Software Packages in "bullseye-backports", Subsection gnome

gnome-shell-extension-sound-device-chooser (38-2~bpo11+1)
sound output device chooser extension for GNOME Shell
gramps (5.1.5-1~bpo11+1)
Genealogical research program
gthumb (3:3.12.2-1~bpo11+1)
image viewer and browser
gthumb-data (3:3.12.2-1~bpo11+1)
image viewer and browser - arch-independent files
liblibreofficekitgtk (1:7.3.5~rc2-1~bpo11+1)
GTK3 widget wrapping LibreOffice functionality
libreoffice-evolution (1:7.3.5~rc2-1~bpo11+1)
office productivity suite -- Evolution addressbook support
libreoffice-gnome (1:7.3.5~rc2-1~bpo11+1)
office productivity suite -- GNOME integration
libreoffice-gtk3 (1:7.3.5~rc2-1~bpo11+1)
office productivity suite -- GTK+ 3 integration
nautilus-font-manager (0.8.8-1~bpo11+1)
Nautilus extension for Font Manager
nemo-font-manager (0.8.8-1~bpo11+1)
Nemo extension for Font Manager
orca (42.3-1~bpo11+1)
Scriptable screen reader
webp-pixbuf-loader (0.0.5-5~bpo11+1)
WebP Image format GdkPixbuf loader
xdg-desktop-portal-gtk (1.14.0-1~bpo11+1)
GTK+/GNOME portal backend for xdg-desktop-portal