Test::Unit
ruby-test-xml (0.1.8-1.1)
Test your XML with Test::Unit, MiniTest, RSpec, or Cucumber
ruby-text (1.3.0-1.1)
Collection of text algorithms for Ruby
ruby-text-format (1.0.0-5)
Ruby library for text formatting
ruby-text-table (1.2.4-3)
feature-rich, easy-to-use plain text table formatter in Ruby
ruby-thor (1.0.1-1)
Ruby scripting framework
ruby-threach (0.2.0-2)
Threaded each
ruby-thread-order (1.1.0-1.1)
test helper for ordering threaded code
ruby-thread-safe (0.3.6-1)
thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby
ruby-thrift (
Ruby bindings for Apache Thrift
ruby-thwait (0.1.0-2)
watches for termination of multiple threads
ruby-tilt (2.0.10-1)
Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines
ruby-timecop (0.9.1-1)
Ruby library to easily test time-dependent code
ruby-timeliness (0.3.10-2)
Date/time parsing with better control
ruby-timers (4.1.1-2.1)
pure Ruby timer collections
ruby-timfel-krb5-auth (0.8.3-3+b1)
Kerberos binding for Ruby
ruby-tins (1.1.0-2)
useful tools library in Ruby
ruby-tioga (1.19.1-3+b1)
Ruby library for scientific graphs
ruby-to-regexp (0.2.1-2)
safe way to convert strings to regexps (with options)
ruby-tokyocabinet (1.31-5+b5)
Ruby Binding of Tokyo Cabinet Database
ruby-toml (0.2.0-3.1)
TOML Parser library for Ruby
ruby-toml-rb (1.0.0-2)
Toml parser in ruby, for ruby
ruby-tomlrb (1.3.0-1)
Racc based TOML parser library for Ruby
ruby-tool (0.2.3-1.1)
general purpose Ruby library used by Sinatra 2.0 and Mustermann
ruby-torquebox-no-op (3.1.2-1.1)
emulate TorqueBox APIs outside of TorqueBox
ruby-tpm-key-attestation (0.10.0-2)
TPM Key Attestation verifier
ruby-train-core (3.2.28-2)
transport interface to talk to a selected set of backends (core)
ruby-treetop (1.6.8-1)
Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL
ruby-trollop (2.0-2.1)
command-line argument processing library
ruby-truncato (0.7.11-1)
tool for truncating HTML strings efficiently
ruby-ttfunk (
Ruby library to parse TrueType font metrics
ruby-tty-color (0.6.0-1)
terminal color capabilities detection
ruby-tty-command (0.9.0-2)
execution from Ruby of shell commands with pretty output logging
ruby-tty-cursor (0.7.1-2)
Library to help move the terminal cursor around and manipulate text
ruby-tty-platform (0.3.0-2)
query methods to detect operating systems and their properties
ruby-tty-prompt (0.21.0-1)
Library that provides an interactive command line prompt
ruby-tty-reader (0.7.0-2)
Library for processing keyboard input in character, line and multiline modes
ruby-tty-screen (0.7.1-2)
Library providing cross-platform terminal screen size detection
ruby-tty-spinner (0.9.3-2)
Library for showing a spinner icon for terminal tasks
ruby-tty-which (0.4.2-2)
platform-independent implementation of Unix which command
ruby-turbolinks (5.1.1-2)
following links in your Rails web application faster
ruby-turbolinks-source (5.1.0+dfsg-2)
Provides Turbolinks as a ruby gem
ruby-twitter (7.0.0-1)
Ruby interface to the Twitter API
ruby-twitter-oauth (0.4.94-4.1)
Twitter OAuth REST API client library for Ruby
ruby-twitter-stream (0.1.16-3)
Twitter realtime API client for Ruby
ruby-twitter-text (1.14.7+conformance-2)
library that does auto linking and extraction items in tweets
ruby-typed-array (0.1.2-7)
Ruby library providing enforced-type functionality to Arrays
ruby-typhoeus (1.4.0-1)
parallel HTTP library on top of ethon
ruby-tzinfo (1.2.6-1)
Daylight-savings aware timezone library
ruby-u2f (0.2.1-2)
U2F server side library
ruby-uber (0.1.0-1.1)
gem-authoring framework
ruby-uconv (0.6.1-3+b4)
Unicode/EUC-JP translation module for Ruby
ruby-uglifier (2.7.2+dfsg-2)
Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor
ruby-unf (0.1.4-2)
Wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support to Ruby
ruby-unf-ext (
Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby
ruby-unicode (
Unicode string manipulation library for Ruby
ruby-unicode-display-width (1.6.1-1)
Determines the monospace display width of a string in Ruby
ruby-unicode-plot (0.0.4-2)
Plot your data by Unicode characters
ruby-unicode-utils (1.4.0-2)
additional Unicode aware functions for Ruby
ruby-unicorn-worker-killer (0.4.4-2)
library to kill unicorn workers by memory and request counts
ruby-unidecode (1.0.0-2)
Transliteratively convert UTF-8 text to US-ASCII
ruby-uniform-notifier (1.13.0-2)
Uniform notifier for a number of platforms
ruby-unindent (1.0-3)
Ruby method to unindent strings
ruby-unleash (0.1.6-2)
Unleash feature toggle client
ruby-unparser (0.4.7-2)
Generate equivalent source for parser gem AST nodes
ruby-upr (0.3.0-3)
Upload Progress for Rack
ruby-uri-template (0.7.0-2)
templating system for URIs
ruby-url-safe-base64 (0.2.2-2)
converter for strings that contains only url-safe characters
ruby-user-agent-parser (2.5.1-2)
Simple and comprehensive Ruby gem for parsing user agent strings
ruby-useragent (0.16.8-1.1)
HTTP User Agent parser
ruby-uuid (2.3.9-1.1)
UUID generator for Ruby
ruby-uuidtools (2.2.0-1)
UUIDs generation library for Ruby
ruby-vagrant-cloud (3.0.2-1)
Vagrant Cloud API Library
ruby-valid (1.0.0-2.1)
standalone, generic object validator for ruby
ruby-valid-email (0.1.3-3)
ActiveModel Validation for email
ruby-validatable (1.6.7-10.1)
Ruby library for adding validations
ruby-validate-email (0.1.6+git-1)
Library for validating email addresses in Rails 3 models
ruby-validate-url (1.0.2+git-2)
Library for validating urls in Rails
ruby-validates-hostname (1.0.11-1)
checks for valid hostnames
ruby-varia-model (0.6.0-1)
Ruby library that provide objects with magic attribute features
ruby-vcr (6.0.0+really5.0.0-1)
Record and replay HTTP interactions (Ruby library)
ruby-version-sorter (2.2.4-2+b1)
Fast sorting of version strings
ruby-versionist (2.0.1-2)
version for Rails based RESTful APIs
ruby-versionomy (0.5.0-2)
Generalized version number class for Ruby
ruby-vips (2.0.17-1)
Ruby extension for the vips image processing library
ruby-virtus (1.0.5-3)
attributes on steroids for plain old Ruby objects
ruby-vmstat (2.3.0-3+b1)
library to gather system information
ruby-voight-kampff (1.1.3-4)
detects bots, spiders, crawlers and replicants
ruby-wait-for-it (0.2.1-2)
Stop sleeping in your tests, instead wait for it
ruby-warden (1.2.8-1)
Rack middleware that provides authentication for rack applications
ruby-wavefile (0.6.0-2)
Pure Ruby library for reading and writing Wave sound files (*.wav)
ruby-web-console (4.0.1-2)
Ruby on Rails debugger
ruby-webauthn (2.4.0-2)
WebAuthn ruby server library
ruby-webfinger (1.0.2-2)
Ruby WebFinger client library
ruby-webkit2-gtk (3.4.3-1)
WebKitGTK+ bindings for the Ruby language
ruby-webmock (3.8.3-1)
library for stubbing HTTP requests in Ruby
ruby-webpack-rails (0.9.11+git-1)
Webpack & Rails integration made easier
ruby-webpacker (4.2.2-7)
Use webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
ruby-webrobots (0.1.2-1)
Library for creating robots.txt-aware web robots
ruby-websocket (1.2.8-2)
Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
ruby-websocket-driver (0.6.3-3+b1)
WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O
ruby-websocket-extensions (0.1.5-1)
Generic extension manager for WebSocket connections
ruby-whenever (1.0.0-1)
Ruby library to abstract writing and deploying cron jobs
ruby-whitequark-parser (
Ruby parser written in pure Ruby
ruby-whitewash (2.1-1.1)
Whitelist-based HTML filter for Ruby
ruby-wikicloth (0.8.1+dfsg-4)
MediaWiki markup language parser for Ruby
ruby-will-paginate (3.3.0-1)
Pagination for Rails
ruby-wisper (2.0.1-2)
micro library providing objects with Publish-Subscribe capabilities
ruby-xapian (1.4.18-1)
Xapian search engine interface for Ruby
ruby-xdg (2.2.3-1.1)
Ruby interface for using XDG directory standard
ruby-xml-simple (1.1.5-1.1)
Simple Ruby API for reading and writing XML
ruby-xmlhash (1.3.6-2+b7)
parse a XML string into a ruby hash
ruby-xmlparser (0.7.3-4)
Ruby interface for the expat XML parser toolkit
ruby-xmlrpc (0.3.0-2)
XMLRPC library for Ruby
ruby-xmmsclient (0.8+dfsg-21)
XMMS2 - Ruby bindings
ruby-xmpp4r (0.5.6-2)
XMPP/Jabber library for ruby
ruby-xpath (3.2.0-1)
Ruby library to generate XPath expressions
ruby-ya2yaml (0.31-1.1)
UTF8 safe YAML dumper
ruby-yajl (1.4.1-1+b1)
Ruby interface to Yajl, a JSON stream-based parser library
ruby-yaml-db (0.7.0-1)
library to export/import of database into/from yaml files
ruby-yell (2.2.2-1)
Your Extensible Logging Library for Ruby
ruby-zeitwerk (2.4.2-1)
Efficient and thread-safe constant autoloader
ruby-zentest (4.11.0-2)
ZenTest provides 4 different tools: zentest, unit_diff, autotest, and multiruby
ruby-zip (2.0.0-2)
Ruby module for reading and writing zip files
ruby-zip-zip (0.3+gh-1.1)
ease the migration to RubyZip v1.0.0
ruby-zoom (0.5.0-2+b1)
Ruby/ZOOM provides a Ruby binding to the Z40.50 Object-Orientation Model
ruby2.7 (2.7.4-1+deb11u1)
Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby
ruby2.7-dev (2.7.4-1+deb11u1)
Header files for compiling extension modules for the Ruby 2.7
rubygems-integration (1.18)
integration of Debian Ruby packages with Rubygems
schleuder-gitlab-ticketing (1.0.0-2)
filter plugin to hook Schleuder into a GitLab issue tracker
serverspec-runner (1.3.8-2)
simple execution framework for serverspec
shelr (0.16.3-2.1)
Utility for plain text screencasting
svn2git (2.4.0-3)
Ruby tool for migrating svn projects to git
syncache (1.4-1.1)
Thread-safe time-limited cache for Ruby
tdiary-style-gfm (1.2.0-1)
GFM Style for tDiary
tdiary-style-rd (0.0.3-4)
RD Style for tDiary
tmuxinator (2.0.2-1)
Create and manage tmux sessions easily
treetop (1.6.8-1)
Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation (command-line utility)
unicorn (5.5.3-1+b3)
Rack HTTP server for fast clients
vagrant-cachier (1.2.1-3.1)
share a common package cache among similar VM instances
vagrant-hostmanager (1.8.9-1.1)
Vagrant plugin for managing /etc/hosts on guests and host
vagrant-libvirt (0.3.0-1)
Vagrant plugin that adds an Libvirt provider to Vagrant
vagrant-lxc (1.4.3-2)
Linux Containers provider for Vagrant
vagrant-mutate (1.2.0-4.1)
convert vagrant boxes to work with different providers
vagrant-sshfs (1.3.5-1)
vagrant plugin that adds synced folder support with sshfs
whatweb (0.5.5-1)
Next generation web scanner
yard (0.9.24-1+deb11u1)
Ruby documentation tool